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Shoulder Re-Hab Program

Shoulder Pain – OUCH

Are you battling with shoulder pain and want it to go away? Are you sick of wasting your time and money at physio? You are not the only one dealing with achy and sore shoulders.

Unfortunately, our day to day activities and work damage our shoulders and to reverse years of punishment we have to be very patient and diligent BUT we have come up with a plan!

This rehab may only take a couple of weeks or at worst a month if you are consistent with it. Please attend regularly scheduled workouts and during any exercises that cause pain run through this routine:

Here is your plan that includes stretching and strengthening. To have shoulders that are healthy we need to first get them moving properly with stretching and then strengthen them with proper movement and resistance.


Perform a circuit with these three exercises. Complete 3 sets of each exercise.

Foam Rolling

  • Back and Shoulders top to bottom
  • Under Arm Pits (Lats and Triceps)
  • Foam roll for 1-minute

Mob Stick Dislocates

Shoulder Dislocates Video

  • Complete 10 reps with control

Push-up w/ Hold

Pause Push-up Video

  • Perform a push-up but hold for 5 sec at the bottom
  • If you cannot perform from your toes use an incline on a bench or box
  • Complete 3 reps


Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds. Be patient and persistent with stretching. Typically pain comes from tight and stiff muscles.

Bench Stretch

Focus is on Lats and Triceps. Hold for 60 seconds.

Bench Stretch Video

Reverse Bench Stretch

Focus is on Chest and Biceps. Hold for 60 seconds.

Reverse Bench Stretch Video

Wall Stretch

Focus is on Chest and Biceps. Hold for 30 seconds/arm.

Wall Stretch Video

Mob Stick Stretch

Focus is on Triceps and Lats. Hold for 30 seconds/arm.

Mob Stick Stretch Video


On all strengthening exercises focus on relaxing your traps and engaging your mid back. Complete the exercises in a circuit fashion. Complete 10 reps of each exercise. Start at a light weight and low resistance. Each day you complete the exercises increase the resistance slightly.

TRX Rows

  • Adjust feet for appropriate resistance
  • Pull TRX to ribs
  • Keep knees bent
  • Keep chest and hips up
  • Complete 10 reps

Band Pull-Aparts

  • Use red band and adjust grip to increase or decrease resistance
  • Squeeze mid back
  • Complete 10 reps

External Rotations

  • Use red band and adjust grip to increase or decrease resistance
  • Keep elbows tight to side
  • Squeeze mid back
  • Complete 10 reps

Standing Y’s

  • Use small 2.5/5lb plates or dumbells
  • Keep arms straight
  • Flex triceps
  • Point thumbs straight ahead
  • Keep traps relaxed
  • Complete 10 reps

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