Athletes In-Season – 4 Tips to Prepare for Tryouts & Training Camp

Tryouts & Training Camps are just around the corner!

Playoffs are here and your body is going through the most aches and pains of the season PLUS in 8-12 weeks you need to be feeling 100% for your Tryouts and Camps.

 4 Strategies from the Pros to Prepare:

To help you we have created 4 strategies to get you feeling healthy and STRONG so you can perform at your absolute BEST.

Tip # 1 – RECOVERY

There isn’t a lot of time between the end of the season and tryouts but the VALUE of a week of rest is PRICELESS for your body and mind. 

  • Not being a couch potato – A recovery week doesn’t mean sitting on the couch watching TV, etc.
  • Recovery Strategies –
    • Get out with your buddies and have some FUN
    • Play some SPORTS you haven’t played in a  while
    • Be ACTIVE
    • Lots of SLEEP

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Keep your good nutrition habits from the season and carry them over to your tryout prep:

  • Breakfast (and a good breakfast) is a MUST
  • Snacks throughout the day – fruits, veggies, nuts, PB & , etc.
  • Lunch at school or work MUST be healthy
  • Dinner should be a FEAST to fuel your body to grow
  • Healthy Snack before bed to give your muscles fuel while you sleep

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Tip # 3 – OFF-ICE PREP

You LOST strength during the season, it’s inevitable. To be at the top your game for tryouts you need to build it back!

  • Hockey Specific Training 2x/week
    • Speed/Agility/Quickness (15 mins)
    • Explosive Strength/Power (30 mins)
    • Conditioning (10-15 mins)
  • 45-60 min Moderate – High Intensity Training
  • Training 4-6 weeks before tryouts to build back strength and speed
  • Stretch at home in the morning or before bed
  • Play other sports

Click here for simple and effective stretches 


Minimize your ice-time during these weeks. Just enough to maintain your skill. 

  • 1-2x/week
  • Moderate Intensity Training focused on SKILL
  • 60-90 mins per week

LP Tryout Prep Program


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Performance Workshops

  • Nutrition for Sport Workshop
  • Tryout Preparation Seminar
  • Stretching & Recovery Clinic

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