Athletes – Take Your Game to the Next Level: Follow the Perfect Off-Season Protocol

Off Season Training is often a scary thought for most players and families… but WHY?!

How do I know if I am training enough? Over-training? Doing the right training?

4 Simple Strategies for the Perfect Off-Season Training Protocol!


If you don’t fuel your body with premium fuel than you cannot get premium results! To get your best results and perform at your best, you must fuel your body with the right nutrition. 
  • Make a Plan – If you want to gain muscle, get stronger, get faster than plan accordingly. Understand your bodies needs and fuel it properly. Without a plan is like going into a game without a breakout or forecheck.
  • How many Calories does your body need?
  • BMR + Workouts + Muscle Gain = Total Cals
  • How much Protein/Carbs/Fat does your body need?
  • 35% Protein
  • 45% Carbs
  • 20% Fat
  • Build a plan and follow-it.
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks/Pre & Post Workout/Practice/Game
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Tip #2 – Treatment & Therapy

Getting your body working healthy and strong is your #1 Focus in the Off-Season:

  • Daily Treatment
  • Foam Rolling & Stretching
  • It’s a MUST
  • Massage Therapist/Chiropractor
  • Find one you trust.
  • It’s not for relaxation.
  • It’s for Muscle and Tissue Treatment.
  • Physiotherapist/Acupuncture
  • You’re going to have aches and pains.
  • Find one who understands hockey players.
  • Fix the cause of the problem, not the source of the pain.
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Tip #3 – Strength & Conditioning

The real reason we all love to train in the summer is to get STRONGER & FASTER!
  • Be Dedicated!
  • Our Most Dedicated Athletes get the BEST Results!
  • 8+ Weeks to see RESULTS!
  • Don’t wait to start a month before the season.
  • Push yourself!
  • If you’re not uncomfortable, than you will NOT see the RESULTS your want!
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Tip #4 – On-Ice Training

Do NOT waste this opportunity to improve your SKILLS in the OFF-SEASON!
  • Shooting, Puck-Handling, Skating – SKILLS
  • Quality is Key! Practice makes Permanent!
  • Practice with Players that are BETTER than you!
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Tip #5 – Surround yourself with Like-Minded Players

The Training Environment is arguably the most IMPORTANT part of your SUCCESS.
  • Compete!
  • Be the best in EVERY aspect of your training.
  • Be Inspired!
  • Find a Coach that pushes you and motivates you to be the BEST.
  • Have FUN!
  • Make sure you have fun on and off the ice.
  • If it is fun, than you will want to do it more often.
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