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Success Stories

Lisa McHugh

Meet the Energizer Bunny

Another fitness assessment and more personal bests for this impressive young woman! Just this week Lisa got a new personal best with 33 Pull-ups in a ROW! Not to mention an 11.03 on the Beep Test and a 40″ Box Jump to go along with her other amazing fitness scores and accomplishments!

Lisa has had many accomplishments since joining LP in the summer of 2014! In a year and a half Lisa has transformed the way she looks and feels, she has made LP a part of her daily routine, and she is one of LP’s hardest workers on a daily basis – in the pursuit of The Fit Life!

After years of gymnastics Lisa had the flexibility, she had done a good job maintaining her fitness, but there was something missing………and then she found LP!

LP’s members and coaches inspire me and it’s exciting to celebrate improvement/gains big or small! LP is my happy place and I’m a better person after my morning workout with a more positive outlook on everything in life!


Before I joined LP, I was still an active person but definitely not as consistent. I played soccer, did yoga and would do fitness classes at the gym. I tried boxing and long distance running but nothing really kept my interest.

My job has been demanding on my body and has kept me seeing my chiropractor quite regularly for maintenance because of chronic neck and shoulder issues. I have always been searching for a workout to help balance dominant muscles and keep me happy and healthy. I had more then a few clients tell me I should try LP and that I would love it…I wasn’t so sure…


Everything! No pain, no gain!

Lol I’ve never really done workouts quite like this before so it has been fun and challenging learning new movements and incorporating weights which I always thought I hated because they would make me bulky..so this whole process has been quite surprising.

I love all the body weight exercises because they take me back to my gymnastics days and the conditioning that I did as a kid. It’s like play time as an adult! I love the variety of workouts and walking into the gym and not having to plan what I have to do…..

The Process

However, I had the misconception that I wouldn’t have to think about anything, that I just had to show up, BUT I quickly learned that if I wanted to get the most out of it I had to set goals, track workouts, and engage muscles I never knew I had! It has brought a whole new sense of body awareness into my life!

The People

I love being surrounded by people who push, challenge and encourage me to be better. Lots of friendly competition as added motivation as well 🙂 I finally found the right workout environment that has significantly impacted my willingness to get up in the morning and get a sweat on!!



Since starting at LP physically I have gotten so much stronger. It has been so much fun to look back to when I began summer 2014 to see how far I have come. Naturally you progress if you push yourself but it took me a while to figure that out.

It was a lot easier being comfortable…As soon as I started pushing myself I couldn’t believe what I was capable of and slowly but surely I didn’t have to modify exercises as much! So motivating to see progress!

Energy Levels and Committment

I bounce out of bed in the morning because I sleep better at night (the workouts help use up some excess energy and I basically fall asleep the second I stop moving…) I can’t wait to get my day started! I’ve never been so consistent and accountable and driven to want to exercise!

Body Changes and Nutrition

Obviously seeing results has been a benefit as well. I’ve always wanted to change my body, trying to shrink my legs and bum but since starting LP I have increased the the strength and size of my upper body making my body seem way more proportionate which makes way more sense! My clothes fit better and it has been a great lesson to not necessarily care about the number on the scale.

I make better decisions when it comes to eating as well. It was a huge adjustment to learn to fuel my body properly when I first started to keep up with more intense workouts without dragging my butt all day. There is always so much support available from the coaches as well! I feel healthier and more energetic and balanced.

Confidence and Support

It’s been easier to maintain this level of fitness as well without getting out of routine. Feels good and boosts your confidence to notice your body getting more toned from hard work! I have really liked the “challenges” LP offers for further motivation and now it’s even easier to asses and monitor progress with the new equipment the gym offers. Incredible to see how the body can transform with a little more effort!

LP’s members and coaches inspire me and it’s exciting to celebrate improvement/gains big or small! LP is my happy place and I’m a better person after my morning workout with a more positive outlook on everything in life!

Gymnastics vs LP

My competitive gymnastics days were pretty intense. I usually trained before and after school and put in between 24-28 hours a week at the gym. It required a lot of power, speed, balance and agility. It was super physically demanding.

The training LP has to offer would have given me a better balanced body so there would be less weaknesses. Well rounded workouts that are way more specific and tailored with progressions would have been so complimentary back then!! (And perfecting the basics) It’s amazing how much I have learned to control my mobility since starting at LP. I have a completely different muscle strength. The knowledge the coaches have and the understanding of biology and mechanics of our bodies is superior at LP!

The Fit Life

Lisa is a young woman who is determined to stay healthy and strong with the struggles and stresses of life. She strives for excellence in everything she does – whether it is work, the gym, or everyday life she is an extremely hard working and motivating woman!

Congratulations Lisa! Keep up the hard work! The best is yet to come 🙂

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada