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Success Stories

Keith Schappert

Keith – 24 – Sales Executive

One of LP’s finest, Keith traveled long and far to find us! On a daily basis Keith brings the Passion and Enthusiasm to the workouts that defines the “LP Family”!

From Bonneyville, Alberta Keith moved to K-W for work! When he arrived in K-W he didn’t have much more than his apartment and his personal belongings – and more importantly didn’t know many people in town! Luckily for him, a couple of people from his work had signed up for an 18 Day Challenge at LP Fit back in February…….

Keith was a little hesitant at first (not uncommon) because he grew up as an athlete, he always worked out on his own, and he thought that he was already in “pretty good” shape. But after a little convincing he has never looked back! (thank you Holly!)

Before & After

Life before LP:

“Life before LP was… interesting I guess you could say. I was the guy that was never really in shape but thought he was and would give friends and family fitness advice (he still gives us tips on a daily basis :)). I was the guy that would take a fat burner and then go have a cheese burger! (yeah I was that guy). I was working long hours, eating out a lot, and cared less and less about how I looked. My energy levels were down, I would basically sleep, work, and eat. Then my confidence became low as I started putting on weight! I would say my moment of epiphany was the end of August 2012, when I couldn’t hold my self up wake boarding because my forearms and arms couldn’t take it anymore….I was 190lbs and was 1lbs-2lbs from being Clinically Obese (I am 5′-7″ – on a good day haha).”

The key to success:

“LP gives you a community to support and push you to do better. From the trainers to the people you work out with on a regular basis. I still remember my first workout at LP, it was the body weight phase and I was stationed beside Rudy (55 years young) for Tabata… Long story short Rudy kicked my ass. That made me realize that even though I was losing weight I wasn’t really improving my fitness level until LP.”

“LP offers you a support system, be it your work out partners or the trainers – they know your thresholds and push you past them. You won’t find that at your everyday gym! And don’t you dare miss workouts – you get text messages/tweets asking you where you were! That’s why a lot of us reference the LP Family because you are surrounded by like minded people that will push you past your goals. I know everyone at LP has had that moment where you think to yourself and you say “I would have stopped 10 minutes ago if I was working out by myself”.


“Since Joining LP I can truly say my fitness has gotten better, which in turn has numerous benefits, better sleep, more energy, more confidence (not that I needed any more). I must say the LP Trainers and Coaches make the atmosphere what it is! LP work outs are one of the highlights of my day because of the people I work out with and the attitude in the gym. LP is addicting and its not a very bad thing to be addicted to. I have a challenge for all the members: sit down with people from LP and try to not talk about the gym for over an hour… Good luck!”

Keith started his weight loss journey long before he started at LP but it was LP that pushed him through the breaking point and to a point he never thought he would be! Keith gets his day started everyday before work with the 7AM CREW (aka: the high five crew)! No better way to start the day then with the fun and energetic LP Family!

Not only is his Body Composition night and day (look out ladies) but his overall fitness is through the roof! Check out these improvements:


Initial Result

Current Results

Beep Test

5.07 10.07

Push Up Test



Standing Long Jump









Keith has doubled his conditioning levels, drastically increased his leg strength and mobility, and clearly increased his upper body and body weight strength!

Keith will admit his results have been amazing but he will also admit that he could not have done this without the LP Family!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada