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Success Stories

LP’s Strong Women – Goals

Meet the Goal Oriented Ladies of LP.


“It all comes down to time, motivation, and programming. In the end, Limitless Performance has helped provide the structure, accountability, programming, and goal-setting that helps me stay motivated and engaged to keep improving. I could not create the kind of programming and guidance that LP offers me each month”

No matter what reason our ladies walk into LP with, they all share the common goal of becoming a better version of themselves, pushing each other past their foreseen limits and having a little bit of fun along the way.

Read Their Stories, Motivation and Wisdom Below…

  Laura Fralick

I have gained strength, muscle tone and an overall feeling of wellness. I am more committed to my weekly workouts now.

I originally joined LP because I had reached a plateau in my workouts and was no longer seeing results. I felt like I needed something more to reach my strength and weight loss goals. Since joining LP, the variety as well as the team atmosphere has kept me coming back.

The biggest obstacles that I have had to overcome are the ones in my mind, that little voice that says “I can’t” or “I’m tired”. I have also come to realize that strength and wellness beat any number on a scale. I never thought I would be able to do a chin up until I came to LP and challenged myself.

Jen Lewis 

Weekly weigh ins, lots of talk about food and diet with the coaches really kick started my weight loss.

My goal was initially to lose weight… as I progressed my goals changed and it was to not only lose weight but rather to eat better, become stronger, and add an element of balance in my life. Almost 3 years later and I have never stopped coming.

I absolutely love the kick ass workouts, I am lifting weights i had never lifted before, I am jumping over boxes, running and sweating like I have never sweated.

Susan Chhatwal

Sometimes the fear of failure can hold us back, but at LP failures can be congratulated with a high five. It means you gave 110%. You keep being encouraged to push to that level and those failures become successes. It feels amazing to put the hard work in and feel yourself succeeding.

LP was what I needed to push myself past my comfort zone. My goals when starting were to just get the guts to show up at a new place with strangers, to try new things and give it my all. I immediately loved it. These goals were easy to accomplish with the group atmosphere and the friendly vibe where everyone is supportive and encouraging. It makes it almost impossible not to reach your goals if you show up.

Tori Simpson 

LP has been a rock in my life since I joined. Even with all of the chaos and ups and downs along the way, I knew that LP and all the people who I work out with on a daily basis were always there for me.

LP has taught me that you can’t out train a bad diet and helped me get on track with my eating so that I could achieve my body composition and strength goals.

“The biggest obstacle for me has definitely been being able to get back on track when my gym routine gets put on hold”. It isn’t always easy for Tori, but LP has become a priority that she knows she needs in her life.

Faye Bulloch 

I am definitely more fit because of LP—but that’s not the only thing that LP has changed for the better. It clears my head, reduces stress, I sleep better, and am more productive (because I really want that 1-2 hours of me-time/social time/development time at LP each evening).

The healthy connections made—my initial gym buddies—who have turned into lasting friendships have been the biggest contributor to my success. I enjoy going because it’s now such a big social component of my day. We all understand what each other are trying to achieve and motivate each other.

Other than my #swolesisters telling me to get my ass to the gym, what else gets me there??? Honestly, I really like being in the LP Lift program. I love the variety of the week moving from lifting to different circuits.

 Keys to Success?

Commit to a routine that works for YOU

“I’m on the road a lot travelling and have an active social element with my job.  It can make diet and attendance a challenge.  I made a commitment to myself that if I’m in KW, I come to an LP workout.  I work hard to ensure I make the time to come for a workout.  The flexible class times that run all day really have helped me to make it to classes with an ever changing schedule.”

BIG changes yield BIG results

“The knowledge of how important nutrition is to becoming a strong woman has been a key to my success. This is still the hardest part for me to conquer but I keep working on it. My best self is when I eat well and train hard”

Focus on your GOALS

“Funny enough I weigh more now but I have a lot more muscle now vs. FAT then when I started.  I’m setting goals I never thought would have been possible when I started, and with some time and work I hit them…my top achievement was being able to do my first chin up!  I make time for LP because it is important to me….the balance it has added to my “work-life balance” has been priceless.”

No Excuses! The ladies of LP are all busy but they decide to make LP a priority every day.

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Congratulations to each and every one of our strong LP women!

You are truly living the fit life.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada