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Success Stories

Anne MacDonald

Meet Anne MacDonald – A proud mother of 3 beautiful girls, an engineer by day, a nutritionist in the evenings and on the weekends, and of course a huge part of the 6am Crew!

I found LP the old fashioned way – Google.  In March 2014 I was working full time, going to school to earn my Nutrition diploma part time and raising three girls with my husband (ages 1,2 and 7).  Before LP, I had not belonged to a gym for about 15 years.  I thought had everything I needed in my basement (P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels…).  But as life got busier the workouts just weren’t enough and my motivation was starting to waver.

Life had already taught me that the times you are busiest are the times when it is crucial to prioritize your health.  I knew I had one window of time – before the office job which started at 7:30am.   I also knew I had a geographical limitation – it had to be on the way to work.  So that’s what I Googled – “fitness on Victoria Street 6am”.  Try it – LP still comes up!

That was the start of my journey at LP.  I thought I would simply join for three months, break the monotony of the basement and then quit.  But as soon as I got my first Larua Lee “Whoop Whoop” high five and sarcastic “what – you too good to lift with me?” invitation from Kelsey I knew I had found a new home.  (which all happened in the first week by the way)


What do you love most about LP??

I have played sports all of my life but I was never particularly good at them.  I made some teams, was cut from just as many.  My butt has seen a lot of bench time!  But I always wanted to be on the team.  I never had that athletic passion to leave it all on the field.  I didn’t want to be the one up to bat when the team was down by one run with the bases loaded and two out.  But man did I love cheering that person on and celebrating when we won!

So, what I love about LP is that you don’t have to be the best to feel like you are still part of the team, an important part of the team.  And you can leave each workout feeling like you have won.  It’s about your own personal wins – everyday.  And the best part is the people that encourage you and help you celebrate – everyday.

I remember last summer we had to run the LP mile (which is a 2km loop around the gym block).  There is one guy in the 6am class who can run like the wind and on this day he ran it particularly fast.  But at the end of the class the person who everyone cheered for and was most excited for was the women who finished the run for the first time without walking.  She was the star of the workout.  Celebrating person wins.  It’s an atmosphere that you can’t really describe, you have experienced it.

What motivates you to train every darn day??

You can’t pick the apples off an apple tree and expect it to grow pears – you have to change the roots (yes, I grew up on a farm).  LP workouts get down to the roots.  I used to run a lot; 10K and half marathon races.  Once again, not breaking any records.  Pretty much the same finishing time each race but I loved the feeling of accomplishment.

I stopped running completely when I started LP.  I was at my capacity (for both time and energy) with the 6am workout every day.  About 6 months in a friend of mine asked me to go for a run.  I said “Sure – but I am going to suck”.  Well, I felt stronger and ran faster than I ever did when I was running 6 days a week.

My roots were changing – that motivated me.  If I hadn’t bought into the program before I did now.  It works.  And not just for a narrow scope of exercises but for your overall life fitness level.  Just show up and give it what you have each day.  Somedays I have more to give than others; and I think that’s okay.  Just keep showing up and you can change your roots.

How has “The Fit Life” benefited you and your family?

Trying to raise three girls in a society that can be tough on the expectations of women is challenging.  When my 4 year old asks “Mom – why do you wear makeup every day?”  I have a hard time answering her with anything that doesn’t sound superficial. When she asks “Mom – why do you exercise every day?”  the answer comes very quickly.  To be strong.  In all aspects of the word.  “The Fit Life” allows me to be strong for my family.  To carry out the craziest, hectic days with the knowledge and confidence that I matter and choose to prioritize myself.

When I am faced with a moral decision I use my girls as my barometer – “What would I want my girls to do if they were me?”  Not what would they want me to do right now (because the answer to that is always stay home) but fast forward 30 years and what would I want them to do if they were me.

I asked myself that question when deciding whether or not to commit to LP.  Guess we know what the answer to that question was!  As women we tend to want more for the people we love than we do for ourselves.  I find the shift in perspective helpful.

My husband is an outdoor adventure guy but he is extremely supportive of my commitment to the gym.  Without his buy in it wouldn’t be possible.  Even though it is something that only I do, it has become an integral part of all of our lives and makes us stronger as a whole.

What are your goals moving forward?

Perhaps in contrast to my previous answers I am actually a very goal oriented person.  I really enjoy working hard.  I still work full time as an engineer,  my part time schooling has turned into a part time nutrition business and the family continues to grow (in age not number!).  So – life is still very busy.  I do look forward to new PRs on testing days and being the last one standing after the beep test but they are somewhat secondary goals.

My primary goals moving forward are to continue to prioritize myself, bring what I can each day to the LP workouts and continue to get stronger for my family.  I will also continue to work hard to earn my Laura Lee “Whoop Whoop” high fives and someday be good enough to lift with Kelsey 🙂

On behalf of LP we would like to thank you for all of your hard work and your amazing story that you shared to motivate others. We are extremely excited to watch you make yourself a priority for the best interest of you and your family. Keep up the hard work with the 6am Crew!

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