LP Lift – Snatch/Clean Pulls vs Deadlifts

Hey LP Members and specifically LP Lifters!

If you haven’t already noticed, there are no DEADLIFTS this mont, instead our focus is on SNATCH & CLEAN PULLS!


With the LP Lift program heading into month two, we need to get STRONG, but we need to stay HEALTHY!

DEADLIFTS if done properly and worked into a strength/lifting program are a great exercise that build huge strength in your hamstrings, glutes, and back!

BUT with our lifting on Monday and Wednesday at and above 90% with lots of VOLUME (6, 7, 8 sets……) of Snatches, Cleans, and Squats it is important that we don’t overload the heavy lifts with DEADLIFTS on Friday’s.

That being said, SNATCH AND CLEAN PULLS build HUGE HAMSTRING, GLUTE, AND BACK Strength if done properly! Without having to lift excessive loads.


As you prepare for your Friday lifting sessions, you can look forward to GOOD MORNINGS, SNATCH/CLEAN PULLS, & FARMERS WALKS!

Here are the FOCUS POINTS:

  1. Starting Position – Get as tight as you possible can, squeeze every muscle in your back and shoulder, and drive your chest up.
  2. First Pull (Below the knees) – Push as hard as you can with your legs (like a max squat), keep squeezing your back and shoulders, and driving your chest up. Be powerful but don’t rush this portion of the lift.
  3. Second Pull (Above the knees) – Accelerate, stay over the bar, and keep squeezing!
  4. Third Pull (Above the hips) – Extend as aggressively as possible STRAIGHT UP. Finish fully extended on your toes, with your arms driving up into scarecrow. Bar should finish no higher than ribs.

Here is a great video of what you should be focusing on:


There are a few different variations of the snatch/clean pull, we will be focusing on the traditional exercise.

Coach Adam

Limitless Performance




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