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LP 2016 Year in Review

Experience a day in the life of an LP Member. Experience the culture, energy, and atmosphere that surrounds LP each and every day. Experience a gym where working out is the best hour of your day. Experience a day in the life on an LP Fit, LP Lift, LP Athlete, BABEies Bootcamp, and Private Training Member.


What do you love most about LP?

“Everything, way too much to list, it truly is a fantastic gym and life changing experience for all who attend.” -Jacqueline Aungsoe, Member since March 2014

2016 is a year we won’t soon forget!!

For our Members, 2016 was a year to remember! The drive, determination, and commitment shown by the Members of the LP Family led to results on the racks, on the turf, and on the scale! To honour them, we are counting down the Top 20 moments of 2016. Sharing with you, what LP is all about, and what we are so lucky to be apart of each and every day!

We are counting down the Top 20 moments of 2016

Number 20


Halloween Costumes taken to the next level when Jim Martin dresses up/cross dresses with his belly tops leaving little to the imagination!!

Number 19

The Speech

For the 2nd year straight Mitch Blaine leaves the LP Family in tears with his memorable Christmas Party speech that everyone remembers except him 😉

The people. It’s all about the people. The athletes and the trainers alike. It’s surprising to see how many people are smiling and laughing at 5:00am. Makes me get up in the morning and I hate to miss it. – Mitch Fortier, member since September 2016

Number 18

Golfing at 39 weeks pregnant

Melissa Blaine takes golfing to a whole new level at 9 months pregnant. Not to mention she has been in LP BABEies Bootcamp for 2-years straight……are you done yet?!?!?!

The motivating and supportive environment pushes me to be the very best version of myself! I am stronger, healthier and happier than I ever have been and am accomplishing more than I thought possible. – Erin Hunt, member since September 2016

Number 17

Brooke Squats 300 lbs!

Sorry boys. YES she does SQUAT more than you 🙂

Number 16

 Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. Clean

A lot of notable mentions for Halloween 2016 but these two top prizes. Congrats Liz and Brando!

TRICK OR TREAT 🙂 Enjoy your night and watch out for these scary monsters in the streets! #LPDoesHalloween2016

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Number 15

A LP Family Favourite – the 5km Run

Multiple LP Members complete first ever 5km RUN! Congrats you crazy animals 🙂

Number 14

8 Minute Weighted Plank

Yes, you are reading that right! Lisa McHugh takes planking to a whole new level!

Its simple!!! 2 words:  “outstanding & unique” fitness center Coaches; motivating, supportive, believes in all members, dedicated, caring, inspiring, (the list goes on!!) Facility; clean, refreshing, great equipment, programs see results (challenges, nutrition, follow ups), ambiance is warm and welcoming Members; like a family, support eachother, welcomes new members with open arms, lots of smiles, laughter and sweat!!! Overall; no other establishment like LP, my second home, changed me physically and emotionally – Nathalie Babic-Nizich, member since July 2016

Number 13

LP Mile in Lifters…

You know who you are… Congratulations!

What I love about LP: My 6am chick’s! My 6am family. Working out daily with my hubby. The daily challenging workouts. Pushing my body to the max day in and day out! The amazing feeling I get when finished a huge workout and say “I just did that!” The coaches – knowledgeable & always willing to listen and support. The accountability that we (my girls ) create daily in terms of ‎ attendance, nutrition and level of exertion. My results 🙂 I have been attending LP consistently for over 3.5 ye‎ars and have never been in better shape both physically and mentally in my life. We work hard, train hard, support each other and share lots of laughs! LP is my family, my community and my therapy session. – Laura Lee Dam, member since June 2013

Number 12

Erika Kappos

355 workouts in 365 days in 2016!! Enough said…

The five am crew! They keep me motivated to rise and grind. – Dave Freiburger, member since November 2014

Number 11

Sue & Paul Crush Myzone Challenge

3 hours/day for 6 weeks straight Sue and Paul grinded out daily LP Workout, Running, and more! They took the victory by a landslide in 2016!

Love to compete! Love the fit folks around you pushing you outside your comfort zone. Lots of laughs – Maggie MacNeil, member since September 2015

Number 10

LP Lift-Off

On November 4th 2016 – LP Members Challenged themselves against the rest of the world in C&J, Snatch, and a CRAZY Workout. They couldn’t have done it without the support LP Cheering Gallery pushing them along the way. Post game celebration at Beertown was also memorable with Coach ADJ’s early BDAY Celebration downing a “Shot” to remember…..

Sense of family and support  …also lifting heavy 🙂 – Kory Hodgson, member since March 2016

Number 9

LP Frozen Four Challenge Celebration

To celebrate 8-weeks of hard work, LP took on King Pin Bowling. They ate, drank, and celebrated the night away. This will be a definite annual event.

SIMPLE…The people!!! They are what push you through the tough times and workouts. They are the ones that want you to get better. They are the ones that make it fun. They are the ones that make you WANT to get up for a 5 am session. They are the ones that make people’s lives better every day. They are the families who support their loved ones to be better. They are the coaches. They are the members. THEY ARE THE LP FAMILY! – Mitch Blaine, member since November 2013

Number 8

LP Anniversary Golf Tournament & Awards

The 4th Annual LP Golf Tournament was another amazing event with a day filled with fun and laughs and an evening with Celebration and Recognition. Each year the LP Coaches award 5 hard working and dedicated LP Members with Annual Awards for Motivation, Hard Work, Commitment, Improvements, and Biggest Transformation!

From the moment I first walked into the gym I knew this place was for me. The workouts push me beyond what I used to think was impossible. The sense of community that has been created is unlike any other gym and that also pushes me to new heights physically. – Chris Steingart, member since June 2015

Number 7

LP Hockey Inaugural Season

Each and Thursday night all winter long, LP Guys and Gals go head to head on the ice for an hour filled with Goals, Celebrations, and lots of hostility! Grinders VS Danglers 🙂

Well, this is an easy question because I love everything!!! I have gone to a gym for years, tried aerobics classes and other fitness classes, However I have never done anything like this!! I love how there is constant motivation to complete things.  I think it’s healthy to have a bit of competition to motivate people.  If I was at the gym I probably would never try a pull up.   I also love the encouraging and positive environment, everyone is so friendly and approachable.  This being coaches and members, it’s so awesome, I mean what other gym has a Christmas party!!! I’ve made some great friends at LP which is really amazing.  I also love the variety in the workouts.  I look forward to the fact that each day is different and I appreciate all the thought and hard work you put into making the workouts!!  It’s quite a different experience from a traditional gym.  The most amazing thing is I’ve seen results so quickly, it works!!!! – Natalie Tidd, member since June 2016

Number 6

LP Family Workouts

Each and every Sunday LP Members and their little ones gather for an hour filled with FUN and GAMES. The Members get an amazing workout while bonding and sharing their love for fitness with their kids.

Sunday is Family and of course Superhero day 🙂 Happy Sunday from the LP Family! #LPFamily #TheLPLife

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I love this email, because it demonstrates what I love most about LP. You ask for feedback and you really listen to your clients to understand what they are looking for. – Lisa Jackson, member since July 2015

Number 5

LP Cole Classic

The 1st Annual Boys Golf Tournament was memorable to say the least. The festivities started on the Golf Course and continued into the evening at the Pool Party. The Boys raised over $1000 for Autism, wrestled, trampolined, and everyone survived 🙂

The people there!!! That includes both the members and coaches. I could go running on my own. I could do circuits with burpees and squats and push ups on my own. I could train weights on my own. I could track my calories on my own.  Could. Could, could, could, could. But don’t. It’s the LP Family that motivates me to drag myself out of bed every day before the sun is up and go sweat. They’re what gets me to set alarms and come in on the weekend. They’re what gets me to come to various social “events” I normally wouldn’t even dream of attending. They’re what gets me to push myself, every single day, and what makes me miss the gym when I’m sick or on vacation. The LP Family. That’s what I love about LP!!! – Jim Martin, member since September 2013

Number 4

LP Ladies do Mudderella

Over 10 LP Ladies took on Mudderella and breezed through the course with a smile on their face. Congrats ladies!

I love the atmosphere and support you get from the LP family! – Kristin Mueller, member since January 2015

Number 3

LP Christmas Party

The 2nd Annual LP Black tie Christmas Party lived up to it’s hype with an amazing turnout, meal, and dance party all night long! Can’t wait for next year!

Number 2

LP Frozen Four Challenges

200 Burpees, 300 wall balls, LP Med Mile… did you try to erase it from your memory??

And… the moment you have all been waiting for… the top moment of 2016 is…


In September 2016 LP Transformed their workout programming and created two amazing program. One for the die hard LP Fitter who loves their high-intensity fast paced workouts and another program from the crazy LP Lifters who love to throw around heavy weights day after day. Can’t wait to see how this program evolves in 2017!

The LP LIFT Crew are crushing Challenge week with new personal bests across the board! #LPLift #LPChallengeWeek

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LP’s version of Step Class starring the 930 CREW 🙂 Shake and bake! Quick feet!

A video posted by Limitless Performance (@limitlessperformance) on

Congratulations to all the LP Family on an unforgettable year! Now let’s bring on 2017!!

You are truly living the Fit Life – You Just Got Better!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada