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Start 2017 off by LOSING 20lbs & 10% Body Fat



Through Michelle de Jong’s 90 Day LP Shred Program


Beginning January 9th


3 Months of UNLTD FAT LOSS and a chance to WIN $500 CASH!

Work one-on-one with an EXPERT FAT LOSS Coach

Weekly Check-ins with your Coach

Customized Fat Burning Meal Plan



Apply to be 1 of 10 LP Shredders. Tell us “WHY” you want to do this?

Create a Plan

You will work one-on-one with Michelle to set a goal and create a customized diet plan to start burning fat immediately.

Unlimited Support

Weekly accountability to help you stay on track. Modifying the plan as needed to continue pushing towards those goals in 12 weeks.

Reach Your Goals!

After 12 weeks of hard work you will have nothing but positive results and we will celebrate your success!

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Check Out A Few Of Our Most Recent Testimonials…


I have never done anything like this!! I love how there is constant motivation to complete things.  I think it’s healthy to have a bit of competition to motivate people.  If I was at the gym I probably would never try a pull up.   I also love the encouraging and positive environment, everyone is so friendly and approachable. – Natalie Tidd


Accomplished a goal I set back on October 19th. I have no idea when I last was 179lbs!!! So excited and now I’m moving until the next goal! Wow! Thank you so much Limitless Performance for pushing me every day! – Paul B


First Time Exercising – Down 15% Body Fat

  “Before LP, you could say that I was an expert couch potato and a fast food connoisseur.”  – Lyna Jones


Mother of Two – Down 10% BF

“It’s infectious. It’s motivating. And it makes you want to come back for more!

You need to make YOU a priority! I give so much to my husband, family, and job that if I didn’t take time for myself I think I would go crazy!”

– Sarah Demaiter

Before LP

Busy Mom of 3 Teenagers

I was almost in hibernation mode for my daily routine – winter months are spent at the arenas watching my boys play hockey so it was easy to hide my weight gain in a big winter coat and yoga pants.  My energy level was very low and I was always trying to sneak in a little nap in.Health issues were starting to arise with my weight and my doctor said weight loss was needed. I joined LP when they ran The 6 week weight loss challenge back in May 2014…and that was the beginning of my new fitter life! – Kim Willms


I like getting better! There’s not really 1 best thing about LP. It’s a combination of the trainer’s, the results, the competitions, and the other people that are there.Austin Partridge


In Just 8 Weeks…

  • You lost 17.5lbs of fat!
  • You increased your muscle mass by 7lbs!
  • Decreased your body fat by 8.4%!

– Brant Kardas


Focused on Nutrition – Down 12% Body Fat

 “The guidance and support provided by the coaches at LP have been the main key to my success.  Through the direction provided in Michelle’s nutrition program, I have learned to care about what I am feeding my body.  It has provided me with the tools to know the right mix of food and portion size to get results.” – Jocelyn Schofield

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