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Success Stories

Al & Jackie Oulahen

Al and Jackie

Let’s meet Al and Jackie! If words could only describe the passion that these two bring to LP each and everyday! Our members would tell you, the fun that these two have is like nothing else!

Al and Jackie have two kids, both work full time, work out five days per week, participate in extracurricular activities, and of course love every minute of it!

Then Al and Jackie found LP! Al started a little earlier than Jackie but when they put their mind to it in January 2013 their life changed! In 6 months they have lost a total of 70lbs combined! Not only have they lost the weight and inches, but in their own words “Our lives changed so quickly, which has gave us the confidence to complete the Tough Mudder with team LP, Jackie plays Ball hockey twice a week, Al plays competitive fastball again, and we have a renewed energy level keeping us busy living the fit lifestyle. We are eating properly, rarely drink, and are at LP classes 5 days a week. Not only have we lost weight, our bodies have toned, and we are pleasantly pleased with the re-shape, (not round) and are continuously complemented on our transformation.”

But more important than anything – how has their new lifestyle effected their relationship? “The improvement in our relationship is probably the biggest positive change! We are both happier, with ourselves and each other’s success, we are quick to acknowledge how good we both look and feel, and are each other’s biggest fans. We have a renewed enjoyment of each other’s company – encompassing all aspects of our relationship 😉 Our sense of humor as a couple has returned, we have the energy to participate in life again, and look for new challenges that we can do together.

Couples therapy can cost a fortune and accomplish nothing, but a couple that trains together stays together!  Thanks LP!” Meet the new Al and Jackie as they continue on their journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle!

To all the couples out there! Come and try LP and see how it can change your relationship because at Limitless Performance, it is more than just your every day gym, it is a place to get fit, to build relationships, and most importantly to be a part of the LP family!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada