The Fit Life – 2019.47 – Re-Define Yourself in 2020

WHO will you become in 2020?!?! Join Riley as he chases after his MASSIVE Goals in 2020 with Ironman 70.3 Calgary and the Squamish 50 Mile Trail Race!

And Riley isn’t the only one! Adam De Jong – Ironman 140.6 Mount Tremblant Michelle De Jong – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Bridget O’Neill – GoodLife Toronto Marathon Liz Akeroyd – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Jim Martin – Paris to Ancaster Bike Dave Aston – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Darryl King – Ironman 70.3 Musselman Austin Partridge – Squamish 50KM Caroline Harvey – CrossFit Open Mike Harvey – CrossFit Open AND WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! WHO IS NEXT?!?!

REMEMBER: The purpose of these pursuits is not the distance, the speed or the strength required. It’s about pushing the envelope of what we think we are capable of. It’s not about changing who we are, but rather redefining what’s mentally and physically possible in our lives.

Are you up for a Challenge?!?!

Riley and the rest of the crew are somewhat new to these crazy challenges as adults but grew up loving sports and being active! BUT like you, as work and life got in the way, he found himself holding back from chasing after his big goals and dreams!

Do you have MASSIVE Goals but are scared to chase after them because you don’t know where to start, or don’t have the plan to follow, or don’t have the support of the community around you?!?!

In the NYBY Challenge, Riley will be working with Endurance Coach Mark Cullen and Trail Running/Ultra Coach Lizzy Hughes to build a plan, install the necessary habits and have the accountability he needs to CRUSH his MASSIVE Goals in 2020!

He will be focusing on the following KEY COMPONENTS of Fitness and Health to ensure that he CRUSHES his Goals while staying healthy and strong!

Key Components:

Fitness Each NYBY challenger will identify a major fitness pursuit for 2020 and utilize the NYBY challenge to begin preparation through: Weekly routine. LP workouts. Sport specific training. Accessory strengthening or stretching plans. Rest days.
Mental Performance Coach Wendy & Coach Shelby will provide Challengers to take on some degree of ‘mental training’ for their given pursuit through: A brief weekly check-in. Applying lessons from a sports psychologist. Reflecting on the previous week.
Optimal Health While priority will be on fitness and mental performance, challengers will be required to choose at least one optimal health habitwith the understanding that these habits will contribute to greater performance in their 2020 pursuit. Sleep routine. Personal development. Mindfulness.
Nutrition Challengers will also be required to select at least one nutrition habit to enhance training sessions, support energy levels and improve recovery. Meal prep. Performance fuel. PN protocol.

Are you ready for MORE?!?!

Self-motivated, hard working and goal oriented individuals have a vision and a mission for their life. They are in charge of their life. They set out to achieve great accomplishments.

They don’t just do it for themselves! They do it for their family, they do it to inspire their kids, they do it to lead those around them, they do it to overcome challenge, they do it to keep their inner athlete alive, they do it for continual growth!

2020 is here – Chase the goals you have put off for years.

We are embarking on a new decade. 2020 is around the corner. How do you want to live life in 2020?!?! Do you want another year to fly by. Status quo. Stagnant progress. OR do you want to live life to the absolute fullest. Fill your days with Purpose, Passion and Pursuit!


The NYBY Kick-Off Party will be on January 4th, immediately following the Saturday HIIT workout with official tracking beginning on Monday, January 6th and running until February 14th.

Join us in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge to redefine who you are. 

Interested in making a lifestyle change in 2020? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.

The Fit Life – 2019.46 – What’s your 2020 Pursuit?!?!

When you started your Fitness journey, daily workouts, losing a few lbs and seeing progress with your strength and cardio was enough to keep you motivated. To keep you coming back day after day. To keep you inspired to eat healthy day in and day out!

Are you ready for MORE?!?!

BUT those days are over. You’ve crushed your body composition goals, you’re pretty darn strong and your overall fitness is wayyyy above average! Not to mention, eating healthy is a regular part of your routine. Now it’s time to find a new sense of motivation to keep you driving towards a new goal and continuous improvement.

Your next PURSUIT!

With over 100 3+ Year Members at LP, they are ready for the next level in their fitness journey! Being fit and healthy is the norm. Getting in a daily workout is part of the routine. And it’s time to challenge ourselves to more! That Ultimate Pursuit. A goal that scares you a little. A goal that gives your fitness journey a greater purpose again.

Life at LP for Members, Coaches and Leaders is all about Continuous Daily Improvement. 1% Better Everyday. Habits. Routines. Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot. It’s not a workout, it’s a lifestyle. You Just Got Better. The Fit Life.

Are you looking for more? Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Are you ready for a race, competition or sport that pushes you way outside of your comfort zone?

Well, this is exactly what the LP Members told us! WE WANT MORE!

Say HELLO to the 2020 Limitless Pursuits! Crossfit Competitions, Triathlons, Ironman, Marathons, Half-Marathons, Bike Races, Adventure Races, Obstacle Course Races and LP Challenges!

Why do you do it?!?!

Self-motivated, hard working and goal oriented individuals have a vision and a mission for their life. They are in charge of their life. They set out to achieve great accomplishments.

They don’t just do it for themselves! They do it for their family, they do it to inspire their kids, they do it to lead those around them, they do it to overcome challenge, they do it to keep their inner athlete alive, they do it for continual growth!

2020 is here – Chase the goals you have put off for years.

We are on the embarking on a new decade. 2020 is around the corner. How do you want to live life in 2020?!?! Do you want another year to fly by. Status quo. Stagnant progress. OR do you want to live life to the absolute fullest. Fill your days with Purpose, Passion and Pursuit!

Join the NYBY Challenge

The purpose of these pursuits is not the distance, the speed or the strength required. It’s about pushing the envelope of what we think we are capable of. It’s not about changing who we are, but rather redefining what’s mentally and physically possible in our lives. 


Each NYBY challenger will identify a major fitness pursuit for 2020. With coaches in each of the various areas of fitness to guide your training, and professionals in goal-setting and sports psychology, and education surrounding key lifestyle habits, your 2020 will be off to a groundbreaking start.


Each Challenger will create their own custom tracking sheet that will be completed daily and handed in weekly simply as a summary of your habits and routine around your fitness pursuit.


The NYBY Kick-Off Party will be on January 4th, immediately following the Saturday HIIT workout with official tracking beginning on Monday, January 6th and running until February 14th.

Join us in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge to redefine who you are. 

Interested in making a lifestyle change in 2020? Email us to see if LP is the right fit for you to start living the Fit Life.

The Fit Life – 2019.46 – Defined by our Values

Life at LP for Members, Coaches and Leaders is all about Continuous Daily Improvement. 1% Better Everyday. Habits. Routines. Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot. It’s not a workout, it’s a lifestyle. You Just Got Better. The Fit Life.

Each year as LP approaches the Annual Christmas Gala, Adam & Michelle reflect on the year that has passed. Highlighting the incredible accomplishments of the members, noting the areas of improvement and setting massive goals for the year ahead! 

In 2018, we set-out to polish up our branding and communication to really identify who we are and more importantly who our members are and what characteristics make them high performers!

Seems easy right?!? We see them everyday, we train, sweat and compete with them. BUT, without taking the time, it’s easy to forget that the LP Community isn’t just any ordinary group of people… They are: 

Self-motivated, hard working, goal oriented individuals, looking to surround themselves with other high performers so they can live their best life! 

The LP Members

It’s often easy to lose focus as you race through the day-to-day on who you are, who you set out to be! Agreed?!?! No different in business than in life! 

Luckily for us, the Annual Christmas Gala forces us to do this. In 2019 we went into the Gala thrilled about the year that had passed BUT wondering one thing in particular, and that was to determine how are we going to repeat this amazing year?!?! 

We realized quickly that we had to identify more than just who we were and who our members were BUT we had to be clear about the values that we live by as a community and how these values have lead to our members success! 

We live by them, our members live by them and our business succeeds because of them BUT it isn’t always easy digging in and finding the words to define and describe them!

Lucky for us, we are surrounded by an extremely talented group of individuals inside and outside the doors of LP and with the help of a very talented copywriter at LP, we were able to create incredibly meaningful and powerful core values that we believe in, that we embody and that lead us to success!

We had already defined that our VISION was to create a community that connected self-motivated, hard working and goal oriented individuals so they could pursue their goal of creating the best version of themselves in all aspects of their life!

The LP Vision

SO, the next step was to define the VALUES! The values that the LP Community will live by, the values that LP as a Business will be guided by and the values that will define our future!

Heading into 2020, these are the values that will push us to achieve and conquer what you never thought possible. LP has challenged you with a series of events, challenges and races that will push you to levels that will cause fear, uncertainty and doubt!

2020 is about helping you overcome limiting beliefs! 

Because the outcome on the other side of that finish line will be so much greater! The feeling of success, conquering, achievement, commitment, sacrifice, discipline and GRIT will take you to a whole new level in your personal and professional life! 

Join us in the 2020 New Year Best You Challenge to redefine who you are. 

To open your mind to new possibilities.To unleash your body’s limitless capabilities.

Whether it’s an Ironman, a half- marathon, a Crossfit competition, or an Obstacle Course Run, 2020 knows no limits.

It’s time to chase the goals that always felt out of reach and attack the dream that you’ve put off for years

2020 is here. 

Who will you become?

Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

The Fit Life – 2019.45 – It’s NOT a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

NOW is your chance to join this life changing program that Coach Michelle has discovered after years of trial and error, research and testing! She hesitates to call it a nutrition program, because it is a program that is going to change your life.

Precision Nutrition’s (PN) research-proven nutrition and lifestyle coaching is proven to get you into the best shape of your life and stay that way! Lose Weight, Build Strength, More Energy, Be Held Accountable, Make Healthy Living A Habit!


Coach Michelle has been doing research for over 7 years to find the perfect program and the platform to help you with your Nutrition so you can achieve the results you have always wanted and do it for life.

If you want help building daily habits, being held accountable with progress checks and gaining the education and knowledge so you can handle anything life throws your way forever, then the Precision Nutrition is a program you should learn more about.

It has always been such a challenge because nutrition is SOOO complicated, so many diets, so many myths, so much research… are you supposed to know what is best for you?!?! Don’t worry, it’s the struggle we ALL deal with. Let’s work together to avoid these diets and myths while focusing on daily habits, healthy choices and whole foods to get us the results we have always wanted with our health, fitness and body composition!


And this is another reason why Coach Michelle loves and trusts Precision Nutrition (PN). All of their amazing resources like the super shake guide, travel guide, meal pride guide and so much more!


Why does Coach Michelle love PN:

  • * Become your own nutrition coach
  • * Gain valuable nutrition knowledge
  • * Build life long habits
  • * Build a sustainable plan
  • * Create confidence in your food choices and meal prep
  • * Get down to the root of your eating behaviour

Over the past 8-Weeks Coach Michelle and Coach Morgan have been working with over 50 LP Members on the PN software to gain knowledge of the program and the results that are possible.


The Challenge was a massive success and the members loved PN for the results BUT more importantly because they felt like they we following a program and building a lifestyle that is sustainable!

How does PN Work?!?!

Step 1: Set your Goals

Step 2: Receive Custom Quick Start Guide

Step 3:

BUT this challenge is just the beginning of the PN Results. It isn’t a short term fix. We need to continue building your habits. Coach Michelle can help you build the lasting skills and habits necessary to look and feel better — for the long term. For life.

Whatever your goal, Coach Michelle has a plan for you:

PN Level 1 Coaching:
Is right for you if you an independent learner who who can hold yourself accountable and wants to take control of your nutrition by learning, developing and implementing the PN habits to achieve lifelong success.

PN Level 2 Coaching:
Is right for you if you want to achieve incredible results and know you need a little extra accountability to get there. You enjoys asking questions and gaining feedback in order to be confident in your progress and to ensure you are not wasting any of your time.
*ONLY 10 memberships available

PN Level 3 Coaching:
Is right for you if you are rocking your nutrition habits and are ready to take your results to the next level. If you have some specific goals in mind and need a personalized program and accountability to get there.
*ONLY 5 memberships available


Coach Michelle is excited to work exclusively with her PN Clients to give them the tools and resources they need to get the results they have always dreamed of!

* 100% Guaranteed*

Give me one year. You’ll get into the best shape of your life – or your money back. This is your chance to get in before it sells out. Coach Michelle is only accepting a small number of clients to Guarantee Results.

Coach Michelle

So if you’re ready to get the results you deserve. Then click the link below to get yourself a spot.


NOT ready to take make the commitment to changing your life and nutrition quite yet?!?! But want some great resources to slowly get started. Don’t forget to click the link below!


Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

The Fit Life – 2019.45 – Athlete Focused. Science Driven. F2C Nutrition.

I wish I would have known more about nutritional supplements and their benefits to my performance and my recovery soooo much sooner in my athletic career. Battling through daily workouts, practices and games took a tool on my body and trying to keep my strength and speed up all season long was always a battle. I always thought supplements were just for body builders and powerlifters, not endurance and team sport athletes! 

We believe that when you use F2C Nutrition products you have the potential to improve your performance and success. We believe that clean fuel is the only fuel worth using.

F2C Nutrition

Because I wasn’t educated and because I didn’t have these answers, I haven’t always been a huge supporter of supplements. I believed that I could get the same results by eating lots of food instead of taking the “easy” way out with supplements! Anyone feel the same way?!?! 

When I did use supplements, I would always cheap out and get the lower quality products because they cost less! Have you gone down that road? If so, you know that the “cheap” products give some serious digestion problems! Don’t they?

Endurance Products

Fast forward a decade, a lot more education, research, experience and a way better understanding of my body, I have made some changes. As I was preparing for my first Ironman Race, I knew I needed all the help I could get to fuel my body on long and gruelling 2+ hour runs and 3+ hour bike rides, so when I reached out to the endurance community to find out who they trusted, the unanimous answer was F2C! 

With their advice and some research into what I realized was a very like minded company to LP, I trusted F2C for my fuel and nutrition during long training sessions and on race day for my first and second Ironman races. 

BUT what about in the gym at LP?!?! I didn’t start using ALL of the F2C products until this season in the gym. I was only using their products as my intra-workout fuel but now I trust them with my before, during and post workout nutrition! 

Recovery Products

Here is what MY daily routine looks like: 

REHAB 3:1 – I use 1 scoop before workouts to provide me with 15 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbs to give my muscles the fuel they need to perform.

GLYCO-DURANCE – During Workout & Training Sessions I use 1 scoop of Glyco-Durance per hour of training which has 25 grams of carbs to keep me performing at a high level from the start to finish of my workouts.

VEGAN PURE – I use 1 scoop of the Vegan Pure Protein post workout for muscle recovery after a tough training.

Now, let’s get one thing super clear, my nutritional supplements DO NOT replace any of the amazing food I eat throughout the day. These supplements strictly serve as my workout preparation, performance and recovery.

Coach ADJ

Why LP Found F2C

F2C Nutrition was born from the vision and passion of Greg Cowan, founder and CEO. While training for Ironman Canada Greg struggled to find quality, clean nutritional products to support his own training and racing needs. Frustrated with what nutrition was available on the market at the time, Greg set out to develop products that reflected his values and principles and drew upon his deep knowledge of the natural health food industry. Valuing clean, naturally sourced ingredients supported by innovative scientific research, Greg created a robust endurance product line up. 

And we are excited to partner with them

Product Testing at LP:

On Monday November 25th at LP we are product testing a new line of Nutritional Supplements from F2C Nutrition. A company that like LP, is focused on creating the highest quality products and helping their athletes achieve their ultimate potential. F2C is focused on creating clean, all natural, quality nutritional supplements;

  • We believe everyone is an athlete not just a consumer. 
  • We believe that clean fuel is the only fuel worth using. 
  • We believe it is important to stand behind the quality of our products. 
  • We believe that when you use F2C Nutrition products you have the potential to improve your performance and success.

If you have Performance Goals, Body Composition Goals or Overall Health Goals – Nutritional Supplements are crucial to your success because they provide your muscles with the fuel they need to perform and recover! 

We are pumped to hear what our members think of the F2C products and help them understand which products are best for their training and results! 

Bring ALL the questions?!?!?! There are an insane amount of products on the market and it is often confusing to know and understand what products are best for your training and results.

  • Should I be taking supplements if i’m just a normal guy or girl???
  • Why do I need supplements if I eat well already??? 
  • Can I just buy the lowest price supplements??? 
  • What supplements do I need to take for my goals???

Don’t forget your Shaker Bottle on Monday LP Fam! 

Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

The Fit Life – 2019.44 – OPEN20

The Crossfit Open and Friday Night Lights has become a staple series of events in the LP Family that is just as fun and entertaining for the fans and spectators as it is for the athletes!

Enjoy some closing remarks from Head Coach Chad Mueller as he summarizes the amazing feats of fitness, hard work and FUN throughout the Open!

Open 20 has come and went with a bang. If you didn’t get a chance to see what LP’s edition of Friday Night Lights looked like – here is a recap for you!

For the past 5 weeks, a number of LP Athletes have thrown down and answered the call from Dave Castro the mastermind of the Crossfit season. The atmosphere was built with anxiousness, stress, sweat and rallied with support from our LP Family. Can’t send out a big enough thanks to all the supporters who cheered, and helped keep each athlete accountable for the 5 week grind!

To all the athletes, whether a cagy veteran, comeback kid or rookie – you attacked each night with a thirst for sweat and grit! LP threw down a full display of strength and excellence and I am very happy to be part of this community. Each year we have grown this milestone to be bigger and better, and that will continue.

The Workouts

You can sum up this years open to “Grunt Work”, 20 minute workouts, with minimal movements – just get the work done, here is a quick “review of the workouts;

10 Rds for time
8 Ground to overhead
10 bar facing burpees

Grunt work at it’s finest,
pace not race
20 minute AMRAP
4 DB Thursters
6 T2B
24 Double Unders

Again more grunt work, mixed
with a little skill.
21, 15, 9
Deadlifts & HSPU
21, 15, 9
Heavier Deadlifts &
50 ft Handstand Walk

A deadly repeat workout that requires strength and finesse
3 rounds of
30 Box Jumps
15 C&J (increasing weights,
decreasing 5 reps)
Followed by 3 rounds of
30 Pistols “single leg squats”
10 C&J (increasing weights,
decreasing 5 reps)

It’s either the pistols or the weights that’s gonna bite you in the ass!
40 Ring Muscle Ups
80-cal row
120 Wall Balls

Choose your own adventure – this was a fun one to challenge your strategy.
What will 21.1 Bring?!?!
Are you ready to join the Friday Night Lights Crew?!?!
Push yourself to the limit! Do what you never imagined possible!
Preparation starts NOW for October 2020

This open had some great storylines, here are a few:

The Elite

@Coach ADJ – Continued to showcase his super human status, he put up huge numbers again this time around. He placed in the top 50 4/5 workouts!

@Ally – Had her best start in any open she crushed the first two workouts with a 26th place on 20.2. This years open was bittersweet for Ally as she was injured mid-way but to most this would put us out for weeks, she came right back and placed 61st in 20.3 less then 5 days after suffering an injury. None of us are surprised on how much determination she showed to get the work done this year!

Young Guns!

@Coach Alex, @Brock Emrich – The young guns showed up going head to head and putting on a display of fitness each week. FULL SEND! Followed by “Came out too hot!” These young athletes have a bright future if they can take some cues from the masters club “pace not race”. 😉

The Rookies

@Brock Boehler, @Chris Dienesch, @Craig Seibel – Came each week ready and willing to do whatever it took. Some cases not even know the full details of the workout 😉 Simply Just did the work!

@Justin MacDonald, @Megan Bezruki – Unlike the above, these two might have thought about the workout a little more 😉 It would be a mistake to say they surpassed their expectations! Keep track of these two as they put on a display of skill and strength!

“The Big Men”

@Austin, @Garth – The only returning “Big Men” from Open19 – Throwing barbells around like they are pixie sticks! A lot of grunt and sweat was on display when these two were throwing down!

Rise & Grinders

Ian, Eddie, Chris Keller, The Boss, Betsy Pawson

@DadBodWodBod – No surprise Ian received “most improved” at this years awards gala! Ian put up an impressive performance, knocking off his competitors including taking 1st place in the Kindergarten Teachers around the globe division!

@Keller – This secret weapon goes about his business by crushing the dreams of his other opponents! You might not know this but the man is skilled with all the skills!!! Doing pistols like it’s nobody’s business, and flying on the rings for 32 reps!

@EddieTheEagle – In his sophomore OPEN – Eddie might have started off slow 😉 That didn’t stop him from putting up some big numbers including a showstopper performance on 20.5 being the only other LP athlete to finish under the time cap!

@Betsy – Another sophomore athlete with something to prove – Betsy knows how to move! Putting up a big time in 20.1 getting the work done just under the time cap!

@The Boss – Michelle showed the open that with a little GRIT and determination, it doesn’t stand a chance! Two workouts came up this year exposing Michelle’s weaknesses, but that didn’t phase her – she was cool as a cucumber. She beat her previous score of a workout that she would say “scares her”. She still had a little something in store for all of us during the last workout, Michelle was faced with Ring MU’s (a movement that she will tell you she can’t do). She stared them in the face, crushed 3 and everyone followed by a roar of an entire community behind her. A true example of perseverance!

The Boys

Ryan Kovarik, Dave James, David Bigelow, Scott Mills, Kyle James
There might have been a little chirping going on with this crew, but they kept each other pushing through the 5 week test. @Scott our masters athlete crushed 20.4 setting a huge Jerk PR of 185lbs X 10. He also saved us an hour of sleep during 20.2!

@The “Dave’s” announced the “Dave Cave” to the world and never looked back! Bigs threw down an “Iron-Cross” MU that you couldn’t believe unless you’ve seen the proof! Aldwinkle thinks shirts are dumb – he might have been right – another big performance during 20.4! Those are big pistols! After taking a few years off @Kovi came back as a force to be reckoned with – though we didn’t get to seem him light it up during FNL – he put some big numbers including crushing 20.4. @Dr Kyle joined LP to showcase his finesse and put up 23 Ring MU’s – the man can fly!

Comeback Kids

Kristin “The Muell”, Chad “Head Coach”
@Kristin – Being sidelined for the past two years with a significant injury, this lady came back and to say she crushed her goals would be an understatement. Survive the Open doing scaled and not getting re-injured – 3/5 workouts RX – well that happened! Not only that but cruising through 20.4 like she could have kept going for another 20 minutes. She wasn’t done there, facing her biggest weakness post-injury she handled the 120 wall balls that 20.5 threw at her without a problem! You’ll be seeing her tossing wall balls 9ft on routine moving forward!

@Chad – you know me just happy to be part of it again! Love seeing the community and love seeing everyone push themselves to a place you can’t often reach! Big thanks to Michelle – I got you on one, Ian for being my pace bunny for a little bit until you turned on the jets!, Kristin for keeping me recovered for 5 weeks, Eddie for being my Buttery Bro “Shirts are dumb!” – I will say 20.1 will hold a special place in my heart amiright @Eddie!

That’s a wrap folks! Again to all the LP Family – thanks for all the support that you show to these crazy athletes over the past 5 weeks. For anyone that is curious about jumping in and trying it out yourself! You should! We test ourselves everyday at LP and if you can survive an LP workout you can survive an OPEN workout. Talk to any of your coaches to find out how to get involved!

Want to Join Us?

Want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals! You may have a few pain faces during our workouts but the community will push you through it and you will feel amazing after.

The Fit Life – 2019.43 – Happy Birthday Coach Adam

33 Years Young! Not so young anymore……Happy Birthday Coach Adam! For those of you who don’t know, Coach Adam – Owner and Head Coach at Limitless Performance – Is on a Mission! A Mission to be the best athlete he can possibly be! BUT, not just in one area of focus but in as many areas of fitness and sport as possible! 

“None of this would have been possible without a shift in mindset and a shift in focus!”

It wasn’t long ago, that Coach Adam was so caught up focusing on everyone else’s goals and dreams around him, that he was leaving his behind! 

After a combination of circumstances, he finally gave himself permission to do what he loved! Compete, Race, Train and most importantly inspire those around him to do the same! Over the last 18-months he has set the fitness world on fire and has motivated the guys and girls at LP to do the same! He did this after realizing that: 

It was the LP Community that Challenged their Leader to do what he did best! Chase after his passion! And Crush his Goals! Turning 33 years old this week, he is celebrating an incredible year of hard work, dedication and more importantly a year focused on crushing his goals! 

Last year was the kickstart to his transformation and he hasn’t looked back! 

  • October 2018 – Qualified for Wodapalooza Worldwide Fitness Competition in Miami 
  • November 2018January 2019 – Focused on Training, Nutrition & Recovery to prepare for Wodapalooza
  • February 2019 – Finished in the Top 5 at Wodapalooza CrossFit Competition
  • March 2019 – Finished Top 50 in Canada in the CrossFit Open Competition
  • April – July 2019 – Shifted his focus to Ironman Triathlon Training
  • July 2019 – Finished Top 15 in his Age Group (30-34) at Whistler Ironman Canada
  • August 2019 – Qualified for a return back to Wodapalooza in February 2020

WOW! Impressive, BUT none of this would have been possible without a shift in mindset and a shift in focus! 

2020 is shaping up to be another incredible year with Wodapalooza to kick-off the year, then a shift to Ironman Triathlon Training and preparation for his first FULL Ironman in the Summer of 2020! Stay tuned for his Massive Goals and Focus for these Competitions and Races! 

So, the real question is how does Coach Adam manage all of this? How does he stay healthy? How does he find time? How does he manage priorities? How does he find the energy? How does he not get burnt out? How does he make time for friends and family?

For Coach Adam, training takes 10-15 hours out of his week year round. That’s an average of 1.5-2 hours per day x 7 days per week! To fit this in it means getting to bed before the sun sets and rising before the sun comes up. Saying no to wing night (OK, not all the time). Meal Prepping on Sundays. And following these crucial Keys to Success below.

Here are his Keys to Success: 

Above all, a shift in Mindset trumps everything mentioned below! Stop making excuses. Give yourself permission. This is your only life. You’re in control.

These keys to success apply to your passion no matter what the discipline. These are the principles that apply to your health and fitness and will give you the energy, health and strength to CRUSH all of your Goals! Your health and fitness are at the root of your short and long-term success.

  1. Sacrifice – YES! You will have to sacrifice if you want to chase after your passion!
    • Replace Netflix Binges with Sleep
    • Replace Sunday Football with Meal Prep
    • Replace Friday Nights with Saturday AM Training
    • Replace Happy Hour with Saunas, Epsom Baths and Recovery
    • Replace Eating Out with Prepared Food
  2. Recovery is #1 – Therapy, Sleep, Self-Care! Play the Long Game. 
    • Therapy – Be Proactive. Not Reactive. Build your Team of Therapists.
    • Sleep – Is NOT an option! Lebron & Federer Sleep 10 Hours/Day. Find a way.
    • Self-Care – Don’t overlook daily relaxation, stretching, fresh air and other tools to lower the stress demands on your mind and your body.
  3. Nutrition – You CANNOT Cheat! 
    • Ok, Cheat Meals are OK 🙂 BUT on occasion.
    • High Performance Athletes are no different than High Performance Sports Cars. 
    • Fuel your body with High Performance Food and Fuel.
    • High Quality Protein. High Quality Carbs. High Quality Fats. High Quality Nutrients and Supplements.
  4. Training – Build your Foundation!
    • Whether it is CrossFit Season or Endurance Season, the focus is on creating a bulletproof foundation of strength, endurance and mobility.
    • Follow a Plan created by an expert so you ensure you are. progressing, avoiding injury and having fun.
    • Consistency trumps Intensity every single time. Be consistent with your training. You’re on a highway, not a roller coaster.
  5. Prioritize – Make a Plan!
    • Plan your Life or it will plan you. 
    • Plan your year, months, weeks and days.
    • This takes time. So make time. 
    • For Adam this is every Sunday for an hour to map out the week ahead.
  6. Build YOUR Team! Community! Support! Fans! Cheerleaders!
    • Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?
    • Do you have a circle of influence to push and motivate you?
    • Does your team pick you up when you’re down?
    • Kick your butt, when you need a wake up call?

Coach Adam has a passion for fitness, competition and sport! BUT the real question is, what’s your passion? What goals are you not chasing after? Are you willing to sacrifice for your goals? Chase after your Passion, your Goals and your Dreams? Resist the temptations of average.

Stop cruising through life, following the rules, giving all of your energy to everything and everyone else. You are #1 and the better you are, the more you can give to those around you! Give yourself permission like Coach Adam and start living your best life! Use his Keys to Success to give you the energy, health and strength to CRUSH all of your Goals! 

Follow Coach Adam as he chases after his 2020 Goals! Join him, train alongside him, compete with him and get fuelled by the amazing energy of his support crew – The LP Family! 

If you have CrossFit Goals, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Running, Triathalon, Cycling or Rec League Sport Goals then start applying these principles today and achieve results that you never imagined possible! 

Not a Member, BUT want to CRUSH your Goals?!?!?

The Fit Life – 2019.42 – The Strongman Secrets

Now this one is for all the guys and girls who want to get STRONG!

Building strength for your sport, competition or life is no easy feat! Some would argue that building strength is harder and takes longer than losing weight or building endurance! And not just any strength, but Functional Strength that you can translate into sport, competition and life!

“A Strong Athlete is a Safe Athlete. Read that again. Raw Strength transfers to success in nearly any Competitive Sport.”

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

Growing up, we all dreaded playing against the “Farm Boys/Girls” as kids because they just had this super human strength! Strength that no matter how hard you worked or pushed you just couldn’t seem to build! And the reason those young boys and girls had that strength is because of years of lifting, moving and carrying heavy $h!t. Not days, not months BUT years of “strength” training! 

As we have touched on in previous discussions, our athletes with a strong foundation of strength and conditioning are able to perform at a higher level, stay healthy longer and train harder! Developing the strength, power and speed of an Athlete is no easy feat but with the right program, coaching and commitment you can achieve great feats of strength for you sport and your training! 

Do you want to get STRONG?!?! 

Meet Greg Nyhof – Functional Strength Specialist, former WLU Wide Receiver and Varsity Strength Coach who is here to help take the leading edge LP Program to the Next Level by combining the LP Strength and Conditioning Program with his specialized Strength Work – “Field Work & Primal Movements – incorporated into the daily and weekly Strength Programming for November and December! 

What’s his Secret?!?!

To become a Beast like Greg, move well and perform at your best, he has designed Primal Work & Field Work to compliment the existing LP Barbell Strength Training Program!

Primary Focus:

  1. Develop Maximum Force Production & Athletic Potential
    • Hard, Heavy, Fast
  2. Increase Neuromuscular Efficiency & Cross-Sectional Muscle Fibres
    • AKA Functional Strength
  3. Replicate the Demands of Sport and Athletic Lifestyle
    • Awkward, Grip Intensive, Full Body, and CHALLENGING

What are Primal Movement Supersets:

Primal Movement pairings will draw on patterns and shapes that you’re already familiar with on a barbell, but they’re going to mostly take place unilaterally, and in different planes of motion.

For example, we’re familiar with the lunge, but now let’s make it static and give you a heavy sandbag with a bear hug split squat. These are going to be awkward and heavy, just like Field Work – but in a lower stress environment so that you’re free to fail.

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

These Primal movement supersets will take place 2 weeks in a row for a specific and important reason. In week 1, you’ll be introduced to the movements, test out some challenging weights and work through finding balance and coordination. In week 2, the movements are no longer novel, and you’ll be ready to take on more weight, reps, or improved ranges of motion. The body can adapt FAST when we challenge it accordingly. Primal Movement pairings will be that challenge.

What is Field Work:

Field Work is exactly how it sounds – it’s what your friends who grew up on farms were doing for years before you even stepped foot in the gym. This is strength training with awkward implements such as sandbags, kettlebells, axle bars, and sleds, that’s intended to be heavy and grip intensive.

Field Work is the ultimate expression of your fitness and ability to produce force. Celebrate that by challenging yourself mentally and physically. The results will pay dividends alongside your LP Fit programming and in building a foundation of absolute strength for life!

Greg Nyhof, The 1440

These movements are combined to elicit a full body stimulus, and challenge you to engage as much musculature as possible to perform the work that’s required. Put everything you have into these 15-20min pieces, and you’ll unlock more potential and capacity to become a Field Strong athlete.

Combining LP + The 1440 Programming

Greg Nyhof – 1440 Vision:

Greg is the founder and Head of 1440 focused on helping busy people prioritize fitness to develop a strong foundation of functional movement and capacity. The 1440 was born out of a universal frustration and feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get as strong and conditioned as we always dreamed we could be. Greg challenges that notion by making strength and conditioning efficient and effective, to capitalize on the 1440 minutes we get every single day. You can follow along with Coach Greg’s journey on instagram @the.1440 or online at

We are super excited to combine Coach Greg’s expertise with the leading edge LP Programming as we head in to the home stretch of 2019! Have an eye out for Coach Greg on Monday’s & Wednesday’s as he hops in the LP Workouts to get a taste of his own programming!

Want to Learn More?!?!

Click to for your own copy of The 1440 Program

Not a Member, BUT want to Improve?!?!?

The Fit Life – 2019.41 – Performance Week

Feeling like a BEGINNER again is a scary but cool

Two years ago when Coach Adam began his Ironman Training, and hopped into the pool for his first lane swim at the Laurier Masters Swim Program, he sure was a Beginner 😉 We wish we had some video footage of these early days for him! But with the right mindset, coaching and practice he was able to graduate from the Beginner to Novice/Intermediate Level (so he says lol)

No matter who you are, we’re creatures of habit. The better your habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations.

Wayne Gretzky

Now, let’s think about how the best athletes in the world go from beginner to making their sport look like a work of art… Whether it’s Gretzky on the Ice, Jordan on the Court, Rice on the Field, or Pele on the Pitch, these athletes make it look effortless, graceful and artistic! 

  • Mindset is everything. Check your ego. Learn and grow.
  • Coaches are your accountability. Experts that ensure you’re doing it right.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Enjoy the process.

What we all need to remember is that all of these athletes swear by the fact that they grew up practicing, practicing, practicing or as they call it “playing”. Which we could maybe compare this to the 10,000 Hour Rule of Mastering your Career, Sport, Craft or Area of Expertise. It takes time. 🙂

Now, what does this have to do with Fitness, Training or Working Out?!?! Well, Fitness is in a unique category…..because Strength & Conditioning are the Foundation to Performance and Longevity in any sport! Like in your sport, Mastering the Fundamentals in Fitness is your key to staying healthy, strong and performing at your best as you train, practice and compete! 

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t”

Jerry Rice

SO, how do we go from beginner, to intermediate, advanced or to expert? OR, how do we just stay healthy and strong as we train, compete and race?


As we see Members at LP push to achieve their goals, we have been preaching an even greater emphasis on mastering the fundamentals in the gym and in their sport! So, when the LP Members approached the LP Coaches to say they would really like to buckle down on their form and technique in the gym so they can take their training to the next level, it gets us some kind of excited 🙂 🙂 

And this is where the idea of Performance Week was generated! A week of training focused 100% on Mastering the Fundamentals to help you become the healthiest and strongest athlete possible! Whether it be for healthy aging and longevity or for sport performance! 

When I was young, I had to learn the fundamentals of basketball. You can have all the physical ability in the world, but you still have to know the fundamentals.

Michael Jordan

OK, let’s talk about those Fundamentals and how we have created Performance Week: 

The Fundamentals:

  • Fundamental #1: Mastering the Squat
  • Fundamental #2: Mastering the Pull-up
  • Fundamental #3: Mastering the Overhead Press
  • Fundamental #4: Mastering Core Activation and Hollow Core
  • Fundamental #5: Mastering the Deadlift

Now, let’s be clear we could make a long list of fundamentals. But we have narrowed it down to our Top 5.

Areas of Focus for each Fundamental are:

  • Mobility – target and address any limitations holding you back from a perfect squat
  • Activation – fire and stimulate the muscles from head to toe that need to be active for a perfect squat
  • Performance – focused on the cues and areas of focus to hit a perfect squat
  • Improve – the related exercises to improve any muscle imbalances to crush the perfect squat

Mindset & Takeaways: 

  • Beginner Mindset – NOW, the challenge is to take a BEGINNER Mindset, a step back and a 100% focus on the Fundamentals Feeling like a BEGINNER again is a scary but cool experience right?!?!
  • Don’t expect to fix Everything – This is step one. Make a list of “opportunities” for improvement and chip away at them with your team! 
  • Be the Best – Remember that even the best in the world need to continue working on their fundamentals, mechanics and basics of their sport as they develop! 
  • What’s Next – The most important part of Performance Week is that you take these tips, tricks, tools, pointers and apply them back to your daily workouts!

Be Your Best Athlete

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”


Whether you’re training for sport, competition or life, we challenge you to take a step back, be a beginner again and master the fundamentals in your sport and at the gym to make yourself the strongest, healthiest and best athlete you can be! 

Join the LP Team for Performance Week and take your performance in the gym and in your sport to the next level! 

Then take that knowledge into the final 8 weeks of 2019.

  • Take a few Key Areas of Focus.
  • Target your Weaknesses.
  • Find an Accountability Partner.
  • You Just Got Better.

Not a Member, BUT want to Improve?!?!?

The Fit Life – 2019.40 – 25 Ways to Eat Well on the Go!

Life is busy, Life moves fast, you’re always on the go and you don’t always have time to eat home cooked meals! Maybe you travel for business? Maybe your kids are in sports? Or maybe you just like to always be doing something?

Sounds familiar right? SO how do we keep a healthy and fit body while living this crazy lifestyle?!?!

For those of you who don’t know, we just passed the half way point of the Fit Life Challenge at LP, which is focused on building healthy habits and routines around fitness, nutrition and health, with daily and weekly tips and education to help us build a long-term sustainable lifestyle of elite health and fitness! 

So, last week we reached out to the challengers, asking them what their biggest limiting factor was to their overall nutrition success?!?! 

And to no surprise, one of the biggest areas of challenge was what to do while travelling for business/pleasure, out with colleagues and on the go with friends and family!

We are no different than you, as high performers, we love to live a fast paced lifestyle as we chase after our goals! And over the years we have come up with simple and effective tips and tricks to work hard, play hard and keep a healthy and fit body! 

The most common Areas of Struggle when eating well on the go are:

  • What to do at home before you go?
  • What can I do for a road trip?
  • What can I choose at the gas station or airport?
  • What to eat on the plane, train or in the hotel room?
  • What to eat at restaurants or conferences?
  • What to do in an extended stay scenario?
  • And most importantly, what to do with your mindset before and during the craziness?!?!

Here are LP’s Top 3 Tricks to keep you Healthy and Fit:

  1. Fuel up before you go! Don’t leave the house hungry. Have a balanced meal before you head out the door for a crazy morning, afternoon or evening! This will prevent you from reaching for the junk or overindulging on a meal or dessert!
  2. Pack a Snack! Getting in the car, on the train or plane? Get prepared in advanced with a balanced snack!
  3. Get your mindset right! Decide whether you are going to be 100% committed or not. Aim for “Better” instead of “Perfect”.

And as a BONUS! Thanks to our friends at Precision Nutrition we have a total of 25 INCREDIBLE TIPS just like these to help you navigate your way through these challenging obstacles!

The Fit Life – 2019.39 – Bulletproof your Community!

It’s amazing the magic that happens when you put a group of high performers into the same space and the same community! The Group of High Performing LP Members sweat together, suffer together BUT most importantly THRIVE off of each other! 

Whether it is in workouts, business or life, the like minded values and beliefs of the LP Community creates life-long relationships! There is a special form of bond and trust that is built when you sweat and suffer together.

Are work ethic, commitment, team player, leader, growth mindset and grit the values that you live by?!?! 

What’s your Biggest Challenge?

Is your community pushing you to take action, put your excuses aside and do what is right and not what’s easy, to take your life to the next level?!?!

The challenge most of us have on our journey to living our best life are the haters and naysayers around us trying to hold us back from our dreams. Trying to hold us back from our fitness, business and personal goals. Trying to tempt us into poor decisions that get us out of routine. 

But what if you could strengthen your community of positive influencers, providing you with the push, motivation, accountability and support that you need to achieve your health, fitness, career and personal dreams and ambitions?!?! 

Do your workout buddies care about your results as much as their own?!?!? Cheer you on as you chase after massive and scary goals?!?!?

Who is on your Team?

From the Grueling Workouts, to the Challenges, the events, Coaches, Members, Therapists, and Owners; The LP Community truly desires the best for one-another and that feeling creates an incredible experience.

When the group around you is cheering you on as you chase after a scary goal it makes the pursuit just a little bit easier. Pushing you to stop making excuses and take action. Challenging you to accomplish what you never thought possible. Inspiring you to live your best life each and every day. 

Build your Dream Team:

  • Fitness Coach – Invested in your goals. Helps you define your vision and creates the plan to get there. Motivates and inspires you to conquer your goals and ambitions.
  • Nutrition Coach – Assists in building the habits and routines to create a long-term sustainable plan. Educates and guides your journey as you navigate through the challenges of life and any specific fitness challenge you conquer.
  • Therapists – Build a team of trusted therapists that understand your goals and work together to help you achieve them. Massage, Physio, Chiro, Fascial, and Osteo are all great to keep you healthy and strong as you attack your goals.
  • Community – Your support crew. Your cheerleaders. Your backbone. Pick you up when you’re down. Hold you accountable when you are slacking. Push you to achieve what you never thought possible.

What’s your Plan?

The Final 90 Days of each year at LP are a special time as the LP Members put a cap on the year with a number of Challenges that push them to achieve more! 

  • The Fit Life Challenge focused on living your best life by instilling the Habits, Routines and Rituals that they will have with them for the rest of their journey!
  • The CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights a group of insane LP Members who enjoy inflicting discomfort and “moderate” pain on themselves with a variety Fitness Tests that showcase their Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics and Mental Toughness! 
  • The Scotiabank Half and Full Marathon Runners have put in months of training and are now steps away from that finish line! With a feeling like no other! 
  • The Rec League Bandits are competing hard each week as we head into the fall and winter seasons in a variety of sports from Soccer, to Flag Football, to Hockey! 

These are just a few of the Challenges and Events that our exclusive group of high performing LP Members participate in throughout the year to keep them motivated, inspired and on track to crushing their massive goals! 

Take Action

With less than 90 days in 2019, your chance to finish the year strong and kickstart 2020 with an absolute bang is in your control. It’s time to take action, make the leap that you have been hesitating to do. Make average a thought of the past and start taking action towards your best life! Be prepared for your Health, Fitness, Career and Personal Ambitions to sky rocket!

Avoid Status Quo

Complacency or remaining status quo is a fear of high performers and without structure, support and motivation, progress is halted. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and take your life to the next level. 

We have less than 10 LP Memberships available! Get started with a 2-Week Trial to see if the LP Community is right for you?!?! 

The Fit Life – 2019.38 – Building a Foundation to CRUSH your Goals

2019 has been a phenomenal year at Limitless Performance (LP) and watching the LP Members set and accomplish MASSIVE Goals has been incredibly inspiring! In addition to that, creating leading edge LP Workouts and Programming to keep the LP Members Performing at their Best has been extremely rewarding! Check out why the LP Athletes have achieved such great success in their challenges, races and events in 2019.

Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Power, Recovery

Want to stay Fast, Strong & Injury Free in your Sport?!?!? Of course your do!

Staying Injury Free and Performing at an Elite Level is a Challenge BUT the Secret is Building a Strong Foundation! Here is a breakdown of the framework used to build the leading edge LP Training Program: 💪

1. Strength:

Without Strength, your performance will take a hit and your risk of injury will sky rocket. Strength in the gym, not sport specific, but more importantly focused on fixing muscle imbalances. Build head to toe strength and muscle balance to boost your overall performance.

  • Ex – Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Rows, Dips

2. Endurance:

Muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance are all integral in creating the best all around athlete. Whether you’re training long or short, it is crucial to build a base of all three components in order to achieve your potential. Improving your VO2 Max (aerobic), Lactate Threshold (anaerobic) and Metabolic Threshold (Muscular) all assist in improving your efficiency to pump blood and flush lactic acid as an athlete.

  • Ex – Biking, Rowing, Running, Burpees, Wall Balls, KB Swings, etc

3. Mobility:

Mobility is the perfect combination of flexibility and stability! Being too tight/stiff is a serious problem as an athlete. BUT also being unstable/hyper mobile leads to poor performance and increased risk of injury as well. Proper training will help create Mobility, to produce optimal power in all ranges of motion in your sport.

  • Ex – 1-Arm/1-Leg Movements – DB’s, Bands, BOSU – Lunges, Step-ups, Core, Balance, Stretching, etc

4. Power

Converting strength, endurance and mobility into power! Athletic based movements that require your mind and your body to work as one. Creating power is the last stage in building the foundation and becoming an elite athlete.

  • Ex – Cleans, Snatches, Sleds, Box Jumps, Broad Jumps, Throws, etc

5. Recovery

In order to achieve your ultimate potential, a recovery regime is crucial to your performance and longevity in your sport. Training is very demanding and takes a toll on your muscles, joints and tissues. Training also takes a toll on your nervous system and mental capacity. Building in daily, weekly and monthly recovery practices are crucial to your success.

  • Ex – Sleep, Massage, Physio, Chiro, Fascial Stretching, Foam Rolling, Hot/Cold Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation, etc

Building a Plan

Turning all of the components above into a plan is a crucial next step to achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS. BUT not an easy step. Think big picture and narrow it back to your daily and weekly training regimen.

  • Yearly Plan – In-Season, Post-Season, Off-Season, Pre-Season
    • Ex: In-Season – 2x/Wk Foundation Training, 3x/Wk Sport Specific, 1x/WK Professional Therapy, Daily Personal Recovery Techniques
    • Ex: Off-Season – 3-4x/Wk Foundation Training, 1-2x/Wk Sport Specific, 2x/Month Professional Therapy, 3x/ Personal Recovery

Download Yearly LP Sample Triathlon Training Plan

What are your 2020 Goals?!?!

At LP we just started a 12-Week Foundation Building block that we take us to the end of 2019 and have our bodies strong and ready to perform in 2020! If you have big goals for 2020 and want to get started, join the high performing LP Community and get started attacking your Goals!