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Success Stories

Dave Aston – “I was fit before LP….”

Dave’s story

Lose Weight – Burn Fat – Build Muscle

Dave’s Results in Just 1-Year

Weight Loss – 192lbs – 179lbs

Fat Loss – 28.2% (54.5lbs) – 16.9% (30.2lbs)

Muscle Gain – 78lbs – 82lbs

Dave is a competitor at heart. He loves to challenge himself each and everyday and that is what makes LP the perfect fit for him. From day one it has been challenges that have motivated Dave to push his fitness to the next level.

From the beginning it was all about the challenges for Dave. In month one he joined the Frozen Four Challenge with some fellow Rise and Grind Members. In his first summer he rocked the MyZone Challenge. In the fall of 2015 is when he took his training to a new level…..The Body Fat Challenge….he started at 192lbs and 28% body fat……8 weeks later he won the challenge and lost an amazing 8.9% body fat and ended at 172.2lbs and 19% body fat!!! 

My fitness level was okay, I thought, although I knew that I had been putting on weight over the years.  I would  feel slow, lazy, and had a negative cloud hanging over me because of the shape of my body and my weight.

As I look back, I realize this was significantly impacting my self-confidence and straining relationships at home.   This was affecting my demeanour and resulting in a lack of patience which often lead to easy frustration.  I was going to the gym,  hitting the treadmill and running, but not seeing any real change in body composition.

The ongoing support of my wife to stay healthy and fit kept me active and  led me to realize that I needed to do something to shake things up and create change for my health both mentally and physically.

What got you started at LP?

I heard about LP through my wife from one of her friends that had recently joined LP.  She would tell her about the workouts (and the pain).  My wife had also been training and encouraged me to give it a try.  So, I checked out the website and sent an e-mail to meet with Adam.  The intent was to try it our for 3 months and go from there.  I started around the beginning of the Frozen Four challenge, and the next thing I knew I was on a team, and 3 months became 6 months, and then a year had gone by in a flash.

What do you love most about LP?

What Motivates you.

What I love most about LP is the combination of the challenges and encouragement which has led to results.  The results are the motivation.  A healthier lifestyle, strength that I have never had, energy and a mindset that has had a positive impact on my family.

Keys to Success.

The key to success is being willing to take on the challenges, whether it is heavier weight, more reps, or pushing harder on cardio.

Being focused on a plan that is based on realistic goals that push your limits, and sticking to a healthy and balanced eating regime, has led to a complete change in body composition and fitness level.

The coaches at LP are passionate about each individual and their goals/success and this shows on a daily basis.

Set a plan with the coaches and follow the plan, you will see results.

The LP Family.

LP has been positive for my family in many ways.  I have more energy and confidence, which has removed the negative cloud hanging over me.

Although, falling asleep on the couch early in the evening and me complaining that my legs are always sore has lead to some poking fun at dad. I am encouraged by the approach that LP has taken to involve families and be open to kid-friendly gym time.

This is a great opportunity for me to spend time with my daughters and encourage them to be fit, strong and confident.  This also translates into being more involved with them in activities at home.

I continue to have amazing support from my wife and her encouragement is great motivation to keep pushing and working toward my goals.

Congrats from the LP Family Dave Aston! Keep up the hard work with the Rise and Grind Crew! Thanks for being apart of the LP Family and living “The Fit Life”

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada