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LP Athletes Motivation & Wisdom

Honouring LP’s Athletes

Helping players excel at their sport is what we love to do at LP.

We have been very fortunate to work with so many hard working, dedicated, and successful young men and women! We have National Champions, Provincial Champions, Captains, and Leaders playing at all levels! These young guys and girls balance school, friends, family, and hockey each and every day. All of them have been sacrificing since a very young age to excel at their sport and live their DREAM!

Motivation for our JR & Minor Hockey Players.

To all of our JR and Minor Hockey Players, take these words of wisdom and use them to motivate you to achieve your goals. Use the consistent advice below and work harder than those around you. Obstacles and setbacks are all part of development and use it as motivation to get better.

Read their stories, motivation, and wisdom below……


“There’s no secret formula or event that motivates me, I genuinely love just love hockey. From a young age, I woke up with hockey on my mind. I train and practice to be the best possible teammate and player to help the team win. 

The lessons I have learned and advice to young players: 

  1. Confidence – If you don’t believe in yourself than coaches/teammates/scouts/agents won’t either. Believe in the hard work you have put in and the process.
  2. Have Fun – Always. There will be ups and downs. Wins/Losses. Hard Practices. Workouts that make you want to throw up. But at the end of the day you should be able to say you’re having fun doing what you love.”

Derek Schoenmakers – Wilfred Laurier University – CIS Men’s Hockey

“What motivates me the most is one of my biggest fears is entering a game less prepared than the other team.  I use that mindset whenever I am doing anything that will make an impact on my performance, whether it be during practices, in the gym, eating, or sleeping. For me, one of the most important things is taking care of my body, most specifically being aware of the food I am consuming. I  focused on my nutrition from a young age and because of that was able to fall into a healthy diet routine during my college years!”

Katarina Zgraja – ERC Inglostadt Frauen – Women’s Pro Hockey

“The love of the game motivates me and I always want to improve myself as a player. The mentality of working harder and harder each day motivates me to do that whether it’s on the ice or off the ice!

Work hard and don’t take anything for granted. If you work hard at your sport you’re going to see improvements and be able to make that next step. Most importantly though, have fun while you’re doing it. It doesn’t last forever but memories do, make the best of it and create those lasting memories”

Marcus Michalski – Buffalo State University – NCAA DIV III

“My love for the sport motivates me and makes it easy to be committed year round. The competitive spirit on and off the ice forces me to always get better and achieve new goals. 

My advice to young players would be that you have gotta find the will and drive for whatever you’re doing within yourself. Nothing will be handed to you and no one will put in the extra hours for you. You have to be the one setting your goals and working to beat them. It’s easy to fall behind and point to someone else to pick up the slack. Being completely self aware and self driven is huge as you get older and the competition grows.”

Megan Fergusson – Merrimack College – NCAA DIV I

“The biggest thing that motivates me is everyone who told me I wasn’t good enough to play at the next level. It gets me up every day trying to keep proving them wrong! 

The biggest advice I would give is never stop believing in yourself and never give up on your dreams and goals. People only tell you you can’t because they can’t do it themselves!” 

Daniel Campbell – Salem State University – NCAA DIV III

“What motivates me to train year round for hockey is my drive to get better everyday and improve my game on and off the ice!

Doing all the extras and working harder than others around you is the key to success for all athletes. It’s important to start this from a young age and just have fun!!”

Bethany Clipper – Ryerson University – CIS Hockey & Soccer

“Committing to hockey year round is easy for me because hockey has always been my passion. Being driven to improve every day keeps me motivated, and putting in time and effort into something I love comes second nature to me.

Advice I would give young athletes is to never give up, and leave each day knowing you gave it your best. Embrace adversity, and understand that with each setback is a reminder to work even harder to get where you want to be.” 

Mitch Atkins – Elmira College – NCAA DIV III

“My love for the game all around is what motivates me, I think about it all the time. Whether it be watching it, playing, training, or just talking about it.

For the young players out there – Never lose sight of your goal. Your going to go through adversity and struggles but never give up and always stay positive. Focus on getting better every day.”

Brendan Valko – Kitchener Dutchmen – JR. B

“My motivation comes from seeing the results of persistent hard work. Putting in the time and effort into something can produce greatness. I know that all the days spent in the gym and on the ice aren’t going to waste because hard work is the difference between so many players.

Just like any other sports or things you do in life there will be unlucky bounces and things you couldn’t predict. Focus on the things that you can control, such as putting in 100% effort into everything you do.”

Adam Dauda – Colgate University – NCAA DIV I

Knowledge, Experience, Leadership, Motivation, and Support.

As Coaches at LP it is our role to use our knowledge and experience to help guide young players to achieve their goals of playing at the next level. All of the Coaches at LP have been through the same process that the LP Athletes are currently going through.

LP Coaches have spent their evenings, weekends, and summers training and practicing to live their dream. Our role now is to motivate, encourage, support, and lead the young LP Athletes to their DREAM.

The LP Training Philosophy.

Building a healthy, strong, and explosive athlete is not an easy task but a task that the LP Team takes pride in. Group Training sessions are designed to allow LP Athletes to do what they love and that is COMPETE. Each and every day LP Athletes will COMPETE to be the strongest and fastest athlete possible.

By giving them a competitive and motivating environment to train, they are able to improve everyday, and have fun while doing it.

Thank you.

Thank you for all of your hard work, keep pursuing your dreams, and don’t ever let someone tell you that you cannot achieve your goal. Take everything you have learned from your sport and use it in your life as you transition from an athlete, to an extraordinary adult.

You will always be a large part of the LP Family!

No Excuses | No Boundaries |No Limits

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