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Success Stories

LP’s Strong Women – Relationships

Meet the ladies of LP – Camaraderie.


“We all come in with different knowledge levels, skills and experiences—with Limitless Performance being a connecting factor. At some point, you’re going to trip during the dynamic warm-up, fall on a box jump, or have a resistance band smack you in the face—and we’re going to laugh with you because we’ve been there too, and will likely be there again. The atmosphere asks you to check your ego at the door, be willing to simply try, laugh at the sometimes silliness of your effort, and then be ready to celebrate your wins.”

LP is everyones safe space where you can come in, work hard and be pushed by those around you. The moment you step into LP, you are part of the family.

Read Their Stories, Motivation and Wisdom Below…

Kirstin Mueller

LP offers more than just a daily workout. It’s the support and motivation you feel with each and every workout. You’re not just another number.

What drives me to come to LP multiple times throughout the week is to become better, stronger and more fit. It’s MY time where all else going on in life is put on the back burner for that one hour. I love the LP workouts because of the variety. Yes there may be a lot of burpees in a given week but there is always a twist. It’s never boring.

The gym in general is what scared me before joining LP but the atmosphere here is amazing. It is truly incredible how all the members support each other and push each other to their limits.

Jocy Dudok 

The workouts and my friends are what keeps me coming back to LP multiple times per week. It is amazing how many great friends I have made since joining LP and how much my body has started to rely on my workouts to make me feel good.

Camaraderie is what was missing for me at other gyms. At LP there is aways someone in your class that will be able to put a smile on your face. I know I always leave the gym in a better and uplifted mood. At LP everyone works together and you always have someone willing to be your partner.. even if you’ve never met!

The accountability is another huge reason why I make sure to get my butt to the gym. I know that if I continually miss classes I will be getting a message from at least one member asking where I have been.

Amanda Heffernan 

What make LP so welcoming and fun is the Coaches and the Members. We are all there to get better every day. I love the workouts and I am losing more and more body fat. It is for my health but I also want to look good.

I love the sweat and burn of the workouts (and of course finishing the workout) and being able to see my LP family every day. The atmosphere at LP is very much a family atmosphere. We all respect, cheer, and support each other inside and outside of LP.

Brooke Penticost

Being surrounded by strong women all at different fitness levels is so beneficial for everyone,  we all help each other out. No matter what time I go to workout I know I will have at least 4 familiar faces which helps enhance your workout that much more.

What prevented me from being in top shape was that I didn’t know how strong my body was. I learned new lifting techniques and movements I would have never known about if it wasn’t for LP. I tried to avoid cardio most of the time before so having limitless pushes me to do things I would never do on my own. It doesn’t seem like a chore to go to the gym anymore. It’s more like a fun hobby of mine; I always feel better after coming out of the workouts.


Molly Fortier

I joined LP because my girlfriend was a member and she kept telling me how she was in the best shape of her life.  I joined because I needed to get in shape and lose 10 pounds.  But the reasons I have stayed at LP are not all about weight loss.  This is why I stay:

  • The amazing feeling I get from finishing the crazy workouts
  • The people I get to see everyday that are now friends
  • Overall improvement in mental wellness
  • Overall improvement in strength and muscle toning
  • My husband joined at the same time and it has brought us closer as a couple
  • Gaining a whole new social network outside of the gym.  Going out to LP social events, meeting up for play dates with our kids and girls weekends.

I won’t be leaving LP anytime soon 🙂

 Keys to Success?

The Camaraderie

“The atmosphere is so much fun. You can get in amazing shape just attempting to keep up with this group, which allows you to get lost in the process and distracts you from caring too much about the scale or your long term goals not he day-to-day”

Have FUN with it

“Coaches take them time to say hello and remember your name! Even though you may not know everyone, the faces are familiar. You don’t feel like you’re walking into an intimidating 2 story gym full of strangers and don’t know where to start”

The Support

“The healthy connections made—my initial gym buddies—who have turned into lasting friendships have been the biggest contributor to my success. I enjoy going because it’s now such a big social component of my day. We all understand what each other are trying to achieve and motivate each other”

No Excuses! The ladies of LP are all busy but they decide to make LP a priority every day.

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Congratulations to each and every one of our strong LP women!

You are truly living the fit life.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada