It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle.

Consistency Trumps Intensity

How to get into the best shape of your life and stay that way!

  • Lose Weight, Build Strength, More Energy
  • Be Held Accountable
  • Make Healthy Living A Habit
  • Busy? Let Us Do The Thinking
  • One On One Coaching with Michelle de Jong


A few years ago I started myself on a diet plan. A very science based, workout timing, performance based kind of program. Every meal was calculated and ‘very specific to my lifestyle, my goals and my daily schedule. And it worked for me. And I thought it was the “Way”.

So I tried to get others to do the same. And I definitely saw some good results. Good results from those that had the same variables as I did. But I lived at the gym. My goals all revolved around my performance at the gym. I didn’t have any family to feed or family schedule to work with.

So, it was seeming to be a tough program to follow for most. And some days even me.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t get my clients the results they wanted. They worked so hard in the gym, and I wanted their hard work to show outside of the gym.

I was looking for a change. A program that worked for anyone no matter what their:

  • Goals were
  • How much knowledge they had
  • Their competence

I realized coaching is about people not science. About how they think. How they feel. How they live. I realized there’s a lot more to nutrition coaching than grams of carbs and when to place meal 4 into the day.

People come to me with:

  • different life experiences
  • different needs and wants
  • different personalities
  • different attitudes about change and trying new things

And then I found out about Precision Nutrition. And as I kept digging, it held true with ALL of LP’s Values and my own and I was sold.

Precision Nutrition is the world’s leading nutrition coaching, software, and certification company. Proven with over 100,000 people over 15 years, their mission is research-driven, life-changing nutrition coaching for everyone.

  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Daily check-ins
  • Personal coaching
  • Detailed progress checking

You Will Learn:

  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Get active, no matter what shape you’re in now.
  • Ditch the food rules, dropping the fad diets and conflicting advice.
  • Build fitness into your life, without it taking over.
  • Achieve, and maintain, your goals, even when life gets busy.

You Will Get Results:

  • Lose the weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.
  • Build physical strength and confidence in your body.
  • Gain mental confidence, no longer hiding your gifts and talents.
  • Let go of food confusion, learn what to do, how to do it.
  • Get off the diet roller coaster once and for all, and never look back.

Your PN Coaching Options

PN Coaching Level 1
Megan is an independent learner who who can hold herself accountable and wants to take control of her nutrition by learning, developing and implementing the PN habits to achieve lifelong success.
One-On-One Coaching through ProCoach
Access to Private Facebook Community
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PN Coaching Level 2
Jo wants to achieve incredible results and knows he needs a little extra accountability to get there. He enjoys asking questions and gaining feedback in order to be confident in his progress and to ensure he is not wasting any of his time.
One-On-One Coaching through ProCoach
Access to Private Facebook Community
Monthly 30min Touch Points with Personalized Follow Up
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PN Coaching Level 3
Jennifer is rocking her PN habits and is ready to take her results to the next level. She has some specific goals in mind and needs a personalized program and accountability to get there.
One-On-One Coaching through ProCoach
Access to Private Facebook Community
Monthly 60min Touch Points with Personalized Follow Up
Weekly 15min Touch Points
Personalized Program Development for Specific Goals
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