January 1st – Day 1 (Box Jumps)

January 1st – Day 1 of our 365 days of sweat!!

Three Year Retrospective

Adam –
I cannot believe it has been almost three years since I started working with others to improve their Fitness, Athletics, and Health goals! In the three years I have created so many great relationships with all of my clients. Some young, old, athletic, fit, and of course always looking for a trainer and coach to push them to achieve their goals! I truly love working with others and helping them work through the struggles and triumphs along the way to their end goal!

Over these three years, I guess you could say I have done just enough to stay in shape and fit but, I truly have not pushed myself in this time. When Michelle and I were discussing the “365 Challenge” it gave me that feeling that I felt in the gym or on the ice, that feeling of excitement and nervous energy which we all strive for! As we start our journey in 2013 I am excited to test my mind and body to achieve new goals and strive for new achievements!

I am looking forward to the battle ahead! The highs, the lows, the struggles, the triumphs and of course the victory at the end of it all! Let’s make 2013 a year where we all push each other to be faster, stronger, fitter, smarter, and healthier than we have been before!

New Years Resolution

Michelle –
I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions. Many people have these great ideas/goals and they never see them through. A lot of talk and no action. If you know me, I would always say something like “why wait until January 1, change today.” 🙂

But this year seems a little different because I actually feel like I have something I am really passionate about working towards. Don’t get me wrong, I am always passionate about many things, but this is bigger. I want to be the best I can be for my body.

I am pumped to start this journey today and see where the year takes me physically, emotionally and mentally. I am looking forward to the roller coaster and want to share it with all of you. All of our members at LP have inspired me to be better, to be the person I truly want to be. Thank you for all of your motivation and hard work and let’s achieve great things together!

365 Days of Sweat Challenge

Over the last 4 months of having our gym open, we have been challenged in many ways.  Many of these challenges have been business related and we have been working to get everything up and running with late nights and early mornings.  In the midst of being busy, we have not always put our health first.  We have been working out often but sometimes the needs of others and the success of the business have come first and our needs have come second, or third, or fourth…

Throughout these past 4 months we have seen tremendous commitment and perseverance from many of our members. It is inspiring and exciting on a daily basis to see people step outside of their comfort zone for the betterment of their health and to become the person they have always wanted to be.  These challenges to overcome are not easy and as personal trainers we love that people “put up with us” on a daily basis to work towards meeting their goals.

These people have inspired us to challenge ourselves and become the people we want to be.  The owners at LP (Adam & Michelle) have decided to take on an extreme challenge for 2013.  Inspired by Betsy Fry (former lululemon  educator), we have decided to SWEAT FOR 365 DAYS straight! Join us as we travel through the next year of constant sweating.  We will keep you updated here with our struggles, excitement, challenges and determination that will be our next year!