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Self-Love: The Underbelly of High-Performance

We need to start thinking in a holistic fashion when it comes to our successes in life, whether it’s in our jobs, in our family life, in our own selves, there are always a number of contributing factors that influence our successes. It’s our community, our recovery, our nutrition and health, to name a few.

Talking About Recovery… What Does it Mean?

Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive

We have the tendency to power through our busy schedules, days and lives. We have become a culture that takes pride in being “busy” and “overworked”. We have it in our heads that in order to be productive, we need to be working at 100% for 100% of the time. This isn’t the case, in fact it will actually lead to a decrease in your productivity levels.

Success vs. Burnout 

Working yourself into a “burnout” phase is not the optimal goal here, instead we should be working like we interval train at the gym. You can’t maintain the same pace for a marathon that you can for a quick mile run. Working at high intensity and performance for a short period of time, then taking a step back to “rest” and recover, then cycling through that again has proven to be more productive and efficient throughout an entire day, rather than burning out by the time the clock hits 5pm. Going through 5 cycles of this work to rest ratio a day will leave you feeling as energized and productive in your last cycle as you were in the first one.

Take A Vacation, Every Day 

Avoiding the burnout from being overworked REUQIRES us to take mini vacations every day, this could mean going for a 10-minute walk during your work day, or picking up a book and reading in quiet, doing meditation before you go home for the evening. If you want to work at a high-performance level, you must take the time to recharge and give yourself the self-love that is needed to sustain such high performance.


Talking about Nutrition and Health… What Do They Mean?

We need to start taking some of the power back when it comes to our health – what is in our control?

Just like there are a number of contributing factors to your overall success, there are a number of contributing and inhibiting factors to your overall health – many of them come from us simply not listening to our bodies when they are trying to tell us something. For example, if every time I eat a certain food and feel sick, I need to listen to how my body has reacted to that food and rethink how I am fueling my body.

Which Foods Are You Hiring and for What?

Every piece of food we eat we are HIRING them to do something for our bodies…

If I get French fries I am most likely doing so to please my taste buds, if I am eating for taste then that is completely different than eating to hit my macronutrients. Think about what your food is doing for you, are you doing it for fuel, for performance, for longevity or are you doing it for taste?

Top 10 Things to know about your body & to listen to:

  1. What is my gut function?
  2. What foods make me feel optimal? Unwell?
  3. How are my detox organs working?
  4. Am I taking in enough nutrients? Are they getting to my cells?
  5. How are my lipids? B/P? Body comp?
  6. How is my level of inflammation?
  7. Am I aging well?
  8. What about my genes?
  9. Am I coping well with stress? Am I burning out?
  10. Am I happy? Do I like myself?

You should know your body better than anyone else, it will tell you when it’s happy, when it’s not, it’s likes and dislikes – listen to it and you will be able to make it a happy and healthy body.

Now ask yourself, what is one thing you can start doing today to make your life 1% happier?

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