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Challenges and Events

LP Challenges are one of the key ingredients to member success, teamwork, and camaraderie. Challenges are designed to help members push through their comfort zone and achieve goals they never thought were possible. LP Challenges occur throughout the year to keep members focused on their overall health and fitness during even the most stressful and busiest times.

Optimal Health Challenge

To start the New Year with a focus on health and fitness LP has created the Optimal Health Challenge. This challenge is focused on creating habits that will last the entire year. Focus on building a solid routine with your daily workouts, nutrition, and recovery. Every challenge needs a winner and to add even more excitement to this challenge, each year LP Partners with other businesses in the community to create amazing prizes for the lucky winners.

Frozen 4 Team Fitness Challenge

To honor the March Madness Basketball Tournament, LP has created the ultimate team challenge to push our Members Fitness, Nutrition, Body Comp, and Effort levels. LP Members will team up for this challenge and compete against other teams at the gym with weekly Fitness Challenges, daily MyZone Heart Rate Monitor Effort Points, Nutrition Journal Submissions, and Body Composition Analysis’. Fight hard for your team each and every day to earn your name on the Frozen 4 Trophy.

MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge

The summer is one of the toughest times of the year to stay focused on fitness and nutrition BUT at LP the MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge sure keeps our members working hard all summer long. Workout up to 1-hour/day for 7-days a week to each MyZone Effort Points that will go towards your teams score. Compete against other teams to earn the most effort points during this challenge. Stay fit and have fun all summer long.

Body Fat Challenge

This challenge is our most popular challenge each year. Compete against other LP Members to lose the most body fat over throughout the challenge. Be careful though, there are a few secrets to success. Join this challenge, get your very own custom meal plan, and burn away body fat like never before. With Bi-Weekly Weigh-Ins and leaderboard updates you will stay on track in the attempt to win this challenge. Winners are announced each year at the Annual Christmas Gala where they will receive their prizes.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada