8-Week Body Fat Challenge – 5 Tips to Live BY!

Throughout the 8-Weeks, you are going to experience highs and lows with your work schedule, family schedule, stress, energy levels, and weigh-ins. The following are tips to live by no matter what the situation:

Tip #1

The most efficient way to decrease your body fat percentage is to burn fat without decreasing your muscle mass. Lose a maximum of 2lbs of fat per week to make sure you don’t lose any muscle. Anything more drastic, will decrease your muscle mass and harm your overall body composition.


Tip #2

When planning your meals, make sure to have your protein spread throughout the day and not all at once. Muscle needs a consistent stream of its building blocks all day! Ex: Need 100g of protein in your diet – have 20g in each meal for 5 meals throughout the day 💪


Tip #3

Eat your FIBER but make sure to have it at the right time! FIBER can have an effect on your digestion and absorption rate of your protein. So… keep it out of your during and post workout meals. 💪


Tip #4

Fats are extremely essential in our diet but for best results… Fat, like fiber, also needs to be limited during the workout window. To help with recovery and body comp changes, remove those fats during any workout and post workout meal.


Tip #5

Are Cheat Meals allowed during the 8-Week Challenge?!? Are your cheat meals keeping you sane? Are they causing you to derail? Are they turning into a binge? Are they making you a cravings machine? If you are on track for your fat loss goals and they keep you sane than by all means enjoy! BUT if they are the tip of the iceberg for you demise, than avoid! Cheat meals are not essential and can be detrimental, so know yourself and make the right choice!


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