Get BUFF @ LP – Jan 2018 Challenge is here!

Get BUFF with Your Buddy!!!

We are kicking off the new year with a BANG! January’s challenge has all new features to get you looking and feeling your fittest, even through the holiday madness! Get you and a friend to jumpstart your year the right way, with a little friendly competition ūüėČ

MyZone Points, fun weekly partner challenges, wellness points, commitment points and so much more!

Find you fittest friend from outside of LP and bring them in for a whole month of fitness and fun! Give the gift of fitness by bringing in a buddy and share a whole month of LP with them!

The Details

What’s Included…

For New Members ($200 + HST)

  • Full access to the challenge
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • MyZone Band
  • 2 Success Planning Consultations + Body Comp Analysis
  • Shaker Bottle + Protein Sample

For Current Members ($40 +HST)

  • Full access to the challenge
  • 2 Success Planning Consultations + Body Comp Analysis

Dates –¬†January 8th – February 4th

Each challenger will individually book in a time during the week of the 2nd Р5th for their first consultation  (20-30 mins).

What’s included in your two consultations:

  • Goal setting:
    • Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition
  • Weigh In & Full Body Comp Analysis
  • Tips & tricks for commitment, scheduling and RESULTS!

Point System


Commit to your LP workouts! Sign up and scan in! Each week both you and your partner have to commit to 4 classes minimum.


MEPs are BACK! Get 5 hours of MEPs per week per partner! Earn points in the green, yellow or red zones). Penalties will be given to those who completed OVER the max 5 hours per week.


Each challengers will be given a wellness tracking sheet that gives you chances to earn multiple points every day!


 Each week you and your buddy will complete a partner challenge together at LP! The focus is FUN so all you have to do is show up and sweat it out together. Challenge must be completed together to earn your points for that week. You have until the end of the week (Sunday) to complete the challenge together at LP.



There will be a raffle draw for the winners. If you qualify for the raffle you and your partner will get to choose from 6 prizes (each partner gets their own separate prize). Prizes include…

  • BMW Spa Weekend
  • Cottage Getaway Weekend
  • 1 – 90 minute Go Flowt Session
  • 1 – 1 hour Massage with Sean Baker
  • 1 – 1 Month Free Membership @ LP
  • 1 – 1 hour Private Coaching Session @ LP


Does my friend need to be FIT?

Hence find your FITTEST friend ūüôā We want them to be comfortable in a gym environment, understand basic movements and be willing and ready to LEARN new things! Plus you want your friend to be the fittest because you want to win, right????

Does my friend need to know any olympic lifts?

No! Basic movements like squats, push ups, the occasional thruster etc. can be expected but nothing that you don’t already do in the FIT programming.

Does my friend always need to come to the gym with me for the duration of the challenge?

No! Only on challenge days will you and your buddy need to come to the gym together to complete the fun partner challenge. Any other day of the month both you and your gym buddy can come separately.

Where and when do I submit my Wellness Tracking Sheet?

You and your partner will have a team folder that is kept at the gym where you BOTH submit your separate tracking sheets at the end of each week. If you can’t make it into the gym or forget, you may email with a picture of your completed tracking sheet. No points will be given if your tracking sheet is not “handed in” by Sunday night.


Contact for more information and registration details regarding this challenge or any other challenges at Limitless Performance

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