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Frequently Asked Questions


Do LP Members get loyalty points?

Yes, we have a rewards system called Perkville. Simply create an account at ( and let the Perks begin!

How do I redeem my Perkville Points?

You can redeem your points from your Perkville Account and place your discount code/voucher in the Product Tracking area in the LP Lounge.


How do I sign up for workouts?

Visit our Limitless Performance App -> Click LP Fit Schedule -> All classes will be listed.

You can also CLICK HERE to see all our class times on our main webpage.

I can’t sign up for classes, why?

Check your Mindbody Account to see if your CC needs updating. Or maybe your contract is expired or you have run out of workout passes? You can also check these things on your Mindbody Account or the LP App.

I am “hurt”, can I still come to class?

Don’t worry, aches and pains are a part of the journey. We are here to help! We have built a team of coaches and professional partners to get you back in the game as fast as possible.

  1. Yes, you can still come to workouts.
  2. Let your coach know ahead of time before your workout starts so that they can prepare for any necessary modifications.
  3. Get in to see our Massage Therapists.
What should I bring to a class?

CLICK HERE to see what to bring on your first day!

Is there anywhere I can check out what the workout is in advance?

CLICK HERE to see all LP Fit Workouts. Workouts are released each Sunday for the upcoming week.

I am going on vacation, can you send me vacation workouts?

CLICK HERE to download LP’s “At Home/Vacation Workouts”

Also check out this awesome Blog Post on ‘Don’t Lose Your Results While Travelling’


How do I book a Massage?

Visit our Limitless Performance App -> Click Member Services -> LP’s Services will be listed there. You can also book appointments through our website – CLICK HERE

I had issues with submitting a massage receipt?

Did your receipt not come through? Email Ian or Sean.

Did your receipt not get accepted? Email Michelle for a different receipt.

I am looking to dial in my nutrition and looking for some help.

Check out your options here!

Can I book a session to go over technique/form?

Email Coach Adam and he will get you set up with the right coach depending on your goals.


Can I put my membership on hold?

What, why would you want to?!?! Got an emergency? Check your Mindbody Account to see the status of your membership and make any necessary changes.

My credit card needs to be updated, how do I go about doing that?

Check your Mindbody Account to update your credit card on file/

What are your current membership options?

Check them out here!

I have a family member that wants to join? Do you offer a family discount?

We do! Email to get set up on the special membership pricing


I want to bring a friend, what are the next steps?

Have your friend fill out our Online Waiver, Step 1!

They can purchase either Single Class Pass or try out our awesome 2-Week Trial for only $49! Unlimited access to all our workouts for 14 days.


How can I gain access to the Facebook Family Page?

Join the community here!

Where can I follow LP on Social Media?

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

Didn’t answer your question? Email