Don’t lose your RESULTS while travelling!

Ok, let me start by saying I know you’re not all crazy like me and get excited about checking out new gyms and getting daily workouts in while on vacation LOL

BUT I do know that you have worked very hard to get in great shape and you don’t want to lose it all while travelling with friends and family! AND you can’t wrap your head around fitting in a workout and being healthy while you are away….let alone figuring out what the heck you would do….does this sound familiar?!?!


You know how great you feel after a challenging workout, a healthy meal or a relaxing massage! Do you have to give this up while you are travelling?!?! Check out these Top Secret Tips to Stay in Shape while travelling, in little time and with limited resources while on vacation:

Before Breakfast

Roll out of bed, grab a light snack (piece of fruit) and get your butt moving. Get outside or go to the hotel gym and SWEAT! Do this all before the rest of the world rises for breakfast! OH YA and in 30 minutes you can treat yourself with a yummy and healthy breakfast!

Stay Healthy BUT Yummy

Enjoy your desserts, enjoy your treats and keep your RESULTS with these Tips & Tricks:

  • Stay Hydrated – Drink, Drink, Drink – WATER! Avoid the juices and sweet drinks throughout the day. Enjoy your wine, beer and cocktails with dinner.
  • Eat Fruits & Veggies – Your body will thank you for this! Less Bloating! Better Digestion! Eat fruits and veggies at every meal to keep your body working efficiently to digest the sweets and treats.
  • Snacks – Light snacking while you’re on the go will prevent you from indulging and feasting at the end of the day! Munch on nuts, cucumbers, watermelon and other healthy snacks to suppress your appetite throughout the day.


Tell your Family & Friends. Don’t be scared to tell your family and friends that you want to keep your RESULTS on vacation! They will hold you accountable when you don’t feel like getting up for your morning workout, eating healthy and avoiding indulging!

  • Weigh-In before your leave
  • Convince your significant other to join you
  • Tell your trainer and gym buddies how many times you are going to workout


Use your vacation as a chance to physically, mentally and emotionally destress. This will do wonders for your RESULTS! Decreasing stress will decrease cortisol and inflammation significantly, allowing you body to fully recover! Try some of the following tactics while travelling:

  • Naps – You know you don’t get enough sleep when you’re at home, so use your vacation as a chance to get an extra 30-60 minutes in the afternoon. Naps will give your brain, the motherboard, a chance to reset and recharge!
  • Reading – Get inspired, get distracted or learn while travelling with a great book or audiobook while catching some sun or relaxing in peace and quiet.
  • Massage – Breaking down tense muscle fibres will release built up stress and emotions that you are holding onto. Massage is a MUST. Book it, 60-90 minutes of full body relaxation.
  • Spa – Hot Tub, Sauna, Nails, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure. Give your body some LOVE. It works so hard for you every day and deserves a little love. Book a treatment. You will not regret it. You will feel great and look great.

Your thoughts are telling you that you deserve to indulge on vacation…..

Be careful because your thoughts will quickly lead to emotions and actions of indulging and inactivity…..

Change those thoughts into thoughts of how great you will feel after vacation if you return home without losing your results…..

Those thoughts will lead to long-term, life-changing, actions of a healthy and active lifestyle!

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