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Success Stories

Sadie McCann

Sadie – 24

There is a huge difference between an individual (male or female) that is “Skinny” and one that is “Fit”. On the surface there may not be much of a difference from a health standpoint but there is much to be uncovered.

Being “Fit” means:

  • Strong
  • Healthy
  • Confident
  • Beautiful

This is important for everyone but especially for Females,  surrounded by the stereotypes, and images of what is “Beautiful”.

Sadie has been the poster child for “Skinny” to “Fit” at Limitless and has motivated us to share her story with all of you!

Before & After

In the Fitness Industry – “Strong is Beautiful!”

Skiny Vs Fit – What’s Better?

As Sadie mentioned, she didn’t come to LP to lose weight, she came to LP to get stronger, healthier, and to improve her self-confidence.

Like most girls she was a little nervous about the Intensity of the workouts and the Strength Training component but it didn’t take her long to realize that this program was a great fit for her and the other girls training with her!

“I start my day with an LP workout at 7am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been training at Limitless for one year and I can’t believe the results! I didn’t come to LP to lose weight, it was more about getting Fit! Seeing the transformation photos after one year was extremely motivating, encouraging, and reminded me how much my hard work is paying off!”

“Physically I feel STRONG and that’s a great feeling, especially as a young woman!”

But there is still that doubt and that misconception out there that an Intense Training program isn’t the right fit for women…..

Thanks to Sadie and the other girls at LP we are proving the critiques wrong but here are some facts to help back that up:

It doesn’t take Rocket Science to figure out that Men and Women are extremely  different…especially in the weight room. So even though both sexes obviously need to work out for fat loss, and to strengthen the entire body…it’s how each gender exercises that makes all the difference. Before we go any further, let me address the number one issue women have about training with weights…
FEAR of looking like a man.

Let’s settle this here and now:

Men have 10 times more testosterone than women. 10Xs!

Multiple studies back this up showing that a woman would have to work out ten times harder than a man to even come close to building that much muscle.

So should women train differently than men…?

Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences between the two sexes and clear up the confusion once and for all.

Keep in mind that there will always be exceptions to these rules, but the following list applies using the “law of averages”.


  • Both men and women need resistance training to lose body fat. More muscle helps both genders burn more body fat. Period. Even while laying around the house, having more muscle helps burn more fat.
  • Weight bearing routines help both genders avoid osteoporosis (a common affliction in post-menopausal women).
  • Both genders need to be doing compound lifts over isolation exercises and using heavy weights (i.e. constantly challenging your body’s muscles).
  • Both genders need to PROGRESSIVELY lift heavier weights


  • Men have more muscle so they will burn more fat and burn it faster than women
  • Women are much more flexible making it easier for them to engage in activities that require flexibility like Yoga, Pilates, dance routines, etc…
  • Men prefer athletic-based workouts and have a “tendency” to avoid anything that makes them have to be “coordinated” or flexible.
  • Women’s lungs are smaller (harder to breathe in high altitudes.)
  • Estrogen protects women from heart attacks. (Explains why more men have coronary heart disease than women)
  • Women love the social aspect of exercise. They like to exercise in groups. Men compete against other men; women are not competitive (at least in the weight room! – Not so much at LP…)
  • Men work out because they want to look bigger (Bulkier, big guns, etc.)
  • Women work out because they want to look better (slender, sleek, toned, sexy)
  • Research shows women work out less than men do…(citing that they have no time because of taking care of children or others).
  • Females have less muscle mass than males, and are more susceptible to deconditioning. Drop-off in strength is more dramatic for females when strength training stops.
  • Women recover faster than men do. Their resting times between sets should be shorter than men’s resting times.  (We notice this one!)
  • Because of estrogen, women need to monitor their carbs more closely than men do.

Let’s break the stereotype and re-create the New and Healthy YOU! Help us re-create the way Women are training! It is time to take your Health and Fitness seriously! The combination of a challenging fitness program, a balanced diet, and a strong support group is the key to your success!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada