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It's more than a gym. It’s more than just an amazing workout. It’s more than the amazing results you are guaranteed to achieve. LP is a club that exceeds your expectations in every way.

Group Training

If you are looking for a mix of competition, teamwork, strength training, intense conditioning and of course FUN, join us for a workout and get hooked on the LP FIT Lifestyle.


Dramatically improve your health and fitness so you can enjoy and amaze yourself in any physical activity out there. Take your power back and don’t just “survive” in the years to come, THRIVE in them!

BABEies Bootcamp

This is your chance to be part of a group of Moms that all have the same goals as you do and are there to support and assist each other along the way! Join our safe, fun and energetic full body workouts to kick your butt back into shape and be a great role model for your child in the years to come.

Spring Session | May 6th - June 28th | $242 + HST
Summer Session | July 8th - Aug 30th | $242 + HST
Fall Session | Sept 9th - Dec 20th | $462 + HST
Winter 2020 Session | Jan 6th - April 24th | $440 + HST

L'il Buckaroos

Start Them Young To Improve Body Control, Injury Prevention, Confidence, Cognitive Function And Sports Performance!

Spring/Summer Session | May 9th - Aug 29th | $135 + HST
Fall Session | Sept 12th - Dec 19th | $120 + HST

Athlete Training

Take your game to the next level! We build character, athleticism and increase overall strength and conditioning levels. Either with your team or on your own, train with us and compete to be the strongest and fastest athlete possible.