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Success Stories

Ricardo Nunes – Modern Day Batman

Meet Ricardo Nunes- A 36 year old Dental Hygienist living The Fit Life!

Before LP there was no regular fitness to speak of, I was doing P90x and that was good for awhile but it was at home and eventually I started making excuses not to work out. No motivation, TV was more motivating.

What got you started at LP:

I have two dogs so when I would go to the vet in Breslau, not far from LP, I would notice the gym and wonder what it was about.  Well one day a patient of my, James Trigg, told me that he had started going to the gym regularly and was starting to see and notice results. So, naturally I asked which gym, thinking AnyTime Fitness or Goodlife.  When he told me LP and what happened there I decided to check it out myself, and the rest is history!  My legs hated me for 2 weeks after I joined!!!!!!

What do you love about LP:

I love essentially everything that LP has to offer! Coaches are very knowledgeable, showing me the proper technique for best results, and avoidance of injury. Outside of me being hard on myself when I don’t make a lift, they are always positive with just the right amount of friendly chirping. Which I don’t think I deserve because I never chirp anyone! 😉

It’s not only the coaches that make LP enjoyable, it’s also the other members. Everyone is friendly, willing to help and when it’s needed, encourage/push you past you limit. Ricardo is a big part of the 8am Elite and the 430 CREW! He is loved by “most” of the members 🙂

The workouts are intense, tough and at times daunting, sometimes when I walk in and read the workout board my first instinct is to go anywhere else but LP! That feeling does’t last long anymore and I always feel better having done the workouts! I am always excited to go to LP, even if it doesn’t sound like it, when I’m there.

That’s what I never got at home with P90x or at LA fitness, Excitement and Motivation.

RESULTS…..they speak for themselves

Clean & Jerk – 145lbs/215lbs 1RM

Snatch – 85lbs/150lbs 1RM

Back Squat – 165lbs/270lbs 1RM

Bench Press – 180lbs/225lbs 1RM

Deadlift – 255lbs/376lbs 1RM

Chin-ups – 11/22 Reps

Box Jump – 36″/47″ 1RM

Long Jump – 90″/100″ 1RM

Beep Test – 9.00/10.03

Ricardo’s Keys to Success:

1. I would say my key to success so far would be CONSISTENCY, I feel guilty when I miss a day! (WTF!)

2. EXCITEMENT for what”s next!?!  I can lift a weight I never thought possible and conquer things I never could even imagine? How fit can I get?? What can I do in life if just set my goal and do my best to reach it despite the obstacles in my way. I know there will be a point I can’t lift anymore or get any faster (sorry Limitless) but I haven’t hit it yet and it doesn’t seem like I will anytime soon!

3. My final key to success is my JOB! Being a dental hygienist is a BITCH on your body, especially your back, especially when the patient can’t lie back.  I would like to work for awhile or until I win the lottery so staying in shape for the best posture at work is important to me.  LP has strengthen my body so that I don’t feel so worn down at the end of the week!

My overall fitness is significantly better then it was 2 years ago, hell, it’s better then when it was in University! I would kick University Ricardo’s ass in hockey and most sports!! Wuss! 😉

Congratulations Ricardo. It is a pleasure working along side you and helping you set and conquer your goals each and every day. The best is yet to come. Keep up the hard work.

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada