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Success Stories

Kevin Collins

Kevin – 25 – Firefighter

Meet the 25-year old Firefighter, who has transformed from an everyday Joe to an LP Fit Leader! And yes he is ready for the Firefighter Calendar! When we met Kevin in December 2012 on a 15 Day Wag-Jag Promotion he was new to the workout scene and pretty much forced into the gym by his fellow Firefighter and LP Fit member Matt “Shredder” Burky!

“Before LP I was 180lbs and thought I was in alright shape. I’d do workouts at the fire hall occasionally but had stopped going to the gym outside of work and was looking for some motivation and more of a routine and guidance working out. I would put workouts off and never really watched my diet; I was young so I just ate everything. My uniform at work was getting a little tighter and I was noticing some tasks at my job were getting tougher for me.”

His First Day: Kevin was forced into a torturous first day at the gym with a deadly leg workout that he will never forget……and we will never forget ! We won’t forget because of the changes Kevin has made over the past 7 months! Kevin started off that day squatting and lunging with 65-75lbs and just 7 months later he was one of few guys to successfully single-arm dumbbell snatch 100lbs!

“Since joining LP I have a new benchmark of what ‘in shape’ is for me and am in the best shape of my life. I feel strong when doing anything physical from helping friends move, playing rec sports and most importantly performing a work. In a job that can be physically demanding I feel more confident in myself to perform. I feel healthier not only from the workouts but also thinking about my diet more because of what I’ve learned at LP. The newsletters and information at the gym have helped to improve my diet and get me thinking more about what I put into my body. The exercise and diet certainly help when the night shifts can sometimes drag you down.”

Before & After

Not only has his strength got better but his overall fitness is through the roof! Check out these improvements:


Initial Result

Current Results

Beep Test

10.04 12.00
Push Up Test


Standing Long Jump







Kevin’s results increased tremendously – he is sitting 3rd Overall in the U40 Men’s LP Fit Leader Board! Ahead of his buddy Matt who is sitting in 4th Place! Yes, they have a serious competition going on!

When Kevin started he measured in at 5’11” and 180lbs – Today he measures in at 5’11” and 174lbs – so has he even changed? Why don’t you tell me – check out these pics that show his changes/accomplishments just since this April!

“I may weigh about the same, around 170lbs, but my body looks completely different and my friends and family have noticed. I look forward to my workouts and coming to the gym everyday wondering – what’s my challenge today? I do things I’d never do if I was working out on my own and can’t believe the great workout I get in just an hour. Working shifts and having an unconventional schedule, my noon hour workouts are the one thing I can keep routine. Before I started I was a fairly healthy, energetic guy but now after months at LP I’ve hit new highs.”

Last but not least – Kevin made sure we didn’t forget to give a shout out to the “nooners” who have pushed him to get where he is today!

“Don’t forget to add a shout out to the LP noon crew for all their motivation getting me on that leader board! I would have never pushed myself this hard and I’m proud of where I’ve gotten in my personal fitness. Most importantly have to thank the LP trainers for all the support, you guys really have a passion for fitness and it shows at the gym. I look forward to coming in every workout. More results to come; NO LIMITS!”

Amazing story Kev! We see this one all of the time at LP! An already fit guy taking it to the next level with a little assistance, motivation, and support of the people around him! Working out on your own only works for so long!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada