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Find out LP’s Dirty Little Secret…..

Limitless Performance is more than a gym. It’s more than just an amazing workout. It’s more than the amazing results you are guaranteed to achieve. LP is a club that exceeds your expectations in every way.

The LP Family is built on passion, experience, and results. Every member at LP is an important component to the LP Family as a whole. LP Members are a family, a tight knit group, and a group of like minded individuals.

With only 200 LP Members

The Culture, Atmosphere, and Results

will always be the #1 Priority


Atmosphere & Experience.

Often times people are too intimidated to join a new gym or enter a new environment. From the moment you walk into LP, not only the coaches, but the members are supporting and encouraging to one another. It’s not just the coaches who push you and cheer you on, but those working with you, strangers and friends!

LP isn’t just for the fittest, youngest, strongest athletes. Everyone from the youngsters, couples, families, parents, and yes even the old farts train here 🙂 We train bodies of all ages, capabilities and strengths! Come in for Family Sundays, BABEies Bootcamp, Athlete Workouts, LP Fit, LP Lift, and Private Training! To learn more about our programs CLICK HERE

Teamwork & Camaraderie.

The way LP is designed encourages our members to work with one another, allowing them to make new friendships, and make their time here that much more enjoyable. The open concept allows members to see those around them who push themselves, using it as motivation for their own personal success.

THE FACILITY allows for members and coaches to interact with one another creating a family atmosphere. Finally, the welcoming environment allows members to feel comfortable and confident in their workouts.

LP Dream Team.

Each and everyday the LP Dream Team brings energy and passion to your workouts. The Coaches give you the type of coaching needed to help you achieve the goals you have always dreamed of and a workout environment that makes you want to come back for more.

Each coach brings a different kind of experience, expertise, and flare but all with the same amount of energy! With a passion for fitness, the LP COACHES are motivated to helping members achieve their fitness and health goals. The coaches bring years of experience and knowledge to provide you with a workout and a program to get you guaranteed results.

We Have Fun Too!

It’s not all work and no play! The social aspect of LP goes beyond partner workouts and competitive challenges. Golf Tournaments, Christmas Parties, Bowling, Super Bowl Parties, Adventure Races, Blood Donation, Community Events, and more. Being a part of the LP Family goes well outside the walls of the gym. Work hard and play harder. CHECK IT OUT.

Guaranteed Results.

The focus at LP is all around health and wellness; learning how to fuel your body through working out, eating right and constant accountability. Being a member at LP is about much more than just a daily workout. As a member you have access to an amazing nutrition program, body composition analysis and goal setting meetings with our team on a quarterly basis.

GUARANTEED RESULTS are fuelled by a fitness program with fun, competitive, team-oriented challenges throughout the year to keep you focused on conquering your goals.

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907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada