What our members are saying


Design Manager | Age: 33

I have never had a problem waking up at 4:30 am to get my day started with an intense LP workout. I find that I have become more of a complete athlete, I notice that I run quicker, longer and jump higher.


Accountant | Age: 32

I go to LP to de-stress from work, stay in shape and feel good. But now I also go to LP to fuel my competitive side. I want to get better and see how far I can push myself, how many MEPs I can get, how far I can run etc. I love sports and LP makes me feel like I can be a competitive athlete.


Investment Advisor | Age: 30

I can confidently say that I have never, in my 10 years of working out, seen the kind of strength or aesthetic improvements that I’ve made since training at LP. I’ve also never been more motivated to continue to train hard and get stronger.


Hydrogeologist | Age: 45

I am motivated by the benefits my overall mental state derives from hard physical activity and the discipline it takes to voluntarily endure pain on a regular basis. Seeing results, improved mental disposition, physical improvements and continued effort are what keep me coming back every day.


Speech Pathologist | Age: 36

I have been able to get to where I wanted to be and I have been able to maintain my body comp and continue to make gains in the gym. And doing this all with likeminded people to make this all FUN has been amazing! Limitless is an awesome atmosphere that delivers great results!!!


Business Owner | Age: 41

As much as I've tried to commit to other fitness programs. I'd never seen serious results before I joined this gym. One year later, I've maintained all the progress I achieved and then some.