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LP Program

Off-Season Hockey Development

“Success isn’t given, it is earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat and the occasional tear.” – Nike


The 2017 Off-Season Hockey Development Program at Limitless Performance is focused on taking your game to the NEXT LEVEL. The focus is building character, developing skill, unleashing athleticism, and producing increased strength and conditioning levels.

Our Athletes in Action


Helping players excel at their sport is what we love to do at LP.

We have been very fortunate to work with so many hard working, dedicated, and successful young men and women! We have National Champions, Provincial Champions, Captains, and Leaders playing at all levels! These young guys and girls balance school, friends, family, and hockey each and everyday. All of them have been sacrificing since a very young age to excel at their sport and live their DREAM!


Knowledge, Experience, Leadership, Motivation, and Support.

As Coaches at LP it is our role to use our knowledge and experience to help guide young players to achieve their goals of playing at the next level. All of the Coaches at LP have been through the same process that the LP Athletes are currently going through.

LP Coaches have spent their evenings, weekends, and summers training and practicing to live their dream. Our role now is to motivate, encourage, support, and lead the young LP Athletes to their DREAM.


Speed, Strength, Power, Agility, and Conditioning.

Building a healthy, strong, and explosive athlete is not an easy task but a task that the LP Team takes pride in. Group Training sessions are designed to allow LP Athletes to do what they love and that is COMPETE. Each and every day LP Athletes will COMPETE to be the strongest and fastest athlete possible.


It all begins May 1st, 2017  – Elite, Prospects, & Development Camp.

We have a Program for YOU! Whether you are a minor hockey player looking play at the highest level, and junior player looking to play at the college level, or a college player looking to play at the pro level.

LP Development Camp – Players will train Off-Ice 3x/week and On-Ice 1x/week

  • Off-Ice Training 3x/week – – $700 + HST

  • On-Ice Training 1x/week – – $300 + HST

  • Prospect Camp Full Program –  – $900 + HST (Save $100)

LP Elite Camp – Players will train Off-Ice 4-5x/week and On-Ice 1x/wk

  • Off-Ice Training 4x/week – – $800 + HST

  • On-Ice Training 1x/week – – $300 + HST

  • Elite Camp Full Program –  – $1000 + HST (Save $100)

Limited spaces available for on and off-ice training program.

  • Register NOW & receive an LP Hockey Jersey, LP T-Shirt, & LP Shorts

Contact registration@limitless-performance.ca for more information or if you have any questions.

Continue reading for more information on the LP Training Philosophy…..

The Key Areas of Strength and Conditioning:

    • Strength and Power

    • Sports Conditioning

    • Plyometric Training

    • Speed-Agility-Quickness

    • Flexibility and Maintenance

    • Nutrition

The Program Details:

1. Functional Strength: Functional strength training involves performing compound/multi-joint exercises designed to enhance the relationship between your body’s muscular and nervous systems. Improving full body strength to enhance athletic performance! There is no myth that Speed is generated from Power – Sprinters, Speed Skaters, and ALL other Speed Athletes have tremendous Strength, Power, and Speed!

2. Sports Conditioning: Anaerobic (short bursts between zero seconds and two minutes) and Aerobic (cardiovascular based conditioning greater than two minutes) training are used to improve the athlete’s overall sports conditioning levels.

3. Plyometric Training: Based on the Russian and European style of athletic training, plyometrics are the combination of strength, speed, specific muscular endurance, and most importantly the ability to be explosive and powerful.

4. Speed-Agility-Quickness: The combination of strength, conditioning, and explosive power. Speed, Agility, and Quickness are the key factors for elite athletes. Transfering the strength and conditioning into athletic play through speed, agility and quickness must be developed through drills and exercises away from the field of play.

5. Flexibility and Maintenance: At Limitless Performance it is crucial that our athletes maintain their muscular flexibility to allow for complete strength development. It is also crucial that athletes maintain their flexibility to prevent injuries during their seasons! Daily and weekly maintenance are an important part of the Limitless program to ensure athlete success.

6. Nutrition: It is no myth that without proper nutrition and supplementation athletes will not achieve peak performance levels. Athletes are provided with nutritional coaching and the opportunity to participate in our nutrition and/or supplement programs to maximize success. At Limitless it is extremely important that our athlete’s understand that without proper nutrition and recovery they are limiting their opportunities to achieve their athletic goals!

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