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Success Stories

Jason Laird

Jason – Father of 2 – 47 Years Old

This story is about making a change! Setting your mind to an end goal and doing whatever it takes to get there! The moral of the story is that you can always reverse the effects of bad health if you are truly driven and never give up!

It was a couple years ago when Jason’s Doctor looked him in the eyes and said: “If you don’t change your habits, you are going to die!

In his mid-forties, this was Jason’s wake up call! And man did he make a change!

My weight was out of control.  For more than 20 years I had not exercised, I simply lived out my day like many people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s focusing on my job, raising my two kids, and striving to have the nicest lawn on my street.  Gradually, year after year, my weight climbed higher and higher.  It bothered me, but even though my weight was in my control I never did anything about it.  I remember being amazed when I stepped on the scale and I was 245 pounds.  I was shocked when I had to buy my first pair of pants with a waist of 40″.  I recall going to my physical in 2008 and being told my weight was 283lbs and my body fat percentage was 39%.  At that point a 42″ waist in my pants was too snug and I had to buy a dress pant with a 44″ waist.  I knew I had to do something.”

Before & After

Jason’s transformation started long before joining Limitless but to get the full picture it is extremely important to know and understand the entire journey because for all we know this could be you reading this story……

“I dieted and walked 20 minutes 3-4 times per week for a bout 3 months.  My weight dropped to 265 lbs.  I was pretty pumped!.  I stayed at this weight for the next 3 1/2 years.  In November 2011 I again went to see my doctor for my physical.  My weight was still 265 pounds, my blood pressure was 155/115, my joints were killing me every day and simply going up and down stairs was a major task.”

I was sent for blood work only to be called two days later at 8:30pm at home by my doctor asking how I was feeling.  I told her I was feeling ok.  She asked if I was light headed?  I said no.  Headache? I said no.  She then asked me to drop by her office right then and get a new blood work form and have the blood work done first thing in the morning.  I did.  She called me the next evening asking me to be in her office for 8am.

When I arrived she told me that my blood sugar level was very very high.  The average for a healthy body is between 4-6mM/L, my blood sugar level was 21.8mM/L nearly 6x higher than it should be.  She told me I had Type 2 diabetes.
“In a very serious and matter of fact tone she told me that my life style was not healthy and that without change you will die!”

Her choice of words was harsh but knowing me for 25 years she knew it would hit home.  I changed my life style right then…at that moment.  I changed my nutrition, I started walking the dog every day, I read every paper I could get my hands on to understand the situation I had put myself into.  The results were quick.  I dropped to 240lbs by the end of 2011 and was 225 by March and at 210lbs in June.  I was now on medication for diabetes and blood pressure.”

When we met Jason at Limitless he was already deep into his journey but wanted to take it to the next level and get rid of all of the medications, take away his aches and pains, and of course lose that last bit of weight!

“I was advised to take medication for cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis.  I didn’t want to take a medicine cocktail everyday so asked the doctor what I could do.  She told me resistance training, I resisted.  Every time I asked the question she told me the same thing.  I said no because my joints were so achy I didn’t believe I could do this much strenuous activity.  I resisted until Dec 2012 where at a sports team fundraiser I won a 10 day trail package for Limitless Performance.  I believe things happen for a reason so I knew I had to go and give it a try.  I called Adam and we agreed that Dec 6 2012 would be a great day to begin.”

Turn the page…new chapter!

December 6th 2013 – 12:15pm – “When I arrived at LP at noon on Dec 6 my weight was a decent 210lbs, my pant size was a comfy 36″ and I looked good in my clothes.  But I was not in good shape. I was weak, low on energy, pains in most of my joints and it was unbearable. I had been walking everyday so you would think I was in decent condition, but I wasn’t.  I had trouble jumping from the ground to the top of a 6″ box.  I couldn’t do a lunge and touch the floor with my knee and stand back up.  There was no exercise I could do with weight in my hands.  I was embarrassed and feeling this was not the right place for me………”

December 6th 2013 – 12:45pm – “While I was growing in self pity, and attempting to do a lunge step with the aid of a bench for support I looked up and made eye contact with another LP member who was awesome in all her exercises.  She quietly said “You’re doing great, keep going”!  So I did, I finished that day and showed up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that month.  I credit her encouragement and words with my continuing at LP.”

In January 2013, Jason signed up for a 1-Year Membership at LP and has not looked back! He started with 3 days per week and now 10 months later Jason loves his workouts, he is up to 5 days per week and can’t miss a workout

“My body is completely different than it was 11 months ago when I joined LP!  I have muscle definition in my legs and arms!  I feel the muscle developing in my pecs!  I see my biceps getting larger!  I feel strong!”

After just 5 months of strength and conditioning training at LP, the doctor’s recommendations proved to be correct. Jason is totally off his diabetic and blood pressure medication and his joints are feeling considerably better:

“In May of this year while at the doctor’s office I was advised that my blood work indicates I may be able to come off my diabetic medication.  So I stopped taking it and for 5 months my blood sugar has regulated perfectly having never gone over the 6mM/L mark.  I attribute this to my diet and my work out at LP.  In July the doctor told me that my blood pressure was great and I could try coming off that medication.  So I did and three months later my blood pressure is 115/65.  Again, I give credit to my diet and my work out at LP.  I never did go onto the cholesterol medication nor the rheumatoid meds but now I I run up and down the stairs and I can jump 5 boxes at the gym with a goal of 6 by year end.  My cholesterol is perfect.”

Everyone comes to Limitless with a different goal in mind! For Jason it wasn’t big muscles, ripped abs, or to be able to bench press 300lbs! For Jason it was about his health!

“I don’t come to the gym with the same purpose as the young athletes.  I don’t come to the gym to lift as much weight as I can, build big impressive muscles, to look awesome at the beach.  I come to the gym because I now know that the lifestyle I lead in my 30’s, I paid for in my 40’s.  As I come to the end of my 40’s I know I will pay for my current lifestyle when I am in my 50’s.  I can’t afford to pay the price I did in my 40’s again in my 50’s so I made an investment.  The better looking body was not my goal but it is a pretty awesome symptom!!”

Although the LP Program has improved his health, it has also taken his relationships with his family to the next level!

“The impact this program has had on my relationships at home has been remarkable.  My wife, Sandy, looks at me differently, I love when she gives me a hug and tells me I now feel like the guy she fell in love with 25 years ago.  I can now talk with my 16 year old son and we can compare the weight we lift at the gym.  We have a bit of a competition.  I lose the numbers (weight lifted) battle but it sure is great to be able to compare with a young fit athlete and be close enough he feels he is competing with me.  My daughter wants to join LP as well and at 15yrs old is preparing her body for a healthy future.”

And Finally, Jason has made some amazing relationships with fellow gym members, trainers, and is a big part of the #LPFamily!!

“I credit my fellow Nooners at LP for giving me the encouragement and strength to come in everyday, give my best and reach new goals.  Adam and Michelle have gone the extra mile for me as well.  Quiet conversations and words of encouragement, tips on nutrition and ways to keep on track.  I also want to thank Brody Arndt for investing his time and knowledge into my growth.  Taking an interest in my joint issues to talking about the benefits of Omega 3.  Showing me the value of compression to increase blood flow in my muscles and joints.  Spending extra time to show me the technical parts of resistance training that allow me to maximize what I can do.  For me, on my journey, success would have been very difficult without the family at LP investing more than was expected.”

An absolutely incredible story from another amazing, hardworking, and dedicated LP Member! Jason was slightly reluctant to tell his story but after a little convincing he agreed to it! We told him, if his story just hit home for one person, just one, and changed their life it is all worth it!

Don’t you worry, Jason hasn’t reached his end goal, he is hooked now and can’t slow down! We can’t wait to see the lean and mean Jason jump 6 boxes!

Whether it is weight loss, health improvements, strength gain, or just overall fitness you have to come in and try it out for yourself! Just like Jason, we can promise you that you will not regret it! Lose Weight, Get Fit, Get Healthy, Gain Confidence, and LOVE Working Out!!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada