Fueling for Longevity – Nutrition Seminar with Coach Morgan

Health is about so much more than just exercise …

Overall we need to think about what is our fitness, what is our nutrition and what is our lifestyle doing to better our overall health?

In terms of nutrition…

When it comes to weight loss and gain… Yes your caloric intake is important, yes your macronutrients are important.

When it comes to health and longevity… It comes down to two main factors: WHAT you eat and HOW you eat.

1. What You Eat

Is it whole food or a fragmented food? 

Whole Foods are foods consumed in their natural state. This should make up the majority of your diet.

Fragmented Foods have a range, some can be good and some can be bad – depending on your GOALS! For example, eating a potato chip is a bad fragmented food but consuming a clean protein powder during or after your workout is a good form of fragmented food because it’s closer to it’s natural state without any added preservatives or fillers.

Where is your food coming from? 

Get to know this! Quality and toxicity from antibiotics and pesticides affects how our bodies can break down and digest foods. An apple from a grocery store vs an apple from a local farmer can be two very different things. Take out the middle man and buy LOCAL!

2. How You Eat

Is Your Digestive System Working Overtime?

Chewing too fast, stress, emotions, a negative or stressful environment, even working during meals can increase the stress on the body and burden your digestive process. Slow down when you eat, try to disconnect from projects or work, sit down and enjoy your meal!

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