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Success Stories

Mike and Bryanna

Mike and Bryanna – Don’t mess with this FIT Couple!

Your Members of the Month for February 2015 are an extremely fit and hard working young couple who have made LP a priority in their lives for the past year!

“I guess it makes it hard to not join LP when all your boyfriend does is talk about his workouts and won’t share late night snacks with you anymore right Bryanna?!?!?!”

Before & After

Congratulations Mike and Bryanna – Your hard work and results over the past year have been extremely motivating to those around you!


Mike and Bryanna both grew up playing high level sports (hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby, ringette) and stayed fit with their active lifestyle. Both of them joined LP because of the good things they heard and the results they saw from friends.

Mike joined LP first because he was impressed by the results his buddy Kevin Collins was getting:

“I was very intrigued. In the first couple of months I immediately saw some changes in my pant size going from a 34 to a size 32 (I needed a belt or else my pants would fall off). I noticed a change in my body composition as I was starting to get a toned upper body (chest, shoulders and back).”

After about a month of training for Mike – Bryanna couldn’t handle hearing about his workouts everyday so she decided to give LP a try……so you’re prepared – Bry is a pretty intense individual – here is how her first workout went:

“After one month he convinced me to come out to the family day workout. I had never done such an intense workout in my life. Part of it was the actual structure of the workout but most of it was the motivation from the trainers and other members that made me push myself to levels of exhaustion I had never felt before. Needless to say, after that workout my body felt like it had been hit by a bus and I was sore for at least two weeks after.  At that point, I knew that I had wanted to join……”

Rise and Grind – 6:04am …..

Since they started they haven’t looked back! Mike and Bryanna have transformed their bodies in an amazing way. They also have a new appreciation for working – realizing working out can be challenging, enjoyable, and competitive.

“Over the years we were getting tired of our regular fitness routine, which consisted of aimlessly wandering around Good-life lifting various dumbbells for about half an hour followed by squash. We certainly were not seeing the results we were looking for and our bodies were slowly transforming in a negative way.”

The LP Difference:

“Playing competitive sports growing up we have gone through a lot of different training regimes. Some consist of team training sessions once a week and others provided workout plans to be followed on your own time. These workout routines had two things in common: there was no general structure and no accountability. Being athletic individuals we were always able to get by doing the bare minimum and never committed to any serious workout plan. Workouts used to be boring, we would hit the weights and do whatever we felt like doing that day.”

In college for fire fighting Mike won the “Outstanding fitness achievement award.” Looking back now he is not quite sure how he managed that with his workout routine prior to LP.

Limitless Performance provides us with a well balanced and thought out workout program with an emphasis on mobility and technique. The trainers are knowledgeable, encouraging and hold individuals accountable for their effort.”


LP Golf Tournament


Making LP a Priority:

Mike and Bryanna are both extremely hard working – they are both in the process of pursuing their careers, Mike in Firefighting, and Bryanna in Teaching. Because of this they both have crazy schedules but still manage to make LP workouts apart of their daily routine.

They are lucky to make it to the same workouts. Mike works crazy hours at Toyota in Woodstock and Bryanna is busy teaching, coaching, and working at least two to three hours a night and on weekends teaching power skating or learn to skate as well as playing ringette competitively.

“We both have extremely busy schedules, which was one of our biggest concerns when joining LP. However, after joining we began to enjoy it so much that it just became a necessity in our schedules.  It’s something that we look forward to each and every day whether it be at 6:04 AM, noon, or a 5:30 p.m. class, we are there to work hard and have fun. Seeing the results we have during our time at LP has been very rewarding and motivates us to continue to be committed to our workouts.”

How about their Amazing results:

As athletes both Mike and Bryanna’s goals were focused around their fitness. Although they wanted to tone up and look great they really wanted to improve their overall fitness (strength, conditioning, mobility). Over the past year they have both take their fitness to another level:

Mike – One Fit Dude:

  • Squat – 205lbs to 315lbs
  • Deadlift – 315lbs to 415lbs
  • Bench Press – 175lbs to 225lbs
  • Clean and Jerk – 150lbs to 205lbs
  • Snatch – 95lbs – 155lbs

He runs a 14 on the Beep Test, has a 52″ Box Jump, has a 111″ Standing Long Jump, and can do 30+ Pull-ups! 

Oh Ya – And how could I forget this guy can do Muscle-ups on the Rings and the Bar!

On top of these amazing fitness scores, Mike has also lost 4lbs of Fat and lost 2% BF – #JackedandTanned

His main motivation is to make sure Bryanna doesn’t catch him in these categories 😉

Bryanna – One Super Fit Chick:

  • Squat – 155lbs to 195lbs
  • Deadlift – 225lbs to 310lbs
  • Bench Press – 105lbs to 125lbs
  • Clean and Jerk – 95lbs to 135lbs
  • Snatch – 75lbs to 95lbs
  • Chin-ups – 5 to 11 (Yayyy)

Bryanna also has an impressive 40″ Box Jump, 86″ Standing Long Jump, can do 23 Push-ups, and can run a level 9 on the Beep Test.

Bryanna is one of the fittest ladies at the gym and just keeps getting better! 

Bryanna is also down 5lbs of Fat and feels very lean and strong at 20% BF!

“We have both noticed a lot of changes since joining LP. The results have been in our energy levels, confidence, and strength. It feels great when you receive compliments in your everyday life like “wow your arms are looking jacked!

We have also seen a huge improvement in our sports.  Our improved fitness has increased our speed, endurance, range of motion, agility, and decreased our joint pain.

We have also become more conscious of what we are eating. We try to eat as healthy as possible so we can see the results we are working towards. When we eat something we don’t feel as if we are cheating ourselves.

Since joining LP our mentality towards fitness has changed and we look forward to working out each day of the week. Instead of simply going through the motions, we have set personal goals and continually strive to meet them on a daily basis. Sometimes we even have small competitions throughout a circuit with each other… Bryanna seems to think she always wins, I let her believe it anyway…”

Congratulations you two lovebirds

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada