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Success Stories

Dan Weir

Dan – 39 – Father of Three

Yes! You heard me correctly! Since April 2013 – with the combination of High Intensity Strength and Cardio workouts and a Balanced Nutrition Plan, Dan Weir has lost an astonishing 61.5lbs in 5 months!!!

A few words describe Dan best:

“Motivated, Focused, Determined, Enthusiastic, and oh ya – a little CRAZY”

A family man, father of three (5 year old and 3 year old twins), with a demanding job, and hard working wife – Dan knew this transformation wasn’t going to be easy! But with the support of his family and LP he was destined for success!

How was life before LP?

“My life was great if you like living as a type II diabetic, weighing in at 340 lbs, with no energy!”

It was this “great” life that motivated Dan! From Day #1 Dan was one motivated man who had his mind set on his health, including: Weight Loss, Body Composition, Diabetes, Performance, and Appearance!

Before & After

Dan grew up as a high-end athlete, playing football and basketball throughout high school and university. Dan also continued playing fastball and basketball throughout his 20s and into his 30s.

Dan got away with enjoying life and social activities for many years but before he knew it these activities combined with a family and kids caught up to him and before he knew it, his athletic body had slipped away. Along with appearance, Dan also started experiencing some health problems which made the choice to a healthier lifestyle easy!

Less than a year ago Dan and his family made a change! Healthy meal choices and physical activities took priority and after a few months of change LP became a part of the picture!

The Magical Moment:

“I will never forget that first day, I met Adam in Oct. ’12 to check out the facility and to actually see what the place was about!   I knew from the moment Adam described a “typical workout” that they had fun but got down to business…

I had planned on joining the next month after ball season was finished so I could “put my best foot forward” to get back into shape but of course life got busy with having 3 young children ( 5 years old & 3 year old twins) at home.

Fast forward 5 months later my light bulb moment was on a beautiful winters day,  the kids and I were outside making “frosty the snowman” and I couldn’t keep up to them as they ran around in knee high snow making giant snow balls for our “family  of frosty’s” for the front yard.   It almost brought tears to my eyes as I told my wife about our oldest daughter  asking me if I wanted to take a break because I was struggling to lift the snow balls on top of each other…

From that day on we set forth to eat better and move more!

I called Adam and we scheduled some one-on-one sessions to begin after we returned from our family winter vacation.
Day one, April 7th…fitness testing!  Two words = Not good!  Onward and upward…”

After a couple of private training sessions to increase confidence, Dan smoothly transitioned right into the Group Training Program and has been flying high ever since!

“Well over 70lbs later and an amazing 5.8% of Body Fat Lost (over the past 12 Weeks),  I now have enough energy to run around with my kids until their tired and out of breath!  It’s not only the physical side of things but the mental and emotional journey that you go through as a person I know it has made me a better father, husband and person!”

What is it about LP that has got your here?

“The environment at LP that Adam, Michelle, Kendra and Brody have started only makes me want to get better BUT but what keeps me coming back is the members at LP! Without my LP family, all this would have never happened! The guidance, support and the occasional kick in the butt from the members that actually care about YOU and not how much weight you can lift.”

Dan has been a man on a mission! He was the runner up in LP’s Weight Loss Challenge losing 28lbs in 8-Weeks! And the Champion of LP’s Body Composition Challenge losing another 27.5lbs in 12-Weeks!

And no he is not on any crazy fad diet! He is on a well balanced workout regimen and balanced meal plan that has his metabolism flying high and the pounds melting off!

Over the last 12-Week Challenge Dan worked with the LP team but he also worked with Naturopath – Dr. Kristijana Rakic who LP brought in for expert advice on Body Composition and making the last final tweaks to diet, sleep, and stress routines that has taken all of our members to the next level!

“Another big shout out must go to Dr. Kristijana Rakic, who team teamed up with LP for our last 12 week challenge.  The information and knowledge she brought to the table was second to none.”

Dan promised us that this isn’t the last time you will hear from him! He isn’t done yet! He has a few more pounds to lose but more importantly he wants to take his strength and conditioning to the next level!

We are positive that with Dan’s determination he is going to take this above and beyond what any of us could have ever imagined! We look forward to helping you along the way Dan and can’t wait to see what you can do next!

And this is what we love most about Dan – his confidence!

“I was a stud before I came to LP and now I’m a super stud – enough said!”

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada