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Success Stories

Frank Romeo – The Tank…

Meet Frank Romeo – At 44 years old Frank is in the best shape of his life and is loving every minute of it. 

Frank “The Tank” has been a motivation to those around him at LP since he started. As an entrepreneur Frank has worked extremely hard to grow and develop his very successful business. As an individual Frank strives for the same level of success. Frank found LP in June of 2014 and his view on working out has changed ever since.

What got you started at LP:

Frank was told about LP by his brother Marco and friends Martin and Bo. They knew if he tried it that I would love it and they were dead on right.

When Frank started at LP he already had a fitness routine but he will tell you, that routine wasn’t getting him the results he was looking for. Since joining LP Frank has improved his strength, conditioning, and overall fitness.

RESULTS…..they speak for themselves

Back Squat – 310lbs

Bench Press – 225lbs

Deadlift – 415lbs

Chin-ups – 20 reps

1000m Row – 3min 22sec

Beep Test – 10.02

Frank’s dedication and hard work is paying off huge. Frank diligently tracks him numbers from month to month and pushes himself to be better every day. His “You Just Got Better” attitude defines what LP is all about.

Ok, so Frank is a pretty fit dude and his fitness is also paying off in other ways. He isn’t just fit, he looks the part too. Frank is looking lean and mean and his body composition numbers are proving it:

When Frank started at LP:

Weight – 181lbs

BF % – 19.3%

Frank after LP:

Weight – 181lbs

BF % – 13.4%

That is correct. Frank has lost almost 6% Body Fat. But even more importantly and what we take pride in at LP is that he hasn’t lost any muscle. Frank has actually lost 11lbs of Fat and gained 11lbs of Muscle

Before & After

The biggest areas of change that you will notice on Frank is the muscle he has gained through his back, shoulders, and legs. His back and shoulders have got much stronger and he has noticed it his strength and has gotten rid of his shoulder aches and pains.

Frank’s Keys to Success:

  1. Train Hard 4-5 days per week
  2. Momma’s Cooking – Sunday Dinner and Leftovers for Lunch during the week 🙂
  3. Eat Real, Whole Foods. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Frank learned that if he was going to build muscle and burn fat that he needed to ramp up his protein intake after workout, during breakfast, and before bed. He was eating great lunches and dinners but his post workout recovery and breakfasts were lacking. Once he got dialled in, the changes started to happen.

Why Frank Loves LP…

Best thing about LP is that it’s 1 intense hour. I show up and never have to worry about “what should I do today” like my previous gym experiences.

The motivation to workout everyday comes from so many positives I get from LP. I love the coaches who push me, the people who attend the classes and make it fun, the feeling I get from my workouts and I’m addicted to starting everyday this way.

Being fit helps me deal with any stress I have through work or personal. It keeps me very positive and gives me goals to work towards. I like challenging myself and LP sure does that.

Frank’s Goals moving forward…

My goals going forward are to workout 5 days a week and the rest will take care of itself 🙂

Congratulations Frank. Your hard work is paying off. You should be very proud of your results. Keep up the hard work.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada