Fueling for Performance – Nutrition Seminar with Coach Michelle

Performance Nutrition – The 3 Main Principles

In order of importance…

#1 Calorie Balance: Calories In vs Calories Out

In order to LOSE body fat % you need to burn more calories than you’re ingesting.

In order to MAINTAIN your body fat % you need to burn and eat the same amount of calories.

In order to GAIN body fat % you need to burn less calories than you’re ingesting.

#2 Macronutrients: What Should YOUR Plate Look Like?

Protein, Carbs & Fats

Carbs: 40%

Protein: 35%

Fats: 25%

#3 Nutrient Timing: When to Eat What

Meals – Space out throughout the day (3-4 hours apart)

Mornings – MUST eat upon rising

Number of Meals – Several (4-7) meals throughout the day

Bedtime – One meal right before bed (preferably a slow releasing protein)

When to eat my Carbs?

Eating most daily carbs pre, during, and post workout.

When to eat my fats?

Fats and fiber should be largely avoided close to or during the workout.

When to eat my Protein?

Always growing and expanding ALL day therefore we need a constant supply of protein (quantity depending on the protein type, meal size & fat/fibre content).


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