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Success Stories

Rob Schumann

Rob – 44 – Father

We have known Rob since day one at LP! But it took him until February 2013 at our 18 Day Challenge to make the commitment to himself and his health! Be prepared for what is coming up – Rob has an interesting sense of humour!

Rob like most Dads and Moms out there spent most of his nights and weekends chasing his son and daughter around to practices and games and spending little time focused on his own health and wellness!

Also, like most of us it takes a scare from the doctor or a nudge from a loved one to push us to make a change. For Rob it was exactly that!

“Before LP I was overweight and out of shape. Any sort of exercise or even going up a couple flights of stairs and I was out of breath. I didn’t like the way I looked. On my last physical my doctor out right told me, ” You’re Fat! You have a lot of issues! These issues can be prevented if you would take care of yourself.” I thought I was doing the right things – like skipping lunch…..thinking ‘Hey, If I do not eat lunch, I’ll lose weight’… Yeah Right! And then come home and eat supper like I was on Survivor and won an award challenge….Buffets, I would cry with happiness!!!!!”

Before & After

We have known Rob for a while but never dreamed that we would see him training at LP! But sometimes it just takes a chat with friends and family to really change things!

“With heart disease running in the family, I thought I better start doing something for myself, so I can be around to be with my future grandchildren.. I tried the ‘YMCA’, but most of the equipment was never available and most importantly, no individual support.

“I have known Adam since my son was in Pee-Wee hockey. Adam helped his team with dryland training for years. I knew he was one to help others get healthy. At last season’s Christmas hockey party, I had a talk with Steve Darbyson and Jason Laird after they lost a lot of weight at LP and I decided, OK I’ll do it! I’ll try it!”

This is what got Rob into LP but what has kept him coming back day after day is his awesome weight loss, health, and strength results!

My life has changed for the better!!! Those flights of stairs are no challenge anymore… I have lost 35+ Lbs and I’m loving it! I sleep better, more alert (thank goodness, since I drive into Toronto almost every day for work), and I like the way I look. Having people come up to me and say I look good (people I know, not strangers, that would be weird) is awesome… Just before I started LP, my scale at home showed 250lbs for the 1st time.. OMG!!!… Now, 215lbs (once it was 212)!!!

“I still would like to lose 5-10 pounds more…. I wore pants with a 40 waist, now, I actually bought a pair that was size 34…. I was so proud of myself…. No need for suspenders anymore and I can cut up my Big and Tall Store Membership card!!!!”

Rob is a celebrity at the gym, at home, and at work! Rob is spreading his LP love and knowledge to his co-workers and friends!

“I have also helped others at work to start looking at what they eat and ways to get healthier. Just last week, a monthly newsletter at work, had a piece in about me and my weight loss and I actually added these pictures…..Guys at work said I was brave to put that ‘before’ picture in..UGH!”

“With my kids, I have more energy keeping up with them.

And my relationship with my wife….. Well, I was going to say, she notices I don’t sweat as much anymore… but I won’t… she said not too ( oh wait, I just did.. oops).

No really, she is proud of my accomplishments and she is also doing the meal program with me since I started and has lost 15+ lbs too. With her doing that, makes it easier for me at home. We get a lot of compliments and it’s a great feeling.”

So what is Rob’s secret to success?


“I am following the meal plans that were given to me when I started, and there are a number of foods that I have not touched since February. I have reduced my ‘booze’ intake and feeling good about it”

(OK, Oktoberfest doesn’t count Kendra!! I’m German!!!!).


“Yes, the workouts are hard and sometimes I feel like giving up, but with everyone encouraging me on, especially the Wise-Man group (Rudi & Stu), it helps. When I leave LP after a workout, I may be sore, but I feel good. I try to get in as much as I can, but working in Toronto makes it difficult to get in everyday. The 7:00 class works best for me and for the people in that class, Thanks for all “Way-To-Gos” and ‘High-5s’. You have all made it a fun part of my life now.”

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada