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The Fit Life Blog

  • We are extremely excited to have Dr. Jen, Naturopathic Doctor, share with us her expertise for Episode 10 of LP Education! Learn Dr. Jen’s 3 Secrets to Staying Healthy ALL Winter Long!    

  • LP Education – Episode 9: Creating The Best Version of YOU!

    By Jess Burkhardt | In Blog | on February 1, 2018

    A healthy lifestyle means so much more than coming to the gym 5-6 times a week. It is about balance, self discipline and most importantly having a FOCUS in all aspects of our healthy lives. Once we find a focus, make a decision and take action we will be able to excel in our fitness, […]

  • LP Education – Part 8: Pillar of Recovery – Rest Days

    By Ally Galloway | In Blog | on January 25, 2018

    Sometimes mustering up the motivation to work out is a challenge. Other times we take on that frantic “must work out every day” mindset and completely forget that one of the most important parts of exercising is giving our bodies time to recover. Resting is just as important as working out because it’s an equal […]

  • Sugar, Sugar…  We are talking about REFINED SUGAR – causes a rapid rise in blood sugar… It can be addictive and is very detrimental to your health.  So many of the foods we eat contain refined sugar and we LOVE THEM! Ok, so how can we have some of the foods we love without all […]

  • Strength training with proper form and technique will help you overcome any fitness plateau that has ever stood in your way. Proper strength training will keep you healthy from head-to-toe, improve your flexibility along with your aches and pains, and increase your muscle preventing degenerative muscle loss! In Part 6 of LP Education, Coach Adam […]

  • If you want to have greatness in your life, surround yourself with great people. If youstrive to be a happy, fulfilled, honest, confident, empowered and principled person, surround yourselfwith people who are the same. The LP Community is a supercharged group of individuals looking to achieve the best version of themselves! LP Challenges give members […]

  • LP Education – Part 4: Pillar of Recovery – Sleep

    By Ally Galloway | In Blog | on December 21, 2017

    We all know that December can get pretty busy with Christmas party’s, taking on extra work to make your deadlines, staying out late with friends and family, all negatively resulting in one’s sleep schedule and routine. In part 4 of LP Education, we cover 8 benefits as to why sleep is so important and 5 […]

  • Get BUFF @ LP – Jan 2018 Challenge is here!

    By amdejong | In Blog | on December 18, 2017

    Get BUFF with Your Buddy!!! We are kicking off the new year with a BANG! January’s challenge has all new features to get you looking and feeling your fittest, even through the holiday madness! Get you and a friend to jumpstart your year the right way, with a little friendly competition 😉 MyZone Points, fun […]

  • LP Education – Part 3 – Staying On Track This Holiday Season

    By Morgan Scoyne | In Blog | on December 12, 2017

    With December in full swing and the holidays quickly approaching, routines get mixed up and festive events leave us facing bigger plates of food, longer tables of dessert and holiday beverage temptations. In part 3 of LP Education, we cover 10 tips to help navigate the holiday season and maintain all the hard work put […]

  • LP Education – Part 2 – The LP 4 Pillars of Success

    By amdejong | In Blog | on December 7, 2017

    After 5+ years of working with our amazing members, we have dug deep into what creates such amazing results at LP! What are our most successful members doing to achieve great success? What are their keys to success? AND How do we share this with ALL Members! After digging deep into this topic and decoding […]

  • Learn WHY Maintenance is a very important part of Dieting and Fat Loss Why and How do I need to go back to maintenance mode After Dieting for an extended period of time? Thank you for joining us for the first of many education videos on Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery, and Community to help you achieve […]

  • Nutrition Tips – Breakfast Made EASY!

    By amdejong | In Blog | on August 20, 2017

    7 Easy Recipes To Get You & The Family Through A Busy Week For all you early risers, go-getters and busy schedulers… this one’s for you. We can understand how hectic schedules can be, especially in the A.M. when you’re trying to get the kids ready for school, yourself ready for work, the dog out […]

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