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Success Stories

Kim Willms

A Mother of Three Teenagers

All you Moms out there know how hard it is to find time for yourself. It took this mom a while but when her doctor told her she needed to focus on her health she definitely listened.

Last May Kim Willms joined LP for our Annual Fat Loss Challenge. Since that day Kim hasn’t looked back. She is loving the workouts, results, and her new energized life with her kids and her family.

Kim is the star of the show but her whole family is kicking some serious butt!

First at LP was Jason (16 year old OHL Prospect), then it was Evan (13 year old AA Hockey Player), now you can also include Mom and daughter Amanda (19 year old University of Western Student) into the equation! The only one left is Dad ūüôā¬†The four of them share their stories of LP workouts at the dinner table trying to prove that they worked the hardest ūüôā¬†In just over one year Kim has very rarely missed a workout and because of this she has totally transformed her body and her health.

In that year Kim has lost an amazing 25lbs, she is now able¬†to sprint¬†the LP Mile (1.9km) without walking, and she is able to jump 4 Boxes (24″) compared to the 1 Box that she started with. These are only a couple of Kim’s amazing accomplishments. Kim is a goal oriented accountant that has used these measuring tools to keep her motivated over the past year. Kim has taken her game to the next level and can go head to head with her three teenagers (well kind of haha).

Kim’s Story:

I was almost in hibernation mode for my daily routine Рwinter months are spent at the arenas watching my boys play hockey so it was easy to hide my weight gain in a big winter coat and yoga pants.  My energy level was very low and I was always trying to sneak in a little nap in.
Health issues were starting to arise with my weight and my doctor said weight loss was needed. I joined LP when they ran The 6 week weight loss challenge back in May 2014…and that was the beginning of my new fitter life….i got hooked into the workouts.

Before and After LP:

Pre LP РI had a morning walk with my neighbour of 4.5 km to start my day at 6AM.  Now this is still my start to the day but it is more of my social time with my friend walking and not my main workout.

The # 1 change since joining LP is ¬†the weight I have lost and that I am keeping it off!!! I have learned what eating properly really means¬†(according to Michelle’s guidelines) and I can actually eat more and lose weight.

The Best Part:

The workouts that lead to results of weight loss and change to body composition. ¬†Workouts are always so different, after 14 months of almost¬†perfect attendance I finally experienced the “Deck of cards” workout at the beginning of July….WOW. ¬†
The trainers, including Adam and Michelle really make me feel that I belong at this gym and care about me and my kids that also come here.
Having 3 teenagers that are very involved in everything.  Sometimes it feels like there is no time or interest to be with Mom. But the idea of going with me for a LP workout is never turned down.  Also the conversations that follow a workout, even if we are not in the same class lead to other discussions.

After a year of workouts, Kim (and Amanda) are a big part of the 930 Crew (8am sometimes). The “Ladies Only” Club gets the job done each and every day.¬†For all of you moms out there, Kim’s story is very motivating but she would tell you that her new “Fit Life” gives her energy and has her feeling great!

Congratulations Kim – The LP Family is extremely proud of you and can’t wait to see you take it to the next level ūüôā

Thank you for being an amazing part of the LP Family! #YouJustGotBetter

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada