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Success Stories

“The Mueller Clan”

Meet Chad, Kristin, and “The Mueller Clan”

Chad has been training hard at LP for over a year now and mom (Kristin) has been with LP for just over 6 months with the BABEies Bootcamp program. Their results speak for themselves and their story is amazing. Now is your chance to find out their secrets to success……

Meet Chad

For me, I have never had a problem waking up at 5:30am to get my day started with an intense LP workout. If I don’t make it to the 6 a.m class I don’t make it at all, which isn’t an option for me. The kids are sleeping and for this 1 hour a day, it’s my time and I am committed to making myself better.

The biggest difference working out at LP for a year is that I don’t look “skinny fat”. I have more muscle definition and even though I haven’t reached my goal weight, I know that I am in the best shape of my life.

Having long limbs isn’t the biggest advantage for heavy lifting (squats, c&j, snatch). Flexibility and mobility are key aspects of my regimen that I am constantly trying to work on before and after a workout as well as at home. I find that I have become more of a complete athlete, I notice that I run quicker and longer, skate faster, and jump higher.

I have always lived an active lifestyle; working out, playing baseball, and hockey. I went to a large box gym and would work on heavy lifting like we do at LP (squats, bench, deads) along with the glory muscles (curls, triceps, chest press). I would grab a ” get ripped in 8 weeks” workout online and spend 2 hours starting at 5 a.m every morning grinding it out – well at least I thought I was! Joining LP gave my body the wake up call it needed! I am now working out half the time and pushing myself even harder with the help of the rise & grind crew – Shout out to mittens and the big dogs!!

Chad’s stats

  • 30 | 6’5” 206lbs 12% BF
  • Squat: 185lbs NOW: 285lbs ATG
  • Bench: 205lbs NOW: 255lbs
  • Clean & Jerk: First try at LP: 125 NOW 200lbs
  • Snatch: First try at LP: 95 NOW: 165lbs
  • 1km Row: 3:06
  • LP Mile: 7:15 (1.9km)
  • Plank: 2:56 (45lb Plate on Back)
  • Box Jump: 54”

Chad’s Top Secret Meal Plan that every dad could dream of……

Meet Kristin

Since joining LP I have noticed a huge difference in my body. Even after having had two kids, I can 100% say with confidence that I am in better shape now than I was in the last 10 years. When I first started at LP, I never touched a barbell, I could barely do a v-sit, push-up, or box jump. I can now confidently perform weighted v-sits, push-ups, jump 4 boxes, and complete a 500m row in 1:56. Additionally, I can say that I’m able to do an “ass to grass” barbell squat, barbell deadlifts and barbell cleans.

We were always busy and on the go so the only time for me to go to the gym was during my lunch hour. I joined a corporate gym and went 3 times a week with a couple of co-workers. After our workout I would often “reward” myself with a Big Bacon Classic. I wasn’t as committed and typically found every excuse in the book to not have to go to the gym. Now, my workout times are set in stone and all my social plans and appointments are scheduled around that. It’s really the only thing I do for myself so I owe it to myself to stay committed!

I feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I have more energy, and I can’t wait for the next workout.

As most parents would agree, life with a 3.5 year old and a 9 month old is more than just busy and finding the time to take care of your body tends to take the back seat. Outside of our full-time jobs, we have found ourselves to be passionate entrepreneurs and have created a number of side businesses. Amidst our busy lifestyle we have found a way to make fitness a priority while at the same time devoting our time to our young family – even if it’s a LP family workout at Victoria Park.

We’ve come to realize that we love this busy lifestyle. It works for us …. maybe it’s because we “pull on the same string” or maybe it’s because we savor each spare moment together with our kids.

Why do you love LP?

Papa Mueller – I don’t know if we could join a different gym after being spoiled at LP, the programming at LP is top notch! And the group environment is an interesting dynamic that may be intimidating at first, but it stops at the front door.

The LP family is inviting, fun, entertaining and very supportive of each individual. The LP team is just that and more! We find ourselves constantly learning as Adam, Michelle, Kendra, Karla, and Sarah push us to our limits each and every workout all while keeping an eye on teaching techniques and cues (and Lukas during BABEies bootcamp).

Momma Mueller – When I started the BABEies bootcamp back in January with our then 8 week old son, I was very intimidated but felt welcome and encouraged by the entire team the minute I walked into the building. I love the workouts and I appreciate the motivation I get from the trainers and other members.

How would you describe life before LP?

Papa Mueller – I think we would both would say that we lived a pretty healthy lifestyle but you really don’t know how good you can feel until you reach that point. I can say, and I speak for the both of us that we appreciate each others bodies even more now 😉 😉

I’m an ectomorph “hard to gain weight” and my challenge has always been to put on weight and keep it on. (I can hear the violins weeping for me now! haha) To be your best you have to listen to your body and I know everyone has learned from Michelle that eating healthy is the key to success. I know for me, that I might not be able to out-lift other members in the gym, but I know I can make up the difference in the kitchen. Michelle has given me the wireframe of a good nutrition plan and I have adapted it along the way. I feel like I should write a book on “hard gaining”. Trust me, it’s not easy getting 4000 calories of good quality foods per day. It’s a long process, you must buy into the system, and be patient – you’re not going to get fit in 30 days!

Momma Mueller – We’ve always been healthy eaters and made all of our meals from scratch rather than buying prepared meals or processed foods. We share a love for cooking so it’s easy to find recipes we both want to try. I loved my german food – especially the potatoes and gravy. When Chad started at LP and came home after meeting with Michelle to chat about his food journal, I typically rolled my eyes because I was just waiting for the day that he would tell me he’s not interested in that type of food anymore. He slowly started cutting out the potatoes and adding a salad instead but I could not understand how anyone would ever be able to do that…….I finally get it. Thanks to Michelle I’ve learned to add some healthier options while still enjoying a german meal (or two).

The Key to Success – Nutrition

As Kristin mentioned, we have always done a good job of living a nutritious lifestyle. We have always stayed away from overly processed foods. After Sofie was born, making my food for work was becoming a time sink and expensive so I started meal prep. It was pretty simple – oats with peanut butter & banana for breakfast and crock-pot chicken with broccoli, salad, and rice for the week.

When I joined LP, I was doing a good job of prepping my food and after meeting with Michelle I felt inspired to take it to the next level. Eventually, Kristin bought into it, which made it so much more easy and enjoyable. Now every Sunday night you can find us in the kitchen making our weekly creations. We prep our breakfast, day-time snacks, and lunches.

Meal prep might sound like a big investment but it makes a huge difference saving time and money, while curing any bad temptations to go out for lunch.

Meal preppin with @kmueller19 #mealprep #sundayMealPrep #leanGains #protein #LPFamilyTakeNotice #LP

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Not only are Chad and Kristin taking care of themselves and living a healthy and fit life, they are great role models for their young family. Being a parent is not easy and finding time for yourself can be an extreme challenge. Chad and Kristin have made the choice to make their health and fitness a priority so they can be healthy and active with their kids as they grow up 🙂

Do you have a young family that is looking for the support and encouragement needed to have a healthy and fit lifestyle??? Join the LP Family and surround yourself with like minded individuals. Now is your chance to make a change and start living “The Fit Life”

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