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Success Stories

Mitch Blaine – From Man to Machine

Here is how Mitch has transformed over the past two years…….from the creepy new guy to the motivator of the year at LP ūüôā Read Mitch’s story now:


I played football all through high school and into university and let’s just say my eating habits never changed. ¬†16 soft tacos and 4 cheese fries from Taco Bell in one sitting was my record…and then went and played a basketball game. ¬†Lets just say, I could binge like an animal. ¬†Pizza was (is) my crack and the greasier pizza, the better. ¬†I stopped being active when I learned about partying (here’s where I will limit details) and my body went to shit. ¬†Bounced from my historic average of 215 lbs while in sports to a whopping 275 lbs at my peak. ¬†People still reflect on it as the “Fat Mitch” days. ¬†Then I met the love of my life (Melissa) and the party continued. ¬†I remember one of our first dates….there was a sale at McD’s for $2 chicken nugget meals….real romantic, right?!

I was moving into the work-life and fresh out of school and was plagued with anxiety, depression and constant sweating!! ¬†I started a new career in real estate and hit my bottom, it was time for a change (at least the first one). ¬†Melissa and I started the Atkins diet and it worked. ¬†In a VERY short period I went from 275 lbs to 230 lbs. ¬†I felt great but the challenge of eating bacon at every meal amongst other unrealistic eating habits could not last and I rebounded and went back to 240 lbs for a solid 3-4 years. ¬†I turned my attention to running and staying active, but failed to focus on diet and it worked to some degree where I was able to get down to 220-230 lbs for a few years….but I knew I was still not healthy….skinny fat!

I owe Martin Gedja my life as he introduced me to LP in November 2013. ¬†I remember it like yesterday; “dude, you gotta come to this place. ¬†Its awesome!!” He was hooked and I was skeptical. ¬†I did not understand his passion at the time but in hindsight, I now understand.

Before & After


Lets just say the first time was intense. ¬†I remember it like yesterday. ¬†As most LP members will admit, “snatch” day is the toughest especially when you are a newbie. ¬†But it was great, from day one I was hooked. ¬†The group environment and the coaches were welcoming and supportive. They knew how to work with the various skill levels and the fact I sucked at it, made me want to work harder to get better. ¬†It’s funny, most of the Rise and Grind crew that were there my first day are people I still work out with today. ¬†It truly is a family.
Nothing will top my day one photos….oh god, this is where Adam will insert a picture of “fat Mitch” with my milk bag body and all (not to mention it was Movember and I’m sure everyone thought I was a creep when I first started).

But it made me realize how much I had accomplished but more importantly, just how much more I had to do!

The routine for a Rise and Grinder is very important. ¬†It starts your day and without it, it’s like not eating breakfast or brushing your teeth in the morning. ¬†The day never goes quite the same. ¬†It is that adrenaline and endorphin rush that kick starts your day. ¬†Not to mention the incredible people you get to see every morning who push each other to do their very best.

I have a habit of maybe dropping a few F-bombs in the morning and this is where I can say to the LP fam….”My Bad, I’m working on it”.
LP has become such an important part of my life and now also my family’s. ¬†It is not unusual to see my whole family at the gym on a Sunday morning and the coaches are great. ¬†In fact, many times Kendra has been reported to carry my youngest around for the whole session in order to give mom and dad time to focus (plus I think she like it…wink wink Burkie).


I’ve realized that it’s not all about exercise. ¬†My first year at LP I kept eating like a champ. ¬†Binging on gummy bears and pizza was not uncommon and not unusual to come to a workout with a food-hangover.

Then the LP coaches put me (and the LP fam) to the test about 6 months ago with a weight loss challenge.  I wanted to take my physical fitness to the next level and clearly nutrition and diet were the key.  Today, I pride myself on staying focused not only on exercise, but diet as well.  Food has been my crutch for a long time and is probably my toughest habit to break (quitting smoking was easier).

The future at LP is clear. ¬†A complete life balance including exercise, diet and relationships (both family and friends). ¬†I have met the most incredible people at LP and it has changed my life forever and for the better. ¬†I take pride in hearing people say, “looks like fat Mitch ate Skinny Mitch” when old pictures surface. ¬†Thank you to the coaches, my fellow LP family members and my amazing wife and kids for all of your support. ¬†The journey has just begun!

As you can tell, Mitch’s journey has been a hard fought battle – overcoming addictions, stress, and excuses but with his determination he has now found the perfect balance with his work hard – play hard lifestyle.

Mitch is up at 4am everyday getting his day kickstarted by responding to a few work emails and getting ready for his morning workout. Mitch then heads home to his family and gets ready for his work day ahead. At the end of Mitch’s work day he heads home for dinner with his family.

If you don’t know Mitch he works as hard or harder than anyone we know and because of this his stress levels are high. His daily workouts help him balance work, life, and family.

Join Mitch and the LP Family for your daily dose of kick butt workouts and start living the fit life today.

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