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Success Stories

Tyler Stearns

From Fat, Lazy, and Fast Food transformed to Fitness…..

How does this sound for a first workout: 100 Burpees, 90 Push-ups, 80 Squats, 70 ….60 ….50 ….40 ….30 ….20 ….10 ….

Tyler woke up a little sore the next day but that didn’t stop him. From that day forward he has been a man on a mission. On a mission to be healthier, on a mission to do a muscle up, on a mission to squat 400lbs, on a mission to be the healthiest and fittest version of Tyler he can be!

Before & After

Find out what motivates Tyler to join his friends at the 7am Crew 5x per week……

Why do you love LP?

Previously I had trouble being motivated to workout, but with LP I find it easy – The atmosphere of doing your best and motivating others is the part I love most. I also love the 7am Crew, the trainers, and the other gym goers.


How would you describe your life before LP?

Well the best way to sum it up is fat, lazy and fast food. I was not really taking care of myself even when I was working with a personal trainer. My blood pressure was high and I didn’t like the way I looked.


How has your life changed since joining the program? 

The biggest change is that I am a lot stronger. I found that LP really just changed my idea of what strong is (my max squat before LP was 225lbs and that was HEAVY!). Prior to LP I hurt my back falling off a ladder and was off work for 6 weeks, last summer I tweaked that old injury but found that I recovered so much quicker and I didn’t need to miss any work. 

Another great benefit has come in the form of my insurance ratings. Just last month I went in to get those reevaluated and I will now be saving enough on my insurance premiums each month to pay for my LP gym membership. Oh and I am happy with the way I look and so is the wife!


What did your workout routine used to be for sports or fitness and what is different about LP?

Before I was at LP I was working with a personal trainer. That had really been the first fitness in my life for years. I liked working with the trainer but the cost was just not sustainable. LP workouts are actually better than what I was doing with a competitive boxer as a coach at a much better price. Also, the knowledge the coaches bring to keep the workouts safe and challenging is great. On my first day I over did push ups and could not bend my arms at all (I figured the way you lost weight at LP was not being able to get food to your mouth – haha), but Adam told me to keep coming in and worked with me to recover. In no time at all I was back to the full workouts. 


What motivates you to come every day?

The completely exhausted feeling I get after each workout is the most relaxing part of my day. Also, I am so close to completing a muscle up and a handstand push up I cannot stop now. 



Although Tyler scares the ladies at 7am every once in a while with his memorable grunts during squats, deads, clean, chins, etc – he is still loved by the 7am Crew – and we are are all extremely proud of your results!

Next week Tyler and Cassandra are heading on a surprise getaway as a celebration of their hard work and amazing results – and oh yeah her 30th birthday 🙂

Congratulations Tyler! We are excited to watch you take your game to another level and get that first muscle up in 2015!

907 Frederick St Kitchener ON ON N2B 2B9 Canada