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Success Stories

Breanne Finance

Breanne Finance

“Was she a little hesitant when we first told her that it was her turn for a testimonial because of her amazing results?

YES is the answer!!! BUT it didn’t take Breanne long to write us back and tell us this:

“Guys! ….. If LP has taught me one thing it’s that I can always always always push harder!! Don’t u worry, I’ll get testimonial done!! No one likes a quitter!! And although I’m only at the beginning of my journey, it’s still a start and everyone starts somewhere …”

So before we get started Breanne wanted us to make sure that everyone knew this:

“Here is my testimonial, remember – I still have a ton of personal goals I want to achieve. I still want to lose another-30lbs and I really want to work on my chin ups to try and get better and eventually do 1 – and then MORE.”

Sorry Breanne! Everyone knows now 🙂 The LP Team and Family can’t wait to help you reach all of these goals and more!
For Breanne, like most of us, the gym is about so much more than appearance and weight loss, it is about confidence, self-esteem, fitness, strength, stress levels, energy levels, and overall health!
Breanne joined the gym for a variety of different reasons! Thanks to her friend Ann, she found LP Thanks Ann!!! #LPNation

“My journey first began at LP back in February. I was looking for a training facility that offered dynamic workouts consisting of circuits, high intensity cardio, and weight training – ideally in a group setting. My friend mentioned the 18-day challenge LP was having, so I tried it out. After the challenge, I was an official LP member.”

“Before LP I was a mess, I had just finished recovering from surgery and had put on a ton of weight. The boot camp I had been attending months prior had closed and I was really having a difficult time motivating myself to workout at a gym. Half the battle was getting there and the other half was pushing myself to my full limits. I was not getting results and not reach my goals/full potential.”

Even though Breanne might not admit it, she was extremely nervous when she first started and probably a little unsure exactly what was going on at LP! But it didn’t take long for Breanne to get hooked on the LP workouts and start seeing the results she was looking for!

This right here is the girl who wouldn’t take off her sweater when she first started because she didn’t have the confidence! And now look at her! Strutting her stuff and she is only half way there.

Since joining LP I have lost about 25-30 lbs and have decreased in inches. My energy levels are absolutely amazing – I have such a productive day after a good workout. I’m up early and find that I’m much more attentive and alert at work – I also find I’m drinking less coffee. I struggle a lot with stress and I find that by working out it really helps with my stress levels and calming me down. I believe the best medication is being active and healthy!

My overall health and confidence (self esteem) has increased so much since joining LP. I feel and look so much better than I ever have and I now feel confident when going out or wearing new outfits. I have achieved new personal goals and bests that I have been striving to achieve for a long time. I can’t believe I just dead-lifted 140lbs today!!! Also, my cardio/endurance has improved a lot since starting at LP. I am definitely not a great runner but since joining LP I have noticed so many improvements with sprinting and am planning to run my first 5km this spring/summer.”

Before & After

I am sure Breanne would have never thought about setting strength and conditioning goals because most of us just think about weight loss and inches! But at LP by focusing on fitness and strength the members blow all of their weight loss and inches goals out of the water! Just ask them.

By making LP workouts an important part of each and every day Breanne has a much more structured and organized schedule making her more productive! She has also met so many amazing members at the gym that have turned into friends and gym buddies!

“Since joining LP I have a much more structured schedule/routine. Workouts always come first and if I can’t make it to a class at LP, I try to do my own workout or attend a class of some sort. It has changed my way of thinking and my priorities have changed as well.

“I think the most amazing thing I have noticed about LP is the people I have met and the relationships I have made. It is the trainers, the friends, the acquaintances and the familiar faces that bring me back each and everyday, that challenge me and encourage me to be the best person I can be and to push myself to new limits. Whether it’s a simple hello, a smile, clapping as I sprint my last lap or a high five at the end of the workout – all of these things have helped me to reach my personal goals, have contributed to my success thus far and inspire me to push harder and set new goals. So to all my fellow LP friends and family, thank you – each and every one of you are AMAZING!!”

The message here is clear, although Breanne was originally reluctant to write this testimonial she realized quickly how far she has come! It is so important to celebrate the little victories!

Most of us have big goals that take months or years to achieve but it is what we do along the way to celebrate and enjoy our triumphs that keeps us moving in the right direction!

All of you have the opportunity to achieve the health and fitness goals that you want. Take the time for yourself and live a long, happy, and healthy life!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada