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Success Stories

LP’s Strong Women – Purpose

Meet the ladies of LP – Purpose Oriented.


“The knowledge of how important nutrition is to becoming a strong woman has been a key to my success. This is still the hardest part for me to conquer but I keep working on it. My best self is when I eat well and train hard”

Fitness and health are a long-term focus for you and we want LP to provide you the positive environment that will guide you to achieving optimal health. We understand that your busy life and schedule mean that your hour workout is your time to disconnect from your busy schedule and focus on YOU.

Read Their Stories, Motivation and Wisdom Below…

  Laura Lee Dam

Since joining LP I have become the BEST version of myself. I have been attending regularly for 4 years and I can honestly say every year another “better” version of myself comes out, I love it!!

I have the best training partners — all STRONG women and we motivate each other every day. We are all pretty competitive but in a fun way. Don’t get me wrong though, we all like to lift more or go faster than the other but at the end we all high five each other and encourage one another. LP provides an environment that is motivating, non-judgemental, fun, competitive, passionate and maybe a little bit crazy. It is my family and my home.

 Faye Bulloch

I am definitely more fit because of LP—but that’s not the only thing that LP has changed for the better. It clears my head, reduces stress, I sleep better, and am more productive because I really want that 1-2 hours of me-time/social time/development time at LP each evening.

I had no structure, no plan, no idea what to do—and thus, no results to show for it. It all comes down to time, motivation, and programming. In the end, Limitless Performance has helped provide the structure, accountability, programming, and goal-setting that helps me stay motivated and engaged to keep improving.


Morgan Scoyne

The combination of the atmosphere, trainers and programming allows me to first consider the ways I want to improve, and then clearly define and attack the goals that I’ve made for myself. In so many ways, LP provides the tools for success.

The atmosphere at LP is high energy, competitive, but more importantly supportive and welcoming to all fitness levels. The combination of being in a competitive, supportive and welcoming environment surrounded by other determined individuals is the game changer for me. I can look to other members for both support and friendly motivation, but yet everyday I’m competing against myself.

Alex Drummond

My motivation to be strong stems from my values of being raised to be confident and independent. It is important to have family/friends/support network but I want to be able to do things for myself. I think that’s part of being independent you can physically do things on your own if required or help those who need it.

I’ve also started to realize that my health is a huge asset. It seems like so many people struggle with their health and that motivates me to continue to be healthy and improve myself every day – eating and exercising because I don’t want to be unhappy or not able to live my life the way I imagined it because my body can’t do it or I’m sick or tired.

I also really like weight lifting. It’s not an easy feeling to explain but I like the feeling of completing a big lift.  A mix of exertion mixed with satisfaction of meeting that goal.

 Maggie MacNeil

Nutrition support is one thing that separates LP from the others gyms. LP lays out your nutrition planning for you so there’s no wondering – is this too much or too little? I was ablate learn a lot about portion control.

LP’s recipes and meal plans allowed me to learn more about cooking with flavour using spices, herbs and veggies, where I used to add flavour mostly by sauces or butter. Nutrient timing is also something I  never would have taken on by myself, it just seemed like way too much effort but the meal plans here really simplified that.

After training with teams and other varsity athletes I lost my motivation to push myself when I was working out by myself. I didn’t push myself… I ended up (without really realizing it) doing the bare minimum.

 Keys to Success?


“Finding a time that really, really worked for me. Does it suck getting up at 5:25am every day and going to bed at 9:45pm each night? Sure does. But that is really the only time that I can train, it is MY time and it works. Once I accepted the time it was easy and the success I have had since joining LP completely outweighs not sleeping in each morning!”


“I needed help transitioning back into workouts and extra support from trainers who understood the circumstances of coming back from a hip surgery after completing 4 years of NCAA hockey. I found LP and now consider myself to be in better shape than I was even as a Divison I athlete. “

Prioritize YOU

“I had all the excuses not to workout before: too busy, kids come first, not my time yet — once my kids are older — always tired at the end of the day, afraid of the ‘hurt’ of working out again. Now, 4 years later LP is like breathing for me. I just do it every day. I do not think about it, I do not rationalize in my brain should I go should I not, I just do. It is simple really”

No Excuses! The ladies of LP are all busy but they decide to make LP a priority every day.

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Congratulations to each and every one of our strong LP women!

You are truly living the fit life.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada