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Success Stories

Matt Burkholder

Matt Burkholder – 27 Year Old – Firefighter

Now for all of you boys out there looking to get ripped! Matt aka “Shredder” is a true story of a 26 year old fit and athletic fire fighter who worked out daily but wasn’t achieving the results he wanted!

Matt has been training and working with Adam and Michelle for the last couple of years but in January 2013 Matt wanted to take it to the next level!

In January 2013, Matt Weighed 207lbs and his Body Fat % was 22%, now hold your breath for this one…….In June 2013 (6 months later) Matt Weighs 178lbs and his Body Fat % is 12%!!!

Was Matt un-healthy or un-fit???? Definitely not!! But with the help of experts Matt was able to transform his health and appearance!!

Before & After

As a fire fighter Matt has an irregular schedule but even with 12 hour night shifts and 10 hour day shifts Matt still finds a way to prepare healthy meals and fit in his daily workouts!

Matt’s favourite parts of LP are the atmosphere, the program design with monthly periodization, the variety of workouts with instruction and supervision, fitness testing to see fitness improvements, and of course the amazing facility.

All you guys out there who are going to the gym on a daily basis and are achieving mediocre results – I dare you to try the LP program!

I know, it is scary to think of how good your results could be if you commit to the workouts and the meal plan but WOW wouldn’t it feel amazing!!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada