Designed for performance minded individuals who want to excel in sport and life. We have designed a leading edge program focused around a quality over quantity training approach for time starved athletes who are balancing the demands of career, family and sport. We have combined it with expert coaching and surrounded it with an inspiring community to push and motivate you to achieve results you never imagined possible.

The Program


to give runners, cyclists and triathletes the foundation of strength and resilience they need when the race build comes.


that train the specific systems and volumes you will need to deliver your best result on race day.


a Flexible system to move the workouts to work within the confines of your busy life and adjust the program speed to ensure you are fresh and performing well.


if you love to Analyze your workout data or subjective feelings, training peaks is perfect for dialling those in and tracking trends over time. But don’t worry, our coaches and resources will help you to understand how to use this data to optimize your performance.


our goal is to create healthy and balanced athletes who forge a healthy relationship with training, strength, nutrition and recovery.


We value this journey as being one in which the athlete learns from every experience, good or bad and creates an empowered athlete who can make sound decisions no matter what sport or life throws at them.

  • Weekly Content

    Keep an eye out on our facebook page and instagram page as we dive into different endurance topics weekly to help you learn and optimize your training.

  • Workouts

    we give the why behind workouts so you can understand the goals of every session and stay present.

  • Podcasts

    we have weekly podcasts that come out that dive into lots of great topics around endurance and living the fit life. We also will recommend a number of other great podcasts for those who want some extra education!

  • Clinics

    we offer many in person and virtual clinics around various topics. We often bring industry experts and local companies in for these clinics to give you the best experience.


Mark Cullen

Head Endurance Coach

I have never had a problem waking up at 4:30 am to get my day started with an intense LP workout. I find that I have become more of a complete athlete, I notice that I run quicker, longer and jump higher.

Adam de Jong

Head Strength Coach

I go to LP to de-stress from work, stay in shape and feel good. But now I also go to LP to fuel my competitive side. I want to get better and see how far I can push myself, how many MEPs I can get, how far I can run etc. I love sports and LP makes me feel like I can be a competitive athlete.

Jessica Kuepfer

Endurance Coach

I can confidently say that I have never, in my 10 years of working out, seen the kind of strength or aesthetic improvements that I’ve made since training at LP. I’ve also never been more motivated to continue to train hard and get stronger.

Michelle de Jong

Strength & Nutrition Coach

I am motivated by the benefits my overall mental state derives from hard physical activity and the discipline it takes to voluntarily endure pain on a regular basis. Seeing results, improved mental disposition, physical improvements and continued effort are what keep me coming back every day.

The Community


we train as a team, we race as a team! We are a sanctioned Tri Ontario club and our athletes compete rocking the LP colours at Run, Tri, Cycling and other endurance events locally and internationally!


year round will be a staple of our program to hold eachother accountable and push eachother to new heights!


a chance to connect with your fellow athletes and coaches and talk all things endurance (or another topic!)


we have lots of great apparel and nutrition sponsors that we have great partnerships with. Partners include: F2C Nutrition, Lululemon, Ziggy’s, Runner’s Choice