LP Education – Part 7: Pillar of Nutrition – Swapping the Sweetness

Sugar, Sugar…  We are talking about REFINED SUGAR – causes a rapid rise in blood sugar… It can be addictive and is very detrimental to your health.  So many of the foods we eat contain refined sugar and we LOVE THEM!

Ok, so how can we have some of the foods we love without all of those negative side effects – hmmmmm???

In Part 7 of LP Education, Coach Michelle gives you 5 Healthy Sugar Swaps so we can say good bye to those empty calories and say hello to some sweetness with health benefits.  Because we all know that totally removing sweetness from our diet just isn’t realistic… Let’s find a more healthy way to have them!

Check out the following recipes that do not contain  REFINED SUGAR!!

  1. HONEY
Energy Bites
1 cup natural peanut butter
2 cups oats
2/3 cups honey
1 cup shredded coconut
quarter cup of cocoa powder
– mix together and roll into bite size balls
– should make 25-30 bites
  1. BANANAPeanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
  2. COCONUT SUGARBanana Chocolate Donuts Brownies
  3. STEVIAChocolate Coconut Almond Fat Bombs
  4. MAPLE SYRUPMaple Vanilla Pears

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