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Success Stories

Being Fit is a Lifelong Challenge!

The Journey

15 months, 3 challenges, and some big gains later, Paul and Sue are in the best shape of their lives! With the unlimited support of the coaches, members, and a little friendly competition along the way they are crushing all their goals and not looking back!

Sue and Paul made a name for themselves at LP this past summer when they took their training to a whole new level in the 6-Week MYZone Challenge. The challenge is based on effort and work ethic and they redefined the meaning with their dedication to the challenge, and more importantly their fitness. The challenge demanded them to train above and beyond their regular LP workouts, as well as fine tune their nutrition to keep up with the demands of the extra training.

They won the challenge and since then have set their goals even higher going forward. This year they have signed up for a marathon (Paul) and half marathon (Sue) and have no plans to slow down.

But, just 4 years ago they had their first “ah -ha” moment. It was time to make fitness and nutrition a priority in their life. Work, kids, and stress were taking over. Like most of us, they didn’t know where to start. They “yo-yoed” from one diet and fitness routine to another and it was about then that they realized their lifestyle had crept up on them and the pounds did also!

The Results

Their Transformation started after Sue finished reading a book on the “China Study” which focused on a whole-food, plant based diet. The book changed their vision on healthy eating and they have maintained that mentality since.

Once they figured out their nutrition it was time get out of their “fitness rut”. Paul and Sue were Goodlife members, working with a personal trainer a couple times a week, but it wasn’t enough. They were still not seeing the results they wanted, they were not feeling the best they could feel. Not even close!

In comes LP!! In their mid 40’s Sue and Paul are a motivation to the other guys and girls at the gym. Their dedication to their workouts and nutrition have them looking great and performing even better.

Paul`s Results

Weight Loss – 184lbs – 171lbs (-13lbs)

Fat Loss – 21.2% – 15% (-6.2%)

Lean Muscle Maintained- 82lbs – 82lbs

 Sue`s Results

Weight Loss – 154lbs – 144lbs (-10lbs)

Fat Loss – 29.7% (21lbs) – 14.9% (10lbs) (-14.8%)

Lean Muscle Gained – 64lbs – 68lbs (+4lbs)


The Motivation & Destination

This drive and motivation doesn’t stop at the gym. At home, Sue and Paul have two teenage boys who have witnessed their parents amazing transformation and are their biggest fans!! They are leading by example to show that a solid base of fitness and nutrition can lead to a happy, productive, fun, and HEALTHY life!!

They are on a “lifelong challenge” and are looking forward to making gains alongside each other with the support of the entire LP Family.



The LP Family would like to congratulate you on your amazing results Paul & Sue. You two truly are a power couple!!

You are truly living the Fit Life – You Just Got Better!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada