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Success Stories

Marisa Toffolo

A scholar, a competitor, and a motivated young woman!

Your Member of the Month for April 2015 is a young woman on a mission. Over the past year Marisa Toffolo has taken leaps and bounds with her fitness and her body composition. She transformed from an already fit young woman into a “Beastette” – looking leaner, fitter, and stronger than ever!

Marisa is one of 9 members from the “Toffolo Clan” who are at the gym nearly everyday working their butts off to stay fit and continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. When Marisa started training at LP just over one year ago, she had heard good things from her family and friends, but with her athletic and fitness background she wasn’t totally convinced. It didn’t take Marisa long to start loving the workouts and the results. It didn’t take us long to realize that Marisa was a great athlete and that she not only had potential to get extremely fit and confident about the way she looks and feels but, she also had potential to take her training to the next level.

Marisa was already an extremely active young woman but she wasn’t completely satisfied with the results she was getting. Find out how that has changed and how she is now on her way to looking and feeling better than ever before:

Before LP, I kick-boxed for 6 years, jogged religiously, followed by being part of the varsity rowing team for the University of Guelph. I never thought of myself much of an athletic person because I didn’t involve myself in the ‘usual’ sports that most people did. When I joined the rowing team I quickly discovered the commitment I needed to perform. I had extremely early mornings (4:30am wake-ups) rowing on the water, and was required to do a secondary workout at another time throughout the day. These workouts usually consisted of extremely long, boring cardio pieces on a piece of equipment I know everyone loves at the gym: the rowing machine! (I know LP makes rowing look fun, but when you’re sitting on it for over an hour it gets boring). Because the rowing program focused so much on cardio, the strength part of our training program was not very well developed. While I felt like I was exercising for hours on end, I was not noticing the physical results that I thought I would, except for my large, muscular heart. The crazy early mornings of rowing had left me exhausted and cranky, which then caused me to over-eat and be snippy with my family members when I got home after my long day (sorry Toffolo’s!). I loved rowing and the competitiveness that it included and the fun I had with my teammates, however it was not giving me the life I wanted in terms of eating and sleeping habits. Don’t get me wrong, thanks to my mom I have always been (generally) a healthy eater. But some days when I was just too exhausted to control myself I would eat too much, or on special occasions I would indulge a little too much that I would immediately regret.


My dad had one day come home with information about LP, and at first I was very skeptical about him doing the type of workouts it involved. I was actually reluctant to try LP because I thought (at the time) that my workouts were what worked for me (even though I wasn’t noticing the visual results…silly I know). With encouragement from my family, they had gotten me to try out some workouts at LP. I mean, I was starting to feel left out of the conversation at the dinner table about how intense Michelle and Adam were or how tough the workouts were! Out of curiosity, I had to give LP a try and see what everything was about! Being a rower, I thought my cardio was good …but LP proved me wrong. I guess it was a different type of cardio that I was used to. I also found out that my strength was pretty bad as well! So while I felt fantastic after my first LP workout, like I had finally done something that pushed my limits, I also felt like I had so many different things I needed to work towards. Looking at all the other members at the gym who were all doing amazing things, I then aspired to lift as heavy as, or move as fast as, or look as good as…whoever inspired me during a workout!


The people at LP are very inspiring and motivational, and it’s part of the reason of why I love going to this gym. Everyone is busy in their own lives, and they all find a way to make it to the gym and make their day better. It’s nice to be surrounded by such encouraging and hard working people who in the end have the same goals as you..to get better! The trainers are fantastic, and Adam and Michelle are just the best. I think they go above and beyond to make sure that their members are getting the most out of their workouts. While the workouts are for everyone (as proved by my young, 68 year old dad), they can help each person with their individual needs and I think that’s why so many people are noticing the results they want. When members are ready to push themselves harder, Adam, Michelle, the trainers and all the members are right there to give them that push they need. I also love LP because the workouts are never boring. I enjoy that it is not just physically, but a mentally stimulating workout. And by this I mean I’m not jogging or rowing or doing the same exercise over and over for hours. The workouts are constantly challenging me, and my body rarely gets used to an exercise, allowing me to always improve and see the changes that I’m looking for. It gets my adrenaline going and I get excited to work out. I also love the feeling after a workout; it gives me that natural high!

It’s been a bit over a year now since I’ve been at LP and I have to say personally for me that I didn’t start noticing visual results until I committed to at least 5 days a week. I did however quickly notice that I was getting stronger in the lifts and that I wanted to push myself more and more. However, for a long time now I’ve been trying really hard to get my legs to look the way I want them to (get rid of some cellulite…) and so I knew that just doing the LP workouts wouldn’t do it for me. That’s when I contacted Michelle to figure out a diet plan to get the full results I really wanted. I have to say that while the workouts did make a huge difference for me, following a diet plan makes an even bigger difference and I feel much better!

I would certainly recommend LP to anyone that loves a challenge and/or anyone who wants to see the changes in their body that they’ve always wanted! As Adam and Michelle like to say “#youjustgotbetter”. I know I am!

Just this past week Marisa graduated from University of Guelph and is excited to take the next step in her career. Marisa, her boyfriend, and her friends are celebrating this week in Florida – soaking up the sun and relaxing!


Congratulations Marisa Toffolo! Your hard work and dedication over the past year is something to be extremely proud of and has been very motivating to those around you.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada