The Fit Life – 2020.11 – The Rule Breakers

You’re about to meet 6 of the 200 LP Members! These guys and girls all have different goals and ambitions, but what they have in common is the mindset and attitude of Champions! Working hard each and everyday in the pursuit of their goals and ambitions! Falling in love with the PROCESS not the OUTCOME!

They challenge they have, the same problem we all experience is, once they start enter adulthood, their career and their family life takes over any thoughts or time for themselves!

And the questions becomes, how do they find time and give themselves permission to set personal goals and take time for their own health, fitness and overall personal development! I’m talking an hour or more out of their day, every day! How can they possibly do that?!?!

You are about to meet a group of moms, dads, managers, business owners, fire fighters, contractors, teachers, executives, paramedics and students who are BREAKING THE RULES. Taking hours out of their day for their PERSONAL SUCCESS. Surrounded by a community of coaches, members and therapists to supporting them, motivating them and inspiring them on their pursuit!

Do you secretly have Massive Goals for 2020?!?! Use these LP Members as your Motivation to dedicate yourself to them and fall in love with the Process! Surround yourself with great people. Get help from an expert to guide you on your plan. Reap the incredible benefits of focusing on YOU.

Meet Kristin, Riley, Tracy, Brandon, Jocy and Megan the RULE BREAKERS!

Kristin Mueller (35) Wife – Mom of 2 – HR Director


Crossfit Open and 10k Waterloo Classic


I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. I hate running with a passion and truly don’t understand what people love so much about it, so I want to find out for myself. Maybe I’ll learn to love it. I’d never know if I didn’t give it a shot and this pursuit is holding me accountable.


Negative self-talk for the run. Re-injury for CrossFit. I still have a-ways to go with my physio but I’m working on a plan that will help me be proactive.


The kick-off party for NYBY was awesome and made me think differently about my pursuit. I’ve also positively impacted a few people around me by getting them to join me in the CrossFit pursuit (Lisa Richter) and a couple of people from work who want to join me in the 10k Waterloo Classic.

Riley Honsberger (30) Millwright – Entrepreneur

“Just working to be better every day”


Main 2020 pursuit is to create a lifestyle of fitness and health mainly in endurance sports. I want to see how far I can push this body and mind. I have two main pursuits: a half ironman and a 50mile trail run.


I was kind of shocked by my mental toughness last year being able to do the races (half/full marathon) with little to no training, but I finished feeling the “what if”. This year I want to be prepared on all fronts, mentally, physically to remove the “what if’s”. I feel these two major challenges will be a good test of what I can do when I’m properly prepared.


I’m looking forward to seeing what proper training can do. There will be adversities in both races that will challenge me and I’m looking forward to seeing how I handle them. It’s probably weird but I’m looking forward to the pain cave. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re in that zone.


My lifestyle isn’t ideal for training. I do very labour intensive work. So at the end of my work day I’m going to need to have my goals and accountability at the forefront to make sure I get in my training. Then, make it to LP to join my 5am’ers in the workouts the following morning.


Oh man, LP is pivotal to this. Surrounded by so much knowledge and ambition. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to go after it. LP has been the push to make these things happen. Accountability of NYBY is keeping me in check.

Tracy Miller (42) Wife – Teacher – Mom of 2


My 2020 pursuit is the Milton Triathlon on June 7th. (750m swim, 30k bike and 7k run).


It has been 20 years since I completed my last triathlon (gasp…what the??), which, at that time, was a requirement of being a member of the UW swim team. Watching our girls complete the Tri-gator last year inspired me, and ultimately made me want to challenge myself to complete one once again.


The swim. I have taken a long break from swimming, as many years of countless hours training left me feeling waterlogged and “over it.” I look forward to getting back into the water again while adding the extra challenge of the open water (which I have never done).


R.U.N.N.I.N.G.  🙂 🙂 🙂

To say it’s my biggest nemesis is an understatement. I need to learn how to breathe and pace, on top of learning to embrace the discomfort (ha!).


NYBY has helped me map out my road to this competition. It has forced me to think about how I intend to achieve it, while giving me the plan to get me started. Having the supports in place to help me organize equipment and a training plan has helped me to feel less anxious about it.

Brandon Mullen (28) – Sales Executive

“Motivation, Determination, Compassion”


My pursuit is the 2020 CrossFit Open.


I’ve chosen this pursuit because I find it’s helping me get back in touch with Sport. Growing up I played a lot of organized hockey at a competitive level and since moving outside of that I’ve missed the aspect of competing. I find that although I still join Men’s leagues to stay in touch with the sport, it doesn’t bring that same element of mental strategy or the end goal of competing to win, that I miss. Since being introduced to the Sport of CrossFit I’ve found it really allows me to get back into that mental state and get back involved in competition. Plus, who doesn’t want to learn to handstand walk?


I’m really looking forward to seeing the change in my body, mind, and performance from building the right habits and creating more consistency in my training. I’ve made some notes on where I’m starting- how many reps of certain exercises I can do (or if I have to do the scaled movement), what weight I’m using for different lifts, and I’m excited to push myself to be better than where I’m starting.


I think there are two challenges I’m going to face and I hope to over come them both quickly. The first being the mental challenge or adapting a growth mindset. Not cheating myself by not doing full reps or stopping early when the workout gets tough. The second being my endurance/stamina during workouts. But with all the great educational resources that LP has to offer I’m excited to learn so I can become better and crush workouts on the way to my pursuit.


I’ve met some awesome people, both at the 5 am and 6 am classes, who have helped me push myself, as well as giving me pointers on technique. Everyone is supportive and it’s amazing to get encouragement from other groups during the workouts. Of course, big shout out to the coaches who push you to be better every day. I’m both proud and fortunate to be apart of the LP Family!

Jocy Curtis (26) Wife – Office Manager

Fitness: Addicted – Work Hard, Stay Humble


Ottawa Scotiabank Half Marathon is my 2020 pursuit.


I am stepping into this pursuit because I absolutely hate running and want to push my mind and body out of the comfort zone and (hopefully) come out stronger!


I look forward to training with TyCu ❤️ (Haha joking). I look forward to making commitments in my health, training and nutrition, training with family and friends who have similar goals, seeing how far I can push myself, and just getting more educated in the sport of running.


My biggest challenge in achieving this goal will be my own self. My mind has a tendency to play some pretty good tricks on me, so overcoming and actually transforming my mental game will be the greatest struggle.


The LP family is always there to cheer me on no matter what the pursuit- which is always encouraging! The NYBY challenge has been teaching me how to take care of myself both mentally and physically. It has been equipping me the the exact tools I need to go and crush my 2020 goals 🙌🙌🙌

(Honestly, I don’t know that I would have set this goal without joining the NYBY challenge…. so there’s that too!)

Megan O’Neill (27) – Chiropractor

Nourish – Move – Heal


A Tri-a-triathlon  (July) and a Sprint Triathalon (September) and a Half Marathon (TBD)


I chose to work towards a half marathon because I completed one two years ago and have wanted to do another ever since. I really want to improve on my time and train smarter. I chose the triathlon because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and swimming definitely fulfills that requirement! I’m starting from scratch on the swim training but really looking forward to pushing my boundaries.


I am really looking forward to learning a new skill. It’s not often that you learn something new as an adult and I’m excited to see improvement along the way. I’m also really excited to get outside during my training!


My biggest challenges will be avoiding injury and avoiding negative self talk, especially when it comes to swimming. I am working on staying positive and maintaining a “growth mindset” when it comes to building a new skill. As a Chiro, I am also working on practicing what I preach on the prehab and rehab front to avoid injury while training!


The LP family has been super supportive and has motivated me to choose a pursuit out of my comfort zone. It’s been great to be accountable to a group of like minded people and have resources available to help with training programs and answer any questions along the way! The LP family sees everyone as an athlete and it feels awesome to get back in to that mindset.

Break the Rules, Get Accountability, Create a Plan, Work Hard, Crush Goal!

Fitness is a priority in our life. If we feel great, then we can be great.  Even though we may have different goals, we all have the same mindset. We offer a variety of packages at a variety of prices, you’ll be able to find one that suits your goals and your schedule.

Click the image below and select the best option to test drive the LP Training Program!

The Fit Life – 2020.10 – Fascial Stretching Therapy

In short, Fascia is a wide spread connective tissue system running deep around our muscles, bones, ligaments and organs.  Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a pain free stretch routine, opening up tissue restrictions and improving mobility and movement.

Sydney Vaughan, RMT, FST, PT

We were first introduced to Sydney Vaughan, Fascial Stretching Therapist through a fellow LP Member who was raving about her treatment that combined the soft tissue benefits of massage therapy and full body stretching into one.

“It’s like having your own stretching coach” she said. After the treatment she felt less tension in her hips and shoulders, but more importantly she could squat better and move better. Oh ya, and it stayed. With some homework exercises from Syd that she did before her workouts, her body didn’t just go back to its old ways, the release of the fascia held and she was able to maintain a new level of mobility.

Like I mentioned, Sydney Vaughan is a Certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Fascial Stretching Therapist. Syd, like many LP Members grew up playing high level sports, her specialty was Soccer. She has translated that passion for sport and performance over to her career as a movement and performance specialist.

Syd, loves helping her clients perform better in their sport and feel better in life. Syd is extremely passionate combining massage, fascial stretching and personal training together to help her clients move better, feel better and perform better.

Welcome to the LP Team!

Limitless Performance is extremely excited to Officially Welcome Sydney Vaughan to our Team of Performance Partners. Syd has already immersed herself into the LP Community through LP Workouts, the CrossFit Open, lululemon 10k and Scotiabank Half Marathon! Helping Members with their fitness goals, while crushing her own goals!


Syd will be booking 60 and 90 minute appointments on Friday’s at LP. You will be able to book in with Syd through the LP APP under Member Services and Treatments or through the Mindbody Site! CLICK HERE

In your first treatment with Syd, you can expect Syd to initially assess your movement patterns and diagnose any noticeable areas of limitation. Her treatments will start by correcting any spinal and pelvic (hips) limitations, working from the trunk out, before targeting any joint specific issues. Before you leave, Syd will provide you with simple homework exercises to ensure that the work completed holds and you continue to reap the benefits in your training and sport.

We are looking forward to having Syd a part of the LP Team of Performance Partners as a Therapist and resource for the LP Family to learn from through workshops, coaching and treatment.

If you are not a Member and interested in booking with Syd, simply create an account and you will be able to book online – CLICK HERE

Fitness is a priority in our life. If we feel great, then we can be great.  Even though we may have different goals, we all have the same mindset. We offer a variety of packages at a variety of prices, you’ll be able to find one that suits your goals and your schedule.

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The Fit Life – 2020.09 – Your Mental Edge

Meet Shelby Rodden-Aubut, Wilfred Laurier University, PHD Student – Specializing in Sport Psychology in Kinesiology! Shelby is beyond passionate about The Mental Edge and helping Young Athletes and Corporate Athletes gain an advantage over their competition by training the Mental side of their sport or career!

Shelby introduced the LP Members to the Athlete Mental Performance (AMP) Model in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge and from her research with the LP Challengers she has designed 7 Key Components of Mental Performance to help the LP Members get an Edge!

3 Key Components of Training

To start, Shelby helped LP Challengers understand the 3 Key Components of Training for any sport or position. The Technical, Physical and Mental Factors that affect your performance. Each factor should be trained equally to perform at the highest level possible.

After breaking down the 3 Key Components, Shelby had each Challenger self-evaluate their Technical, Physical and Mental Performance with a Performance Profile identifying their overall Personal Performance.

After completing the Performance Profile, Challengers ranked and identified areas of most needed improvement and created a Mental Performance Plan!

Shelby then collected the data and summarized the most common areas of improvement and focus to build the 7 Key Components of Mental Performance as identified by the LP Challengers.

The 7 Key Components of Mental Performance

(1)  Positive Re-Framing

Taking your negative thoughts and changing them toward a positive outlook. It is common to have an inherent tendency toward a more negative internal dialogue. Learning to shift thoughts from negative to positive will assist in performance capacities as well as daily challenges.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Positive Re-Framing

(2)  Goal Setting

Learning to set goals following a SMART goals framework. Using a range of performance, process, and outcome goals, athletes can strive to challenge themselves and to excel at whatever they put their minds to.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Goal Setting

(3)  Self Talk

Learning how to control that little voice inside of our heads. We can work to use that voice for instruction or motivation shifting the usual negative internal dialogue to positive.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Self Talk

(4)  Motivation

Applying Social Determination Theory, and Achievement Goal Theory to understand how we can shift our perspectives on performance and continue to pursue goals and challenges even when times get tough or we start to lose sight of our end goals. Ultimately we are aiming to find a passion that we can pursue for the sake of itself.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Motivation

(5)  Confidence

Placing self confidence within the context of sport and physical activity. Understanding your personal sources of confidence and the impacts of different types of self-confidences on your personal performance. Self confidence fosters an opportunity to thrive in the environment, and helps to overcome any obstacle and achieve challenging goals.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Self Confidence

(6)  Imagery

Working through the 2 perspectives of imagery (1st and 3rd) and applying all senses, imagery can be applicable across all sporting contexts. Using 2 example scripts, imagery was applied to a general performance application and one for injury recovery.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Imagery

(7) Anxiety

Understanding the most important aspect that anxiety is a neutral emotion. Through our perceptions of the event and of what we have to contribute towards the execution of a task, we can shift our anxiety into a positive emotion. Individuals function optimally at different levels of arousal. Learning where you function best and how to get yourselves there is key to optimizing your performance.

CLICK HERE to watch Shelby’s lesson on Anxiety

Your Mental Performance will take you to the next level in your sport, in your career, in your relationships and in your life. Employ the same amount of time and energy into your Mental Performance as you do into your Technical and Physical Performance.

Follow Shelby and The Athlete Mental Performance Team as they aim to shift the focus of Performance to a more holistic approach for athletes, professionals and everyone in between!

You can catch Shelby at an LP Workout, Rugby Practice, Teaching at Laurier or working with her team at lululemon as she puts her research into action each and everyday! Learn from Shelby and follow her journey online or in person. Email her now to chat more about YOUR Mental Edge and Mental Performance! EMAIL NOW

The Fit Life – 2020.08 – Food has Incredible Power

Meet Holistic Nutritionist – Morgan Scoyne, Founder of THE III Wellness and for those of you who know her, an inspired and passionate woman focused on helping the community and world around her improve their nutrition and health! The III stands for the connection between Mind-Body-Spirit, the crucial components to living your ideal and fulfilling life!

The following is a guide to conquer your Mindset & Food Quality for success towards the food that powers your body on a daily basis.

Food & Nutrition transcends into every part of our life.

First of all, calories are energy and is what sustains our living and breathing. While we often have the privilege and resources to eat based on wants, we physically need food. We all do, which means it’s a commonality between every single one of us.

How often do you spend time with friends and family without food or drink in the vicinity? Answer: not often, which means we are brought together through food, too.

In addition, nutrient dense food has incredible power in how we feel which can ultimately be a catalyst to forming optimistic thoughts and driving positive behaviours, like choosing to go to the gym, making confident decisions at work or simply saying hi to a stranger. On the flip side, however, if we don’t feel well, we are more likely to accept negative thoughts or actions that don’t particularly serve us or our goals. Lastly, there is a huge connection between food and emotions. The state of our relationship with food is often valuable insight into other areas of our lives, and stress of certain areas of our lives can be evident through food choices and eating patterns.

My point is this – we can’t run away from food. If we want to feel good and do good, if we want to improve our lives and the lives of our children, if we want to continue reaching our personal potential, we can’t afford not to prioritize it in some way.

But how do we begin, or keep striving for improvements?

First – tackle your mindset…

(1)  Throw away the idea of perfection

Despite what Instagram might suggest, there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ in the lives of you and I.

  • Some days you will have your fancy pre-prepped meals neatly tucked away in your fridge for you or your family.
  • Some days you’ll need to find something on-the-go and some days you’ll be stuck trying to spice up a piece of bread.
  • Some days you’ll eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables and some days you’ll struggle to get two.

Building routine helps, but life happens.

For the sake of your mental and physical health, let go of the idea that every day needs to be flawless, and instead begin to learn how you can adapt to the days and weeks that don’t go as planned.

(2)  Failure is a stepping stone

You likely started your bike riding skills with training wheels, and then you probably took them off only to fall and get a giant gouge on your knee. Ah, the beauty of failure – but chances are it opened up some type of learning experience. The same goes for food.

  • Try prepping all your meals at once, and if doesn’t work, change it to evening prep.
  • Try making a certain recipe, and if it doesn’t turn out, tweak it the next time.
  • Try implementing certain foods, and if you get out of habit, start again.

For the sake of your mental and physical health, get used to getting back up after you fall.

Second, tackle your food quality:

(1)  Think critically about the farm to table process before you buy

If you’re questioning how “healthy” something is before you purchase it, take a moment and think critically about the timeline, or how long it would take to bring it from farm to table. Let’s use apples for example.

  • If you are purchasing an apple at the farmers market, it was likely picked by the farmer and brought to the market. Simple, right?
  • Well, if you are at the grocery store, it likely went from farmer to shipping facility to the grocery store to your cart, extending the farm-to-table timeline.
  • For apple sauce, even despite one single ingredient, the apples would go from farmer to a processing facility where the peel was removed and the apples were boiled, and then packaged and then transported to the grocery store.
  • Then, there is apple sauce with additional ingredients for improved taste or shelf life that adds yet another layer of processing.

Sometimes there’s a time and a place for all of these items, but if you’re confused about the health of a food, think critically about where it’s been.

(2)  Have some go-to quick and simple recipes

If you want to be able to manage a lifestyle, you will likely have to eat familiar foods – but that doesn’t have to mean broccoli and chicken all day every day. Have your go-to recipes and find minor ways to switch them up.

  • Keep a basic recipe for chili, and switch up the beans, veggies or meat.
  • Keep a basic routine around egg cups but switch up the ingredients in them. Spinach, Peppers, Onions, etc.
  • Have a go-to bowl and switch up the grain base or dressing.

This allows you to eat well, while saving you time and energy. And then, on days you have a little energy to spare, try new recipes, switch up the routine and find additional ways to keep things interesting.

(3)  Know your goals, and remember you can’t put all your energy everywhere

You can choose two of the following that fit your goals the best (not all three….):

  1. Higher quality food
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Quick and accessible.

I get it, we want it all, and to a certain extent, we can – but at some point we have to be willing to prioritize. If your goal is to put more time and energy into your career or family, maybe you have to spend a little more money for someone else to do the prep of good quality food. If your goal is to save money, that likely means making your quality food at home. Think of it as three parts of the same pie.

Lastly…remember what’s best for you at this period in your lifeand allow it to be good enough.

(1)  Something you can stick to that includes real food.

Food is meant to provide energy, not drain it, and spike your taste buds, not your anxiety levels.

Improving our relationship with food and nutrition is a process that should be taken in small strides. There’s days where we’re confidently riding the bike, days where we fall hard, and days that we need to be reminded to look back and see how far we’ve come.

So think about it. How far have you come, and what’s your next baby step?

Send me an email or reach out to me in anyway to chat about how far you have come and your next baby step

Start today by downloading a FREE RECIPE from one of Morgan’s Favourite Treats!

The Fit Life – 2020.07 – Mobility vs Flexibility

Meet Dr. Kyle Simpson, Chiropractor and Movement Specialist who is slowly helping each and everyone of us at LP move better, feel better and perform better through education, treatment and quality movement.

Today Doc Kyle is educating us on a typically very misunderstood topic of MOBILITY VS FLEXIBILITY

If I had $1 for every time a patient measured their mobility by whether they could bend over and touch their palms to the ground…. I would at least have a steady stream of coffee money each week.


The amount of controllable motion across a joint that one possesses. 

This essentially boils down to a combination of flexibility and strength. One can be flexible, but without the requisite strength in that position there is no control over this movement, and thus no useful real-life application. The converse applies where strength is present, though flexibility is lacking.

Static Stretching?!?!

As such, why do most people habitually train for “mobility” in passive conditions (ie: minimal muscle activation)? 

AKA: Holding a static stretch for a period of time will result in temporary improvements in flexibility, but what good is this without reinforcing muscular control in this new found range?

Every joint is equipped with mechanoreceptors that relay information to the joint capsule and surrounding ligaments. If you are only working in the mid-ranges of a joint these mechanoreceptors don’t seem to fire properly. This means that if you were to only train in a mid-range of motion


Let’s use a cyclist as an example, you will become very efficient in that range, but the joints and supportive tissues will not perform optimally when tested outside of their expected range. If this cyclist always stretches before races, but never works on developing strength at the end-ranges of movement they will have an increased risk of injury.


“OK, so how the am I supposed to improve my squat depth because my hips feel tight as all hell!?” 

Simple. Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs), along with Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs / RAILs). Ok, let me explain this…..

Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) – Assessment Tool

CARs are used to assess mobility and improve articular (joint) control within your current useable range of motion. Think of them as really intense “arm or hip circles”, where you are working hard to express the full range of motion that the joint is capable of. It is common to find “sticking points” during these movements, which can usually indicate areas of tension within the surrounding soft tissues. This will give you an idea of where your mobility limitations lie, and where to focus your efforts moving forward.

Here is a video discussing CARs at the hip:

Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs/RAILs)

PAILs / RAILs use isometric loading across a joints perceived “end-range” to expand its useable range of motion by improving neuromuscular control. 

Isometric contractions help to reinforce tissue adaptations and bring active control over a particular range. Essentially, we are improving flexibility in the joints end-ranges while simultaneously providing strength and control. 

Remember: Mobility is the combination of flexibility and strength. Without the other, true mobility does not exist. The key to performing these movements properly is establishing full body tension to create stability throughout the entire body, allowing focused movement to occur about the desired joint while reducing movement compensations elsewhere in the body.

This exists along a continuum (think of __% of total max tension) and the amount of tension required will depend on the current range of motion and mobility goals.

Here is a video applying PAILs/RAILs in the 90×90 position:

When the above fails?!

When the above fails there may be some element of joint dysfunction or myofascial limitation that needs some added attention. This might come in the form of joint manipulation, acupuncture, soft tissue release, or other forms of therapy.

If you’ve made it this far – congratulations! You are well on your way to a better understanding of mobility. Send me a message with any questions or to chat further!

-Doc Kyle

Functional Movement Assessments

Next Session – Saturday February 22nd

If you would like to book a Functional Movement Assessment with Doc Kyle to get your Full Body Mobility Tested, you can book on the Limitless Performance APP, under Member Services, Physiotherapy, Functional Movement Assessment


Not an LP Member and Training for a massive goal or hit a plateau? Go back to the basics. Build your engine. Build your strength. Improve your mobility. Than begin to specialize in your particular area of focus.

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

The Fit Life – 2020.06 – 10 Components of Fitness

We know you have MASSIVE Fitness Goals in 2020 BUT it’s sometimes scary and confusing to know what to focus on, right?!?! The Top 10 Components of Fitness will help you prioritize your focus and come back to the basics when you are stuck at a plateau or want to take your training to the next level!

We consistently see athletes that make their particular sport look easy or effortless. When we start to analyze what makes them exceptional at what they do, we break it down to these 10 Components of Fitness. Starting with a base of endurance, stamina, strength and progressing to the more sport specific components including speed, agility and power!

Here is a breakdown of the Top 10 Components and how you can start developing yourself into the strongest and fittest athlete possible!

Top 10 Components of Fitness

Base Health/Fitness Components


Your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles during exercise. The stronger your endurance, the more efficient you body can deliver oxygen to your muscles. EX: Running, Biking, Rowing, etc for greater than 2 minutes in duration.


AKA Muscular Endurance. Your muscles’ ability to exert force repeatedly or for an extended period of time. High volume body weight movements are the most common way to build stamina. Unfortunately, you need to build the muscular endurance of each muscle group. EX. Accumulate 100 Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats, Box Jumps, etc


Your muscles’ ability to exert a maximum amount of force in one effort. Full body functional strength is generated most commonly with weighted movements. Strength is considered one of the most important components of fitness that will establish you as an Athlete. EX: Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, etc.


Your muscles’ and joints’ ability to move through their full range of motion. Flexibility is crucial to avoid injury in your training. Flexibility is also important to effectively use your strength in all ranges of motion. This is referred to as Mobility, the balance of strength and flexibility through the entire range of motion of the muscle and/or joint.

Sport Specific Skill Related Components


The ability to perform actions or cover distance quickly. This skill based component is specific to your sport and is not an indicator of overall fitness. Focus on increasing speed in particular areas to excel in your sport. EX: Sprinting, Plyometrics, Sled Push.


Power is explosiveness. The combination of strength, flexibility and speed. The ability or capability of your body to produce physical force. Power in your particular sport is related to the force you can create over a distance and/or period of time. EX: Olympic Lifting, Track & Field, Football, Hockey are top power sports for athletes.


Agility is one of the most complex skill based components of fitness. It refers to your ability to minimize the transition time from one movement sequence to another. You must be patient and perseverant if you want to improve your agility. An agility ladder can be an excellent tool to assist you to improve your agility and speed. EX: Quick lateral movements in any sport to beat a defender such as Basketball, Football, Soccer or Hockey.


Body and spacial awareness. Balance is an important fitness component that refers to your ability to control the placement of your body’s center of gravity about its support base. Core strength plays an important role to improve your balance. So, working on core strength exercises can improve your balance. Balance becomes extremely important under fatigue, when you need your body to perform at it’s best! Whether you are running, biking, playing a team sport or in CrossFit Balance is crucial to your success as an athlete.


Coordination is a fitness component that refers to your ability to combine and execute several distinct movement patterns balancing with a singular activity. Coordination is sport specific, whether it is hitting/catching a baseball, dribbling a basketball or soccer ball or snatching a barbell from the floor to overhead. You need to combine different movement patterns with a single activity. As it is a skill-based component of fitness, you must practice the basics a lot to improve your coordination.


Accuracy is another fitness component that is purely skill based. It refers to your ability to control the movement in a fixed direction and at a fixed intensity. Accuracy is very important for sports such as gymnastics, football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, etc. There is no alternative of practice to improve your accuracy. The more you practice, the more accuracy you achieve.

How to Prioritize:

Prioritize your Fitness and the results will follow in a massive way. The above components have been arranged according to their importance in determining the fitness of your body. You might lack accuracy, and you can still be a fit person, but you are not a fit person if you lack cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength or flexibility.

Training for a massive goal and hit a plateau? Go back to the basics. Build your engine. Build your strength. Improve your flexibility. Than begin to specialize in your particular area of focus.

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

The Fit Life – 2020.05 – I AM AN LP COACH

I AM AN LP COACH and my role is to lead, motivate, inspire, educate and support a group of self-motivated and goal-oriented individuals, looking for the proven tools and resources to live a high-performance lifestyle.  

I understand that the LP Member wants to follow a leading-edge program with guaranteed results. They want to be led by motivating, inspiring and educated coaches. They want to be surrounded by a highly motivated community of like-minded individuals who are also in the pursuit of living their best life!

Heading into 2020 your Team of LP Coaches are more inspired than ever to lead, motivate, inspire, educate and support you in your pursuit to living a high-performance lifestyle and conquer your health and fitness goals!

LP Coaches Role:

  • Lead & Inspire through leading by example in their own health and fitness on a daily basis. Attacking and conquering their fitness pursuits. Living The Fit Life with their Fitness, Nutrition & Recovery.
  • Motivate & Support you each and every time you come to LP to conquer what you never imagined possible. Pushing harder, running faster and lifting more than you did yesterday. Finally, Pushing you to be a little better each and every day because we care about your Goals as much as you do.
  • Educate & Guide you as your experts in regards to your fitness, nutrition and training because we know the LP Member is always improving and always looking for ways to get better in all aspects of their lives.

Meet Your LP Coaches

Coach Adam Voll

Former Ryerson University Basketball Star, turned Strength Coach and Nutrition Guru, Adam is ready to share his passion and expertise for Strength Training, Athletic Training and Nutrition. Look no further than Coach Adam for advanced cues and pointers on your big lifts. Coach Adam is super excited to be a part of the LP Family and can’t wait to smash some fitness goals alongside everyone this year!!!

Coach Glorian Ganza

Former University of Waterloo Running Back, Glorian is a phenomenal athlete sharing his passion for fitness, training and high performance with all of the LP Members. Glorian is not just a Coach, he is the Energizer Bunny giving the LP Members the confidence and encouragement they need to crush their goals! Want to get Stronger, Faster and more explosive, look to Coach Glow for your Fitness Goals!

Coach Katie Jamieson

Coach KTJ has been an LP member for over three years and is super excited to use the skills she has learned from her Master’s of Education to push you through a great workout! Coach KTJ is an absolute conditioning MONSTER, whether on the Rower, Bike or out on a Run, she is a force to be reckoned with! In her 3 years at LP, Coach KTJ has grown tremendously as an athlete, and she is excited to help others in the LP family to do the same by motivating and supporting you to set and crush BIG goals.

Coach Brock Emrich

Brock is an LP Original. Starting at LP as a Hockey Youngster he has developed an incredible level of fitness over the years with insane strength, mobility and technique in everything he does. Brock has MASSIVE Crossfit Goals over the next couple of years as he finishes up his hockey career and heads into the fitness world year round! Brock is excited for the opportunity to finally share what he has learned over the years to help you take your fitness to the next level!

Coach Laura Lee Dam

Coach LL can do it all! A MOM of two, Regional Manager and now Fitness Coach! Coach LL grew up as an athlete like many of us, but when life got busy she put her health aside for her family and career, until she met LP! Join Coach LL as she continues to challenge herself to do what she never imagined possible in her health and fitness! Because, after 5+ Years of transforming her own health and fitness and taking ownership of her life back, she is on fire to help all of the LP Members do the same!

Coach Megan Bezruki

Coach Meg is a savy LP Veteran who has brought so much to the table for LP, specializing in PRE-HAB and acting as the in-house LP Physiotherapist Assistant. Also, Coach Meg is no stranger to the Competition floor, getting her first taste of the CrossFit Open and hungry for more! Coach Meg is “The Members” Coach connecting, relating and sympathizing with YOUR aches and pains! She’s always there for a good heart to heart about her “favourite” LP Workouts 😉

Coach Alex Demrovsky

Coach Alex is like an encyclopedia when it comes to anything and everything strength, mobility, gymnastics and conditioning! Coach Alex has a MASSIVE Passion for sharing the knowledge he has learned to help you CRUSH your Goals. Coach Alex is hyper-focused on getting better everyday. He takes his training very seriously and is always looking for ways to improve. You can catch Coach Alex Lifting Huge Weights, Crushing Conditioning Workouts or Flying high on the Chin-up Bar or Rings!

Coach Morgan Scoyne

Coach Morgan; the friend you wish you always had, always there to listen, cares about your goals as much as you do and has incredible knowledge and wisdom to share! You can count on Coach Morgan to push you hard in your workouts, sweat it out alongside you as your #1 Fan and always be there for a conversation about your goals, dreams and ambitions! Follow Coach Morgan’s lead as she embarks on the next chapter of her career and continues to make her health and fitness a massive priority in her life!

Coach Michelle de Jong

The Boss! Accountability is the name of the game. If you are looking for a Coach to to push you each workout to hit your targets and hit your numbers, Coach Michelle will do just that. After years of Varsity level sports, Coach Michelle knows how to set goals, make a plan and attack it! Follow Coach Michelle as she constantly pushes outside of her comfort zone to learn, grow and develop her knowledge, wisdom and abilities in all aspects of her life!

Coach Adam de Jong

Your Fearless leader! Look to Coach Adam to spearhead the next insane endeavour for the LP Family, program the next insane block of workouts and lead the way in training and competition! Coach Adam will be your #1 Cheerleader whether you hit a personal best or push it to the limit on a conditioning workout. Status quo is not in Coach Adam’s vocabulary, follow his journey and chase him on the way to your next insane feat of fitness!

Results = Hard Work + Goals + Plan + Accountability

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

The Fit Life – 2020.04 – Mind Over Matter

Wendy Pauls’ 2019 journey to building a growth mindset, overcoming obstacles with positive self talk and goal setting focused on process, performance and outcome goals has helped the rest of us create a framework for success in 2020!

Last year for the NYBY Challenge, Wendy committed to choose an event she would complete in 2019. She ended up choosing her very first triathlon – an Ironman 70.3. One of the reasons she chose that event was she wasn’t 100% sure she could do it. She was reasonably confident about the bike and run…but she didn’t know how to do the front crawl. Her default mindset in athletics is fixed – She doesn’t like doing things she’s not good at and learning to swim would mean being a beginner, making a lot of mistakes.

When she started her training, she couldn’t even do one lap in the pool. She had to work up to that. She made progress and was feeling pretty good until she hit a major setback. It was her first open water swim training event – an 800 metre loop (she planned to do twice) followed by a 5 K run. Something went wrong within the first couple minutes and it was a disaster. She struggled to finish one lap. This was about 6 weeks before event day. Her default response? “I am f-ed.”

But her mantra she had chosen for this training was “I will find a way, or make one”. So she decided to try to find a way. For her, that meant completely changing her swim approach. She bought an online course based on a recommendation and started practising uber basic drills in the pool. She didn’t know if it would work, but she had to try something. 

On race day – July 28. She swam 1,950 metres without stopping and went on to complete the bike and run to cross the finish line. She will tell you to demonstrate the power of mindset, “if I hadn’t adopted a growth mindset at the very beginning, I wouldn’t have even registered. And when I experienced the major setback, I would have spared myself by dropping out.”

She believes LP has helped her shift toward a growth mindset. How? 

  • emphasizing practice and skill development
  • emphasizing persistence 
  • encouraging everyone at THEIR level
  • acknowledging progress 
  • recently “element of doubt” – not shying away from possible failure
  • Choosing the hard thing on purpose!! 

Learning over the past year at LP that conquering MASSIVE Goals is a PHYSICAL & MENTAL task that takes support in both spectrums.

To support us all on our journeys in 2020, we have built a super powered Mental Performance Team to guide us on our journey and prepare us for the Challenges ahead. Meet Life Coach Wendy Pauls and Mental Performance Coach Shelby Rodden-Aubut.

Meet your Mental Performance Coaches:

Shelby Aubut – Mental Performance Coach

“My interest in sport psychology began when I was playing competitive hockey and has continued to grow and develop ever since.

Now in my PhD at Laurier for Kinesiology, I run mental performance sessions for student-athletes to help move their performance from better to best.

I want to bring performance focused mental skills to the LP challenge to help everyone develop and train both their bodies and minds through simple skills to facilitate stronger performance. I’m excited to help athletes not only achieve their goals but transform their lifestyles!”

Here is a sneak peak into what Shelby has been helping the NYBY Challengers with as they conquer their pursuit!

Wendy Pauls – Professionally Trained Life Coach

Wendy is a professionally trained Life Coach and a Certified Teacher/Trainer of Adults. She is passionate about empowering people like you to be their best selves. Part therapist, part cheerleader, part self-help tutor, part friend, part nag — Wendy seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body.

Wendy has been a committed LP member for five years. She loves breaking a good sweat (“earning” her shower) and appreciates the encouragement and accountability of the LP coaches and fellow members

Wendy is helping the NYBY Challengers in the following ways:

  • Defining a Mantra and a WHY around their Goals
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Setbacks

Learn more about Wendy Pauls and how she can help you with your massive goals by visiting her website.

Have Massive Fitness Goals in 2020?!?!

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

The Fit Life – 2020.03 – Performance Partners

Picture yourself showing up on race day, nervous, excited and anxious BUT ready to crush your goal! Because 6-months ago you began planning and preparing for your Race! Today you will crush your first 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathalon, Ironman, CrossFit Competition or whichever insane Pursuit you have been preparing for!

BUT remember 6-months ago when you had NO clue where or how to get started! Do I just start running a lot? What gear do I buy? Where do I swim? What skills should I focus on? How do I prevent injury?

All VERY valid questions for any newbie or even amateur in their sport looking to take their training to the next level! AND as we enter into 2020 FULL SPEED ahead! 3-months, 6-months or even 8-months out from our Race Day, we have taken out as many of the “Who, What, When, Why, Where and Hows” as possible so that the super busy, hard working LP Members can crush their goals while getting on with their day-to-day lives!

To do this we have surrounded the LP Members with a group of Sport Specific Specialist Coaches to help them build a plan to attack their goals! Oh ya, and help them overcome any obstacles that jump out and bite them along the way!

Meet your Performance Partners:

Coach Mark Cullen – Endurance Coach

Mark has been competing in endurance events for nearly 10 years. Combining this with his Kinesiology degree and love for learning he has been helping endurance athletes of all levels push the limits of what they thought were possible and integrate training and racing into the demands of their life.

He has been part of the LP team for the last year and led the Triathlon group with training plans and in person coaching clinics in 2019 leading them to success in the Milton Sprint Triathalon, Welland Long Course Triathalon and Scotiabank Half/Full Marathon!

Mark has created general plans for those looking to tackle endurance running and triathlon events with an option for personal coaching for those interested. He is most excited to be joining the crew in the trenches of the day to day work as he plans to race a number of endurance events leading up to Ironman Florida in November.

Coach Lizzy Hughes – Trail Running/OCR Coach

“This is me! I got into the trail community young and managed to complete my first 100 mile race when I was 19. I have been enjoying long races on the trail ever since. 

This past year I joined LP while I was training for my third 200 mile race. I utilized the strength workouts (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) the most and quickly saw my strength increase. These heavy weight workouts gave me the extra strength to push through the mountains for four days, and helped me land 10th female in my race while cutting off 12 hours from my previous best time.

I am excited to introduce the LP community to the trail community, which are both welcoming and fun to be part of. I believe that the strength that LP athletes have gained in the gym will easily translate to fun and exciting opportunities in the trail scene!”

Coach Chad Mueller – CrossFit Coach

Chad has been heavily involved in the LP Family for the past five years. He loves pushing through LP workouts, and spending extra time in the cave. He is a major ambassador in the LP community and wants to continue to share his passion of CrossFit with others.

Chad is going to help you understand and develop what is needed to attack your next CrossFit challenge, focusing on:

The CrossFit Season, Practice vs Training & Skill Development

Chad is an ongoing learner of CrossFit (with his primed 6’5” CrossFit physique) and has turned his attention from “throwing-down” to educating. He is passionate in supporting athletes in reaching their first muscle-up, or crushing a new PR time in a CrossFit classic. While there are hundreds of CrossFit Experts, Chad is here to help filter out the noise and transfer all the knowledge into simple principles, building a framework for CrossFit success at any level.

We got this LP Fam! 2020 is OUR Year!

Team LP is super excited to help all of you create the ultimate plan for success in 2020 and if you haven’t already downloaded the FREE Training Plan that gets you the most excited to pursue in 2020 and be sure to show up on Race Day Ready to CRUSH your Goals – Do It!

Have Massive Fitness Goals in 2020?!?!

Email us and let us know your Goal so we can connect you with the correct Coach to start making your perfect plan today!

The Fit Life – 2020.02 – Train Like an ATHLETE

Athlete’s are not defined by age! Athlete’s are defined by a mindset. A mindset of daily improvement. A focus improving their technical, physical and mental capabilities.

At Limitless Performance, all of our Members train like athletes. The LP Program is designed to develop technical, physical and mental abilities on a daily basis. In the LP Program their is no limit or ceiling to an athlete’s development. We show up everyday to improve. 1% Better. You Just Got Better.

We take this mindset into designing the LP Program. Our sport is life. We need to be fit, we need to be strong, we need to be resilient, we need to be tough and we need to approach everyday with a growth mindset.

Build your Foundation!

The LP Program is designed to prepare you for whatever endeavour you seek out in life. Whatever sport, challenge, race or competition you pursue. The focus of the LP Program is to build the strongest base of Strength, Conditioning and overall fitness possible so that you can conquer anything you set your mind to!


The LP Strength Program is broken down into 4 x 12 Week Phases throughout the year. Each phase building off the previous phase to create continual progress each training day, week, month and phase:

  • Phase 1 – Base Strength – Focus on Building Perfect Form & Technique at lighter loads, moderate intensity and high volume (sets & reps)
    • EX: Back Squat – 10 Sets x 3 Reps @ 70% 1RM
  • Phase 2 – Strength & Stability – Focus on building strength, stability and muscle balance throughout the entire range of motion. Time under tension is the name of the game.
    • EX: Back Squat – 4 Sets x 4 Reps w/ Tempo 44X1
  • Phase 3 – Strength & Power – Focus on lower volume and heavier loads. Use the base of strength and stability to generate power and force in your lifts.
    • EX: Back Squat – 3 Sets x 5 Reps @ 65, 75 & 85%
  • Phase 4 – Power & Speed – Focus on translating strength to power and power to speed with compound movements and explosive plyometric movements. Example.
    • Power Complex:
      • 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks.
    • Full Body Complex:
      • Back Squats 10-8-6-4-2 + after each set….
      • 6e Bulgarian Squat Jump & 8e Renegade Row


The LP Conditioning Program includes Anaerobic, Aerobic and Stamina/Muscular Conditioning. Each 12 Week Phase includes a combination of all three types of conditioning with a progression from phase to phase:

  • Phase 1 – Circuit Training – Combining anaerobic conditioning with muscular conditioning in multiple movements circuits to create an aerobic demand with circuit ranging from 2 – 10 minutes in duration.
  • Example E4MOM Complete:
    • 20/15 Cal Row, 15 Box Jumps, 10 DB Snatches
  • Phase 2 – Interval Training – Short, Medium & Long Intervals to test each and every energy system.
  • Example Assault Bike Intervals – 2 Rounds:
    • Minute 1: 12/9 Calorie Bike
    • Minute 2: 15/12 Calorie Bike
    • Minute 3: 20/15 Calorie Bike
  • Phase 3 – Steady State – Focus on keeping Heart Rate between 75-85% at a moderate intensity to build a base of conditioning in Running, Rowing & Biking while still incorporating Stamina.
  • Example with Buy In and Buy Out:
    • 1,000m Run, directly into…
    • 5 Rounds:
      • 10 Pull-Ups
      • 30 Air Squats
    • Directly into… 1,000m Run
  • Phase 4 – Blitz Conditioning – Partner Battle, Leapfrog Circuits and Team Challenges.
  • Example In Teams of 3 Complete:
    • 120 Cal Bike/Row,
    • 120 Box Jump Overs,
    • Team Med Ball 1.2km Run
    • 90 Cal Bike/Row,
    • 90 Box Jump Overs,
    • Team Med Ball 900m Run
    • 60 Cal Bike/Row,
    • 60 Box Jump Overs,
    • Team Med Ball 600m Run
    • 30 Cal Bike/Row,
    • 30 Box Jump Overs,
    • Team Med Ball 300m Run

Having long-term success requires constant challenge, continued variation and a balance of Training and Practice to push you to be your best short-term and long-term!

The LP Members have massive goals that they are striving towards this year! We take pride in helping them develop their Foundation of Strength and Conditioning so they can conquer any race, competition or pursuit they take on.

Have Massive Goals in 2020 and serious about your Fitness? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.

The Fit Life – 2020.01 – 1% Better EVERYDAY

We hear it all the time! New Year NEW ME! Well unfortunately we cannot change who we are! I know that’s not the point, but the mindset needs to be pointed in the right direction to get the best results!

You CANNOT change who you are but you CAN change your habits, your actions and your mindset. You don’t need to change who you are. You just need to start taking small daily actions that will move you in the direction towards your goal!

Go into 2020 with the right mindset and approach to crush your Goals! Check out the Leaders in Habit Building and Mindset Work that will be leading and guiding LP Members to great Success in 2020:

1% Better Everyday – James Clear

We love James Clear and his philosophies explained in his book Atomic Habits including;

You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of of your systems. All big things come from small beginnings. Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived.

James Clear, Atomic Habits
  1. Build a system for getting 1% better every day.
  2. Break your bad habits and stick to good ones.
  3. Avoid the common mistakes most people make.
  4. Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower.
  5. Develop a stronger identity and believe in yourself.
  6. Make time for new habits (even when life gets crazy).
  7. Design your environment to make success easier.
  8. Make tiny, easy changes that deliver big results.
  9. Get back on track when you get off course.
  10. And most importantly, how to put these ideas into practice in real life.

Growth vs Fixed Mindset – Carol Dweck

Thank you Wendy Pauls for reminding us to lose our fear of failing and focusing on our own improvement instead of comparing ourselves to others.

The fixed mindset is associated with the fundamental belief that your ability level is limited by natural talent.

The growth mindset is associated with the fundamental belief that your abilities and outcomes are influenced by hard work/effort. 

From the research of world renowned author Carol Dweck and her book Mindset CLICK HERE to watch her TED Talk on the “Power of Believing you can Improve”

Your Focus starts here:

To live The Fit Life your focus starts on building habits around your Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery and Mindset!

Select a one or two key components from each category and start building strong habits day by day to achieve success and live your BEST Life in 2020!

Here are the Key Areas that the NYBY Challengers will be following to build habits and routines that will lead them to great success in 2020:

Interested in making a lifestyle change in 2020? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.

The Fit Life – 2019.48 – Stronger Together

Surround yourself with others that push you to be your absolute best. Who push you to work harder. Who push you to be better. Who motivate and inspire you. Those who are on the same Mission as you. Those who have the same Vision as you. Those who live by the same Values as you.

Merry Christmas to all of you who push us to be better. Who push each other to be better. Who believe and understand that we are STRONGER TOGETHER. Who know that if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Let’s finish off 2019 Strong. Be grateful for our families, friends and loved ones that surround us. Take the time to re-charge and get ready for a MASSIVE 2020.

Ask yourself, who do I want to be in 2020. Start dreaming big. Start setting massive goals. Because in 2020 you will be surrounded by all of the support and accountability that you need to achieve great success.

Limitless Performance has built a team of Coaches, Professionals and Partners to help you set the goals, build the plan and hold you accountable throughout your journey to living your best life.

Now start dreaming because we have built a framework of fitness preparation, mental performance tools, nutrition resources and optimal health guidelines as well as the resources of our NYBY Performance Coaches and the accountability from LP and fellow challengers, the NYBY is going to create a groundbreaking start to your 2020 PURSUIT.


Get signed up today so you can get a head start into the Challenge planning, preparation and resources. The NYBY Kick-Off Party will be on January 4th, immediately following the Saturday HIIT workout with official tracking beginning on Monday, January 6th and running until February 14th.

Join us in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge to redefine who you are. 

Interested in making a lifestyle change in 2020? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.