The Fit Life – 2019.40 – 25 Ways to Eat Well on the Go!

Life is busy, Life moves fast, you’re always on the go and you don’t always have time to eat home cooked meals! Maybe you travel for business? Maybe your kids are in sports? Or maybe you just like to always be doing something?

Sounds familiar right? SO how do we keep a healthy and fit body while living this crazy lifestyle?!?!

For those of you who don’t know, we just passed the half way point of the Fit Life Challenge at LP, which is focused on building healthy habits and routines around fitness, nutrition and health, with daily and weekly tips and education to help us build a long-term sustainable lifestyle of elite health and fitness! 

So, last week we reached out to the challengers, asking them what their biggest limiting factor was to their overall nutrition success?!?! 

And to no surprise, one of the biggest areas of challenge was what to do while travelling for business/pleasure, out with colleagues and on the go with friends and family!

We are no different than you, as high performers, we love to live a fast paced lifestyle as we chase after our goals! And over the years we have come up with simple and effective tips and tricks to work hard, play hard and keep a healthy and fit body! 

The most common Areas of Struggle when eating well on the go are:

  • What to do at home before you go?
  • What can I do for a road trip?
  • What can I choose at the gas station or airport?
  • What to eat on the plane, train or in the hotel room?
  • What to eat at restaurants or conferences?
  • What to do in an extended stay scenario?
  • And most importantly, what to do with your mindset before and during the craziness?!?!

Here are LP’s Top 3 Tricks to keep you Healthy and Fit:

  1. Fuel up before you go! Don’t leave the house hungry. Have a balanced meal before you head out the door for a crazy morning, afternoon or evening! This will prevent you from reaching for the junk or overindulging on a meal or dessert!
  2. Pack a Snack! Getting in the car, on the train or plane? Get prepared in advanced with a balanced snack!
  3. Get your mindset right! Decide whether you are going to be 100% committed or not. Aim for “Better” instead of “Perfect”.

And as a BONUS! Thanks to our friends at Precision Nutrition we have a total of 25 INCREDIBLE TIPS just like these to help you navigate your way through these challenging obstacles!

The Fit Life – 2019.39 – Bulletproof your Community!

It’s amazing the magic that happens when you put a group of high performers into the same space and the same community! The Group of High Performing LP Members sweat together, suffer together BUT most importantly THRIVE off of each other! 

Whether it is in workouts, business or life, the like minded values and beliefs of the LP Community creates life-long relationships! There is a special form of bond and trust that is built when you sweat and suffer together.

Are work ethic, commitment, team player, leader, growth mindset and grit the values that you live by?!?! 

What’s your Biggest Challenge?

Is your community pushing you to take action, put your excuses aside and do what is right and not what’s easy, to take your life to the next level?!?!

The challenge most of us have on our journey to living our best life are the haters and naysayers around us trying to hold us back from our dreams. Trying to hold us back from our fitness, business and personal goals. Trying to tempt us into poor decisions that get us out of routine. 

But what if you could strengthen your community of positive influencers, providing you with the push, motivation, accountability and support that you need to achieve your health, fitness, career and personal dreams and ambitions?!?! 

Do your workout buddies care about your results as much as their own?!?!? Cheer you on as you chase after massive and scary goals?!?!?

Who is on your Team?

From the Grueling Workouts, to the Challenges, the events, Coaches, Members, Therapists, and Owners; The LP Community truly desires the best for one-another and that feeling creates an incredible experience.

When the group around you is cheering you on as you chase after a scary goal it makes the pursuit just a little bit easier. Pushing you to stop making excuses and take action. Challenging you to accomplish what you never thought possible. Inspiring you to live your best life each and every day. 

Build your Dream Team:

  • Fitness Coach – Invested in your goals. Helps you define your vision and creates the plan to get there. Motivates and inspires you to conquer your goals and ambitions.
  • Nutrition Coach – Assists in building the habits and routines to create a long-term sustainable plan. Educates and guides your journey as you navigate through the challenges of life and any specific fitness challenge you conquer.
  • Therapists – Build a team of trusted therapists that understand your goals and work together to help you achieve them. Massage, Physio, Chiro, Fascial, and Osteo are all great to keep you healthy and strong as you attack your goals.
  • Community – Your support crew. Your cheerleaders. Your backbone. Pick you up when you’re down. Hold you accountable when you are slacking. Push you to achieve what you never thought possible.

What’s your Plan?

The Final 90 Days of each year at LP are a special time as the LP Members put a cap on the year with a number of Challenges that push them to achieve more! 

  • The Fit Life Challenge focused on living your best life by instilling the Habits, Routines and Rituals that they will have with them for the rest of their journey!
  • The CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights a group of insane LP Members who enjoy inflicting discomfort and “moderate” pain on themselves with a variety Fitness Tests that showcase their Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics and Mental Toughness! 
  • The Scotiabank Half and Full Marathon Runners have put in months of training and are now steps away from that finish line! With a feeling like no other! 
  • The Rec League Bandits are competing hard each week as we head into the fall and winter seasons in a variety of sports from Soccer, to Flag Football, to Hockey! 

These are just a few of the Challenges and Events that our exclusive group of high performing LP Members participate in throughout the year to keep them motivated, inspired and on track to crushing their massive goals! 

Take Action

With less than 90 days in 2019, your chance to finish the year strong and kickstart 2020 with an absolute bang is in your control. It’s time to take action, make the leap that you have been hesitating to do. Make average a thought of the past and start taking action towards your best life! Be prepared for your Health, Fitness, Career and Personal Ambitions to sky rocket!

Avoid Status Quo

Complacency or remaining status quo is a fear of high performers and without structure, support and motivation, progress is halted. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and take your life to the next level. 

We have less than 10 LP Memberships available! Get started with a 2-Week Trial to see if the LP Community is right for you?!?! 

The Fit Life – 2019.38 – Building a Foundation to CRUSH your Goals

2019 has been a phenomenal year at Limitless Performance (LP) and watching the LP Members set and accomplish MASSIVE Goals has been incredibly inspiring! In addition to that, creating leading edge LP Workouts and Programming to keep the LP Members Performing at their Best has been extremely rewarding! Check out why the LP Athletes have achieved such great success in their challenges, races and events in 2019.

Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Power, Recovery

Want to stay Fast, Strong & Injury Free in your Sport?!?!? Of course your do!

Staying Injury Free and Performing at an Elite Level is a Challenge BUT the Secret is Building a Strong Foundation! Here is a breakdown of the framework used to build the leading edge LP Training Program: 💪

1. Strength:

Without Strength, your performance will take a hit and your risk of injury will sky rocket. Strength in the gym, not sport specific, but more importantly focused on fixing muscle imbalances. Build head to toe strength and muscle balance to boost your overall performance.

  • Ex – Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Rows, Dips

2. Endurance:

Muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance are all integral in creating the best all around athlete. Whether you’re training long or short, it is crucial to build a base of all three components in order to achieve your potential. Improving your VO2 Max (aerobic), Lactate Threshold (anaerobic) and Metabolic Threshold (Muscular) all assist in improving your efficiency to pump blood and flush lactic acid as an athlete.

  • Ex – Biking, Rowing, Running, Burpees, Wall Balls, KB Swings, etc

3. Mobility:

Mobility is the perfect combination of flexibility and stability! Being too tight/stiff is a serious problem as an athlete. BUT also being unstable/hyper mobile leads to poor performance and increased risk of injury as well. Proper training will help create Mobility, to produce optimal power in all ranges of motion in your sport.

  • Ex – 1-Arm/1-Leg Movements – DB’s, Bands, BOSU – Lunges, Step-ups, Core, Balance, Stretching, etc

4. Power

Converting strength, endurance and mobility into power! Athletic based movements that require your mind and your body to work as one. Creating power is the last stage in building the foundation and becoming an elite athlete.

  • Ex – Cleans, Snatches, Sleds, Box Jumps, Broad Jumps, Throws, etc

5. Recovery

In order to achieve your ultimate potential, a recovery regime is crucial to your performance and longevity in your sport. Training is very demanding and takes a toll on your muscles, joints and tissues. Training also takes a toll on your nervous system and mental capacity. Building in daily, weekly and monthly recovery practices are crucial to your success.

  • Ex – Sleep, Massage, Physio, Chiro, Fascial Stretching, Foam Rolling, Hot/Cold Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation, etc

Building a Plan

Turning all of the components above into a plan is a crucial next step to achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS. BUT not an easy step. Think big picture and narrow it back to your daily and weekly training regimen.

  • Yearly Plan – In-Season, Post-Season, Off-Season, Pre-Season
    • Ex: In-Season – 2x/Wk Foundation Training, 3x/Wk Sport Specific, 1x/WK Professional Therapy, Daily Personal Recovery Techniques
    • Ex: Off-Season – 3-4x/Wk Foundation Training, 1-2x/Wk Sport Specific, 2x/Month Professional Therapy, 3x/ Personal Recovery

Download Yearly LP Sample Triathlon Training Plan

What are your 2020 Goals?!?!

At LP we just started a 12-Week Foundation Building block that we take us to the end of 2019 and have our bodies strong and ready to perform in 2020! If you have big goals for 2020 and want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals!

The Fit Life – 2019.37 – How Many Calories do YOU Burn?

There’s A LOT of chatter out there about how many calories you burn in a workout and even more comparison between your friends at your gym and other gyms! We LOVE this! An extra level of push and motivation is ALWAYS good! And it’s no secret that accountability from your peers around you is your key to long-term fitness success!

Calories, Heart Rate, Effort, Accountability

At LP, the ladies can expect to burn approximately 400cals during a Strength Workout and 600cals during a Conditioning Blast! And boys, you can expect to burn 600cals during a Strength Workout and 1000cals during a Conditioning Blast. AND that’s NOT including the “After-Burn” which can keep the calories burning for the next 6-12 hours on a tough day!

And we’re not just saying this, we’re tracking it. Approximately 90% of LP Members have their trusty side-kick MYZONE strapped to them monitoring their each and every move, including; heart rate, calories burned and effort!

1. Wear Your Belt

2. Exercise Anywhere

3. Monitor Your Results

4. Challenge, Share, Compare

5. Achieve Your Goals

Extra Accountability

So, you got your workout buddies and your coaches for accountability BUT how about taking that to a whole new level with a sidekick that tracks your every move. Plus it will automatically send you a full workout summary after each training session so you know:

  • Total Calories Burned
  • Max & Average Heart Rate
  • Total MEPs you got! (Effort Points)

Say Hello to MyZone, LPs unique Heart Rate Monitoring system that measures each and every one of your workouts at the Gym, at your Rec League Game, at your Half-Marathon or even at your Triathalon! 

LP Members love MYZONE because it fits with their crazy schedules. Whether they are at the gym, travelling for business or on the go, they can crush their workouts, track their results and continue to pursue their fitness goals no matter where they are in the world. What’s a workout without seeing your calories burned, heart rate and effort?!?! Right 🙂

YOU vs YOU and Others…

We know the LP workouts are tough but what about staring up at the big screen all workout long, comparing your effort with your peers rolling through the same gruelling work as you, making sure you’re working hard enough! Whether you’re running, jumping, squatting or pushing a sled, your effort is on the big screen being tracked every step of the way! 

And to take it to the next level… How about adding in challenges, leaderboards and an online community to compete against whenever you are up for a challenge!

You can even push yourself to earn your way up the rankings of the Myzone system earn your way from rookie, to bronze, silver, gold and even platinum status! We even have some Hall Of Fame Members 😲

Why we Love MYZONE

If you’re a numbers and data person, then MYZONE will have you addicted in NO time! Tracking daily workouts, striving towards bronze/silver/gold/platinum levels and analyzing your overall fitness improvements over-time!

MYZONE takes it to the next level by using heart rate zones to reflect the effort the user is applying, regardless of age or fitness levels. The MEP system makes “time x intensity = effort” easy to understand while measuring the most important aspect of exercise: intensity.

And to top it off, MYZONE doesn’t just track and store your fitness data but it also gives you the ability to track your body composition data and analytics, tracking your weight, body fat, muscle, hydration and more over time in a graph form!

Give MYZONE a try!

If you’re a numbers person, if you like a challenge and if you need accountability, MYZONE will be your new best friend!

Be prepared to take your workouts and your fitness to a whole new level! MYZONE pushes LP Members on a daily basis to improve their strength, conditioning and overall effort!

Get your very own MYZONE and join the MYZONE & LP Community of MEPPERS!

Available in LP Lobby Today!

The Fit Life – 2019.36 – Who’s coming to Arizona!

Arizona in November?!?!? YES PLEASE!

The LP Retreat – AKA Training Camp! Unlike your traditional two-a-day Training Camp – The LP Training Camp includes – 4 Days in paradise, with other peak performers to disconnect from Real Life and prepare for the upcoming days, weeks, month and year! 

You’ve probably caught wind of the Arizona Retreat that LP Owners Adam and Michelle are hosting BUT maybe are wondering what the heck it is all about?!?!? 

Well, here is the Coles notes version: 

  • 4 Day Training Camp for Real Life
  • 4 days of adventures, learning and relaxation 
  • 4 days focused on YOU, your GOALS and your DREAMS! 
  • 4 days to set the framework and do the prep for 2020
  • 4 days focused on your fitness, nutrition and health

Last but not least, we have partnered up with The Beautiful Scott Resort where we will be hosting the retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona with amazing local restaurants for healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners and of course kick ass local gyms for daily workouts and adventures!

Is this for YOU?!?!

We are taking 20 High Performing, Self-Motivated, Goal Oriented Individuals to beautiful Scottsdale Arizona! Who need to disconnect from your high flying, fast paced, insane schedule! For a weekend 100% focused on YOU! For a weekend filled with a little Fitness, a lot of Adventure and even more Fun! Surrounded by a group of high performers just like you!

Why a Retreat?!?!

What Adam and Michelle have realized after 7 Years of working with a group of high performing members, running their small business and trying to perform at their best is that to achieve long-term sustainable success it is crucial to take 3-5 days every quarter to Recharge, Refuel and Reset your Goals and focus for the future!

We all live crazy & hectic lives right?! It’s hard to slow down during the hustle and bustle right?! AND if we don’t slow down, then we don’t know have time to think about where we are going and what is next…..

Coach Adam says:

It took me a long time to figure out that I was the only one who could control my life! It took me a long time to cut the excuses, limiting beliefs and fixed mindset!
You too are in control of every choice you make, how you spend your time and who you spend your time with! YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

This all became possible when I started focusing on my own learning, growth, development and goals! I quickly learned from the best in the world to go after what I wanted and what I dreamed because no one else is going to do it for me! It was time to set scary Goals, Plan my Days/Weeks and measure my Results! To do this I needed to invest time and energy into myself!

Coach Michelle says:

Are you taking time for yourself and your goals? I get it… That one is a hard one for me too.

Personal growth weekends/conferences/workshops may have made my top 3 of things to do over the past few years. This wasn’t always the case as I didn’t seem to recognize the value in the past. I was grinding it out and working hard like I should be and not “wasting” any time. I didn’t have “time” to invest in myself… Little did I know that I didn’t have “time” to not. Creating a personal vision for myself has been a game changer. A vision to lead me every day and motivate me to push through the hard times.

One of my greatest passions is helping people. Yes in fitness and in nutrition but basically in overall life and happiness. And I am looking forward to doing this officially at our LP Retreat.

CLICK Here for the Top 10 Reason’s you CANNOT miss The LP Retreat

Join fellow LP Members and fellow high performers

$1250/person + HST

Available 1 King or 2 Queen beds

Includes Workouts, Adventures, Food & Accommodations

Why Heather is PUMPED for Arizona!
Why Brendan is PUMPED for Arizona!

The Fit Life – 2019.34 – Happy Anniversary

7 Years ago today the dream became a reality and we held our first workout officially as Limitless Performance. Now, 7 years later, the intense workouts continue, the LP Family is stronger than ever and the mission has never been more clear.

💪Our mission is to create K-W’s highest performing community of Members, Fitness Coaches and Wellness Professionals by providing our Exclusive Group of 200 Members with all of the tools and resources they need to conquer their health and fitness goals, leading to success in all aspects of their lives! 💪

A special thank you to every member of our community – you all play a critical role in each other’s success.

💙Thank You

The LP Team looks forward to many more years of: Massive Goals, Sacrifice, Results, Hard Work, Grit & Fun


The Fit Life – 2019.34 – You Need a Challenge

Have you ever started a new fitness routine or nutrition lifestyle in the last few years? You are so motivated, you set goals and you start crushing it! You buy a new set of gym clothes and maybe even new shoes and start getting up early to hit the gym. 

Then after a few weeks, maybe even months, motivation starts to fade and you are starting to fall off the wagon…

Or are you a regular gym-goer, attending your workouts on a daily and weekly basis but just can’t seem to reach your goals. You feel really good in your workouts and push hard. But your lifestyle and nutrition outside of the gym holds you back from losing that extra 5-10lbs and looking shredded.

The most frustrating part is that you are rocking all of the other areas of your life. If only you could get your health and your fitness up to your own expectations, you would be unstoppable.

What would this unstoppable formula look like? How can we keep the motivation high and the outcomes flowing.





At LP we use these 4 focus areas in our quarterly challenges to push our members towards the results they deserve and mold those results into a lifestyle.

SEPTEMBER – Fit Life Challenge

  • Re-boot your routine with a focus on nutrition and results

JANUARY – New Year, Best Me

  • Improve your lifestyle, habits, routines and overall health

MARCH – Frozen Four

  • Push your mental and physical limits in a team atmosphere 

JUNE – Summer MEP Elimination 

  • Stay accountable and engaged over the busy summer holidays

Each of these challenges: 

  • builds knowledge for lifelong success
  • provides accountability to either a coach, team or both
  • builds community
  • gets amazing results

Why do these work?

  1. We set a specific start date. Just like a January start or a Monday start, these challenges provide a “Ready, Set, Go” date to kick start our members to get started. They can’t put it off.
  2. We clarify our goals. Just wanting to get “fitter” won’t get you there. Being specific about what you want and building a plan to get there creates guidance and steps to get where you want to get.
  3. We measure our progress. Sometimes we forget where we came from. It is important to know where you started and but more important to see your progress. 
  4. We are held accountable. Yes, we all want to do it on our own. Our coaches and members act as accountability partners to keep challengers on track and pushing hard.
  5. We build bigger communities. Pushing hard toward a common goal brings us together and bonds us for life.
  6. We learn. Each challenge provides its own set of learning lessons to build the foundation to live the fit life for a lifetime.

They work if you put in the work.

Ready to put in the work?

 Don’t let your previous fitness history bring you down. You just need a community to help you get there. Join the LP Program and gain access to all of these challenges.

Looking for a challenge right now, our September Fit Life Challenge is just around the corner, starting September 16th. Join by September 10th and build your unstoppable formula to achieve your ultimate potential and start living the fit life.

We’ve all struggled with food… We’re here with you.
👉Questioning if what your doing is “healthy”
👉Switching “diets” or meal plans because you still haven’t found one that works
👉Putting in work at the gym and not seeing the results
We’ve been there and we are here to help.

Become your own nutrition coach by gaining knowledge to build life-long habits & sustainable results.
👊Daily checkins
👊Video lessons
👊Weekly habit tracking
👊Progress check ins
👊Personal coaching

Email us for more details.


The Fit Life – 2019.33 – Create A Winning Team

This week is a very special week at LP! A couple months ago our dream team generated the idea of “Bring a Buddy Week” to allow our members to grow and strengthen their support team, with the end goal of boosting member success and enhancing the LP Experience. 

The LP Family stepped up in a MASSIVE way and this week we have over 30 Buddies getting their first taste of the LP Community, the LP Family and the LP Lifestyle.

Building a Winning Team in any aspect of your life is crucial to your success and your health and fitness team is no different. 

Great teams are built on the foundation of teamwork, coaching, culture and attitude. Each member of the team brings a skillset and has crucial role to play in the teams success. But the key, they all believe in the same cause. They all buy into the mission. With this shared mission, they believe in each other and lift each other up to win.

In life, there are people who are on the same mission as you. People that believe in your cause and people that don’t. Sometimes we get tied down by those who don’t instead of focusing on those that do. Your teammates can play a positive role in your mission. We need these people to help fulfill our goals and dreams.

How can your teammates help you get where you want to go? How can they support you?

Make the Team that surrounds you on a daily basis, a Team that:

  • motivates and pushes you
  • wants to see you succeed
  • wants to be successful themselves
  • creates a positive environment 

At LP, we are on a mission to build a community of high performers striving to be better each and every day. Not everyone is on the exact same mission, but our core values connect us and we push each other to create the best version of ourselves each and everyday. 

Here are the Core Values of Team LP:

Work Ethic
Team Player

How strong is your team? 

If your values align with most of these, not only could we strengthen your team, you would strengthen ours.

Begin today with our 2 week trial and we can crush our goals together.


The Fit Life – 2019.32 – It’s Way to Easy to Over Eat Junk

Do you sometimes feel out of control when it comes to food? Not to worry, it is normal to have these feelings… These types of foods are designed to push us towards them and overeat. Companies design their products to get in our heads and bodies and consume. Just glad I am not in that business – I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night…

Here is how they do this to us – and what to do about it.

  1. Marketing Tricks
  2. Big Portions = Good Deal
  3. Ample Variety
  4. So MANY flavours

Marketing Tricks

Packaging is designed to make foods seem good for you. They are bright in colour and may even have cartoon characters or celebrities on them creating positive associations to these foods.  You may even see a food say “You Deserve It” on it encouraging you to reward yourself for your hard work. And the biggest trick these days is using buzz words like “organic” or “gluten-free” to create an illusion that it is a “healthy” product.

If you dig deeper, these products may not be at all different than the next product when it comes to its overall nutrition. They are trying to trick you.

Big Portions = Good Deal

Who doesn’t want more food for less money.  With processed foods you often have the option of “supersizing” for only a fraction of a price. But you are not only supersizing the quantity, you are supersizing the calories and the quantity of unhealthy nutrients. 

Ample Variety

Treats and goodies are comprised of many different flavours and textures. So many different options that could please us forever. If you take a look at a food like a banana. It is one single flavour and one single texture and is harder to overeat. And then you take something like trail mix for example. In one handful you could get anything from a cheese stick to an M&M to a Shreddie.

So MANY Flavours

It’s like a party in your mouth and we want to continue that party all night long!  In the olden days, we prioritized calorie-dense foods to help us survive. And we still have this in our blood to this day. Manufacturers use this fact and try to create calorie dense food that is hyperpalatable junk food… These businesses I tell ya…

How do they do this:

  • Combine Salt, Sugar and Fat to make it irresistible
  • Easy to Eat – No effortful chewing
  • Immediately delicious
  • High in Sugar or Fat
  • Melted Down Easily

Now that we know that the manufacturing and processed food industry does everything in their power to control our eating habits, we need to figure out how to stop them! These foods may be delicious but we can…

Use These 7 Strategies to Stop Overeating Junk Food:

  1. Notice Your Chewing
  2. Evaluate Your Pantry
  3. Look for Habit Patterns
  4. Find Habits that Support Your Goals
  5. Put Quality Above Quantity 
  6. Slow Down
  7. Be Nice to Yourself 🙂

Notice Your Chewing

In most cases, it is easier to chew processed foods vs. whole foods. If something is super quick to chew, maybe take a peek at the product and exchange it out for something a little more whole food. 

Evaluate Your Pantry

Take a peek at your pantry and see what you have in there.  What kind of foods do you have and why do you buy them? Have you been fooled into buying something from the marketing tricks above? How many treat foods you have?

If they are in your pantry, you will eat them.  Let’s fill that pantry up with good quality snacks.

Look for Habit patterns

Habits rule our world. 🙂 But these habits can be used for better or for worse… When we eat out of habit, not hunger, we can eat and eat and eat and sometimes without even knowing it.

When you have the urge to overeat, ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling
  • What time is it?
  • Who am I with?
  • Where am I?
  • What thoughts am I having?

Once you take a peek at some of these answers, you may become aware of the triggers and can prevent these in the future. 

Build Habits that Support Your Goals

Once you are aware of any triggers that cause you to make poor decisions when it comes to your eating, try to remove them and replace them with an activity that supports your goals.

Great Stress Relievers:

  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Nature Walk
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Music


Try replacing that eating with a stress reliever that works for you!

Put Quality Above Quantity

Processed foods are usually cheaper than a quality food counter part. Why? Mainly due to the use of cheap, inexpensive ingredients…

Use the “traffic light” system to put quality first and make good choices.

RED – These are no-gos that do no help you reach your goals and we tend to over eat them. Most of the time, just make us feel sick. (Big Macs, Twinkies, Cookies, Chips, Etc, )

YELLOW – Aren’t the best or the worst choice but can easily be too much of a good thing. (cheese and crackers, etc.)

GREEN – Foods that are nutritious and make you feel good (Body and Mind). These can be eaten whenever you want. (Greens, Salmon, Eggs, etc)

Slow Down

When eating, take it down a notch and slow down.

  • Sit at a table 
  • Calm environment with no distractions
  • Put utensils down between bites
  • Give yourself enough time to eat
  • Choose whole, giber-rich foods that take time to chew
  • Eat to 80% full

Be Nice to Yourself

Criticizing yourself or crash dieting may work in the short term but will definitely not work long term. Create an attitude that supports and is non-judgemental and you will be more likely to achieve your long term goals

  • Be honest —> How do you behave around food? How can you support yourself on this?
  • Kindness —> Work with yourself, not against
  • Curiosity —> Be curious not critical

Download the tablet or printer version of this infographic and use its practical tips for understanding — and changing — your behaviour around processed foods.

The Fit Life – 2019.31 – How to Build the Perfect Program

If you’re like us, the thought of designing your own workouts everyday is a nightmare! Thank goodness we have Coach Adam for that 😉 

You probably remember your old workout program looking the same day-after-day, week-after-week and month-after-month…..BORING RIGHT?!?! And not to mention, not great for your results 🙁 

Well, at LP we can also thank Coach Adam for always changing things up so LP Members are always breaking through Fitness Plateaus and never stop achieving great results! 

Ok, enough pumping Coach Adam’s ego 😉 BUT, if you’re wondering why LP Members LOVE the LP Workouts month-after-month, here is a little rundown of how Coach Adam designs all of the LP FUN aka Torture! 

Planning a Phase or Month of Training

Let’s start with the monthly breakdown. When designing your perfect workout plan, you should break it up into 4, 8 and 12 week progressions. For variety and to make sure you never stop progressing your fitness. 

An example of a 4 Week Progression would look like this: 

  • Week 1 – 10 Reps @ 50% of Max
  • Week 2 – 8 Reps @ 60% of Max
  • Week 3 – 6 Reps @ 70% of Max
  • Week 4 – 4 Reps @ 80% of Max

Another very important change that should be made with your program in each phase is how you pair your movements and exercises: 

  • Single Exercises or Movements
  • Supersets (2 movements paired back to back)
  • Circuits (3 or more Exercises Combined)
  • Tempo (Speed of Repetitions)

Planning a Weekly Workout Routine

Now, how about making each week challenging, competitive, different and exciting?!?! While still reaching your goals! 

The old school set-up included a day dedicated to each – Shoulders, Legs, Chest & Back… With of course lots of steady state cardio and core on a 4 day rotation with a day off in between… Not very practical or exciting for the average person. Right?!?!

Now, how about fitting in Full Body Strength, Conditioning, Body Weight Strength, Gymnastics, and Plyometrics in High Intensity Interval Training on a daily basis to Challenge your Body in a different way each and every day! 

Check out a Typical Week at LP in the Month of August: 

  • Monday (Metabolic Kickstarter) – Start the week by picking up that barbell and burning those legs! Then finish things off with a full body blast conquering that midline strength. You’ll build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and perfect your form!
  • Tuesday (Sweat Warrior) – High intensity anaerobic training designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. Boost your athletic performance while burning calories and sweating up a storm!
  • Wednesday (Performance & Capacity) – Quality over Quantity. The perfect blend of strength and conditioning with a focus on improving movement for sport, performance or everyday life. Improve the strength of your heart, lungs and muscles all workout long.
  • Thursday (Fortitude) – Build your conditioning to tackle anything life throws your way. Feel that burn all workout long by being blasted by 1, 2 or even 3 circuits in a jam-packed hour of training. Fortitude will have you pumped and burning calories all dayyyyy long.
  • Friday (Total Body Blast) – The ultimate combo of strength training and circuit training to boost your energy to finish off the week. Work your muscles from head to toe in a pushing and pulling fashion. Don’t underestimate the power of these strength circuits…
  • Saturday
    • Compete – Start your weekend with a physical and mental test of your strength and your conditioning. Push it to the limit in a “short” high intensity blast of friendly competition.
    • HIIT – Work hard and have FUN in this jam packed 30-60 minutes of high intensity interval training. Start the clock and never stop.
  • Sunday
    • HIIT (Family Friendly) – Bring your children in to experience and learn what the “Fit Life” is all about! Work hard and have FUN in this jam packed 30 minutes of high intensity interval training. Start the clock and never stop.
    • Open Gym – It’s time to work on your weaknesses and target specific goal areas. 
    • Recovery – • If you want to boost your performance and take care of your body, this is the workout designed to encompass all of that. Recovery classes include soft tissue, mobility and stability/strengthening work on muscles and joints.

CLICK HERE to download the August Programming and see the behind the scenes work of your workouts and training plan. 

PS: Check out Coach ADJ’s Bonus Work if you want a good chuckle 😉 

Planning Daily Workouts

Last but not least, how about each day?!?! How do you set-up a perfect workout so you feel great walking out the door?!?! Feel like you got stronger, more fit and healthier from head to toe! 

Here is how LP sets out their days to create a challenging, fun and results driven workout each day: 

  • Part 1 – Dynamic Warm-up – Heart Rate up & Blood Flowing (5-10mins)
  • Part 2 – Movement Prep – Prime and Prepare specific muscle groups for the workout ahead. (5-10mins)
  • Part 3 – Strength Training – Focus on building a strong foundation and base of lean muscle, strength and overall power to prepare you for any challenge. 
  • Part 4 – Conditioning – Anaerobic, Aerobic or Muscular Conditioning to finish off your workout and leave you feeling accomplished.
  • Part 5 – Pre/Post Workout – This is time for you to individually target areas where you need to improve through Stretching, Rolling and Isolated Accessory exercises to warm-up or recover. 

CLICK HERE to view our daily workouts for more great ideas around your training program. 

Next time you walk into the gym, use this as your template to design a challenging, competitive, fun and results driven workout! 

To take your results to the next level get yourself a coach and a partner or group of people to push you to take your workout intensity and results to a new level!

Give the LP Workouts a try with our very popular two week trial of unlimited group training workouts, led by inspiring coaches and surrounded by motivated members always striving for more! 

The Fit Life – 2019.30 – Are you Recovering Properly?

Ya sure, you’re getting older and you’re body doesn’t quite perform or recover like it used to BUT that doesn’t stop you from chasing after massive goals and pushing your body to the limits does it?!?!!?

Growing up as an athlete, you could snap back from an injury almost over night. You definitely made sure to take care of aches, pains and injuries immediately whether it was your Parents driving you to physio or your team therapist! Mainly because you had easy access to therapists you trusted and because you had the time to do it! But with too much going on, we rarely take the time for our bodies to heal and recover as we get older. You know as good as me, we need a little extra love in the recovery department! 

At LP we push our Members hard everyday in the workouts and inevitably aches and pains will occur (better than obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the rest of the problems caused by being sedentary right?!?!……). BUT if we push our bodies on a daily basis, then we need to address aches and pains before they result in injury! We can’t expect our body to snap back as quick as it used to…..and little aches and pains can result in chronic, long-term issues. 

The inspiration for the Recovery Program at LP was to provide members with convenient access to top experts in Injury Prevention & Injury Rehab. Michelle and I didn’t have time to drive around town week after week to chase down top therapists and specialists to keep us healthy and neither do you! Over the past couple of years we have been building a very strong team of experts that specialize in keeping ATHLETES (YES, you are an athlete) healthy, strong and performing at their best!

Massage Therapy at Limitless

Some of you may know that we have two very high level massage therapists who focus on deep tissue, fascial based massage therapy, to keep your muscles and connective tissue working optimally. Not your typical head to toe flush…

LP’s Massage Team targets a specific area of focus and the related up chain or down chain issues that are causing your pain or discomfort.

Don’t expect to fall asleep during these treatments. You might find yourself gripping the edge of the table as they dig in to problem areas and release years of scar tissue and muscle contusions.

Physiotherapy at Limitless

Also, in late 2018 we began Physiotherapy at LP and have had great success with over 40 LP Members getting rid of aches and pains with our 3-Step Physio Program that first assesses the injury and causes, fixes the injury, then the most important part is how to apply what they learned back to their workouts to prevent the injury from re-occurring. 

Step 1 – Movement Assessment

Step 2 – Treatments and Plan

Step 3 – Life After Physio

Recovery Program Success

Eddie – His message for all of us is make a plan and stick with it!

Physio was a major part in helping my rehab and addressing my weakness in my hips. The band work we were doing along with functional holds helped build strength and stability where I was lacking. 

I found what really helped execute this was to plan ahead. I found this helped me find time to do the exercises and stretching. The few days I didn’t plan ahead and tried finding time the day of I ended up not doing the exercise.

Ian – Turning shoulder pain into fitness gains

By taking a step back and removing certain movements during my rehab, I was able to reflect on my goals in the gym. I love the programming at the gym, and I want to work hard each day, but I want to do that pain free with proper form and technique. As my body has now worked through this with the help of the physio team, the coaches and some research; I am starting to see some big improvements with not only how much I can lift, but more importantly the mechanics of each movement

Finally, we have great relationships with top level Chiropractors, Fascial Stretching Therapists and Yoga Tune-up Specialists that we currently go off site to see and will be looking to implement into our Recovery Program as it grows and helps all of our hard working Members perform at their best for years to come! 

If you haven’t already, get booked in for your Full Body Movement Assessment to assess any Mobility Issues, Muscle Imbalances and Stability concerns that are causing injuries/aches/pains or that could lead to injuries in the future! 

BOOK NOW – email

The Fit Life – 2019.29 – Just Be

Stillness; the absence of movement or sound

Guest post by – Sydney Vaughan

We are all hungry. I’m actually always hungry, could be because I’m ready for lunch … but you know what I mean. We are always looking to challenge ourselves and perform at our BEST in our careers, relationships, workouts and achieving our goals. Ultimately, we are all on the same path, even though they may all look a little different.

Honestly, I never thought I would be writing about meditation … I always knew myself to be the competitive, strong and aggressive athlete.  I would hold onto that defeat after losing a match or put myself down if I made a mistake that let the team down. I was very hard on myself as an athlete. I felt I always had to perform, no room for mistakes, otherwise I was not good enough. My worth became dependant on how well I played, or how much external validation I received from my coaches, parents and teammates.

Being a soccer player and athlete was my IDENTITY. It was who I was … so when I decided to step down from competitive sports I literally lost myself.

I was first introduced to the concept of mediation from my dearest friend, Rosa. Rosa has been highly respected and successful in the fitness industry for many years and has built her business “Rise Mind Body Fitness” to be very successful and now she shares her story to over 200+ people at her “Journey to RISE” conference.

Rosa trained me years ago when I was playing competitively in Oakville, and I reconnected with her when I had an interest in becoming a Personal Trainer. Rosa was, and still is a mentor for me. I would travel to Oakville and shadow her for weeks at a time to gain as much knowledge as I could as I began my journey and career.

To put a long story short, at this time I was pretty lost. I was 30lbs heavier than I am today, I didn’t know what my purpose was or WHO I was for that matter.

So I began this journey of introspection and mindful movement which ultimately allowed me to shift my relationship with myself. I went right for the deep end. I desired that harmonious life of not overthinking things and getting stuck and shifted that to a state of “just being”. But trust me, I’m not perfect and still have plenty of learning to do and I still catch myself in the tornado I call my “spiral”.

At the end of the day I try my best just like you do. I make a conscious effort each day to be true to who I am, which at my core is leading with LOVE and FAITH not FEAR.

Here are just a few simple tools you can add to your self-care routine to become more connected to your mind and body each day.

1. Everyday upon awakening, take 10 deep breaths

Check out the link for Proper Breathing Techniques:

  • Inhale through the nose
  • Hold your breath for 3 seconds
  • Exhale slowly for 6 seconds
  • Repeat 🙂

2. Integrate a Daily Practice

Set aside 5-10 minutes a day to breath. It can be as simple as that. No expectation or judgement. It may feel silly at first, I felt the same way. Trust me, it is one of the most important parts of my day. Focus your mind inwards and reflect on how you feel. Connect to your goals and desires, and just breathe into those positive thoughts. Investing in yourself is time well spent.

Our mind and body are strongly connected. Starting your day off with a “mantra” or a specific focus can be an effective tool for you to check in with yourself throughout the day. We can easily get distracted by the external “noise” in life but we can ALWAYS turn inwards to the stillness within us so we don’t REACT but we can RESPOND to everyday task and challenges.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on a yoga mat with candles and zen music. It can be as easy as breathing in the car before heading into work, or a meeting. It can literally be done anywhere. All you need is your breath … it’s hard to find an excuse for that one.

Link: Guided Meditation 

Here are a couple of the apps I have used that can be downloaded on your IPhone for a quick 5-10 minute meditation include:

3. Heal your Body

You WORK hard. Upwards of 4, even 6 times a week. We are so focused on our physical abilities, we tend to neglect our mind and emotions. Give yourself permission to listen to what you need today. This could be yoga over a workout, taking 20 minutes to meditate and stretch instead of 5-10 minutes, lowering your weight so you can execute proper form in a lift. Work on your body to re-establish proper function and mobility. When you have proper movement, your body will ULTIMATLEY be more efficient at building muscle and burning calories.

Second, incorporate a consistent recovery plan into your schedule. Take up a yoga class once a week to focus on your breath and flexibility OR book a massage or stretch treatment every month to keep your tissues healthy and manage stress levels.

Feel your body in space, breathe into the areas of your body you are working on. Feel your muscles engage. Also, recognize if you are unable to connect to specific parts of your body. It all starts with awareness. If you are unaware of something how can you change it or make it better?

Lastly, start connecting to your body. Self-love is a real thing. Love yourself through this journey. Make that conscious choice to change the perception of yourself. Don’t just workout to “be lean and have abs” but workout because you “love yourself and want to be strong and healthy”.

4. Trust the Process

Life will get busy and you WILL fall off track but that’s normal, not failure. Just get back at it and do your best. Each day will be different based on what life throws at you. Continue to surround yourself with people who will support and facilitate you on your journey to becoming your BEST you.

Self-care isn’t easy to implement in your hectic schedule. But definitely a tool that can change your life.

Sydney Vaughan

Registered Massage Therapist

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Personal Trainer

You can follow Syd online @sydvrmt to learn more great training, recovery and self-love tools so you can become the best you possible! You can also follow and book a consultation with Syd @2bfreetherapies